Monday, January 16, 2012

Russell T - The Tale of a Survivor!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Now and then a cairn comes into Col. Potter that has a tale to tell. Russell T is lucky to be here today to tell his tale and what a tale it is!

Not long ago a person was driving down a long country road. I'm sure you've been on one those roads - no houses for miles, just a long road, maybe some wire fences surrounding the occasional farmer's field. You know, the kind of road that never ends and you hope your car doesn't break down because there's NOTHING for miles!

Well, one person was traveling down such a road and suddenly spotted two cairns - out in the middle of nowhere!! The cairns were picked up and taken to a cairn person for help. This person did everything imaginable to locate the owner(s) of the two cairns. No collars, no tags, no microchips, no reports with agencies or law officials that these cairns were missing or that anyone was looking for them. Pictures were emailed to all vets in the area, still nothing. After all efforts were exhausted, the caretaker began the process of helping these two cairns to a new life. One cairn found a wonderful, dedicated home but Russell T was still homeless. His caretaker contacted Col. Potter for help. Today Russell T became a Col. Potter kid.

As if being dumped in winter in the countryside to die isn't bad enough, Russell T was discovered to be heart worm positive. He's going to be starting treatment soon. With the help of Col. Potter's Medical Team and his wonderful foster home, he's looking forward to a new life and bright future. Russell T is a gorgeous black brindle with red/mahogany accents. He's estimated to be 7 to 8 years old and has a charming personality.

Russell T is named after the renowned author, Russell T. Davies of Dr. Who fame. CP's Russell T is anxious to start the next chapter of his tale. He has told me that he expects a happy ending of good health, a great home and forever love.

Let's give Russell T a warm Col. Potter welcome as well as all our support for a full recovery and a great life ahead!

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