Friday, July 27, 2012

Introducing Kanza!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

"Kanza" -- a beautiful name for a handsome young guy. "Kanza" is a word of American Indian origin meaning "South Wind People" or it can be from the Arabic word for "Hidden Treasure."

Well, there's not too much hidden about this treasure! This gorgeous boy is surely the dog in the grey flannel suit, but he definitely doesn't act like a "suit." Kanza is a 2-year-old gray brindle, "On the Go" kind of guy. He's helping out foster mom patrolling the yard for varmints and tracking down those pesky tennis balls--especially those dang orange ones.

Kanza is so good at his job, they say, that he gave his previous owners a real run for their money and they couldn't keep up with his cairnie antics. Well, luckily, Col. Potter is made of sterner stuff and welcomed this active youngster into the clan.

Let's give a wonderful CP welcome to our newest treasure, Kanza!

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