Thursday, February 27, 2014

I’m Not Sure we’ve been Properly Introduced!

Contributed by a Col. Potter Volunteer

The Scarecrow, Toto, and Dorothy, post-introduction in the Wizard of Oz!

Are you thinking about adding a new Rescued Cairn to your family?  There are many things to consider, and lots of planning to do.  You can expect to get many great tips to help you integrate your New Cairn into your home, so it is good to know that some of this advice will also apply to your current resident dogs.  Introductions is a great example.

Think Ahead about All Introductions!

Whether making introductions to family and friends or other dogs, it is important that you have your calm, secure, Alpha attitude firmly in place so that you can communicate to your New Cairn that this is all under control and there is nothing to worry about.  Remember: your New Cairn is a body language expert, so you communicate everything you project.  Be sure to send the right signals to your Cairn!

Whenever possible, plan ahead when your new Cairn is first meeting a family member or friend, especially if they also have a dog.  Arrange to have both dogs walking outside, in a neutral setting, moving in the same direction, towards a meeting point.  If you imagine a wide “V”, you each start out on opposite sides of the wide end and walk towards the narrow end at approximately the same pace.  Walking in the same direction allows both dogs to get closer and closer while not actually presenting the threat of facing a “new” dog.  When you get close enough to talk to the other person, speak in a happy, positive voice so both dogs know this is a friend.  Avoid handshakes or hugs, at this point, so you don’t accidentally communicate that either dog should feel the need to defend their human. 

You should expect the two dogs to scope each other out.  The best situation is where the dogs sniff one another, without any signs of dominance by either one, and, after a few minutes, they basically ignore one another and begin sniffing the grass or acting as if they want to continue their walk.  Sometimes this happens. Often it doesn't. 

Sometimes one dog may really want to sniff and sniff and sniff, and the other dog feels that he or she has been sniffed enough.  Use whatever words you use around the house to calm the other dog down, like "EASY", stated firmly as “Ease-eeeeeeeeeee”, and it helps the dogs to back off each other.  Then you should continue your walk, as you would normally.

Be calm and observant, always prepared to act quickly if needed.  You will know by your Cairn’s body language how to proceed in a natural manner that communicates “All is well and under control!” 

Rescuing one Cairn will not change the world, 
but it will surely change the world for that one Rescued Cairn

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