Thursday, July 17, 2014

Simple Training Tips for your Rescued Cairn!

Contributed by Col. Potter Volunteers

Toto learned many lessons along the Yellow Brick Road!
Follow the Yellow Brick Road!
Are you thinking about adding a new Rescued Cairn to your family?  There are many things to consider, and lots of planning to do.  Following are some of the great tips we have to offer to help you integrate your New Cairn into your home, and you'll be happy to know that some of this advice will also will apply to your current resident dogs! 

Basic Training Tips for Rescued Cairns

I’m Not Sure we’ve been Properly Introduced!

It’s Always Best to Start at the Beginning!

There’s No Place Like Home!

Easy Housetraining Tips!

Look at Me!
Toto: The Other Side of the Story!

Ticks, Lyme Disease, and Aggression

Thank You for opening your heart and home to a Rescued Cairn!

Rescuing one Cairn will not change the world,
but it will surely change the world for that one Rescued Cairn

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