Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome CP’s Yummy Citrus Delights!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Orange, Red Wheaten Female, 1 Year old

Tangerine, Light Cream, Female, 3.8 Years old

Kumquat, Cream Male, 1 Year old

Citron, Black Brindle Male, 1 Year old

Tangelo, Black Brindle Male, 5 Month old

Every Cairn has a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of tartness, and all are a delight to a terrier lover!  Sounds a little bit like yummy Citrus Delights!  You can enjoy Citrus Delights in many different ways: as juice, fruit snacks, or garnish, to name a few ways you might enjoy them.  They are versatile, just like CP's Citrus Delights!  These furkids are making the transition to freedom, and we know they will provide some lucky family with a little bit of tartness, a little bit of sweetness, but will overall be a true delight! 

Please help us welcome CP's Citrus Delights:

#5312 Orange:  Female, Red Wheaten, DOB 2/1/12
#6281 Tangerine:  Female, Light Cream, DOB 4/21/09
#6282 Kumquat:  Male, Cream, DOB 2/14/12
#6283 Citron:  Male, Black Brindle, DOB 2/16/12
#6284 Tangelo:  Male, Black Brindle, DOB 9/1/12

Our extra special thanks to Monika for making the long trip to bring these furkids to freedom.  The Citrus Delights have a bright and sunny future ahead of them!

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