Thursday, August 28, 2008

GAME TIME: Where in the World is Cairn San Diego?

CONGRATULATIONS MIZZOULU! YOU WON! Our little Cairn was standing on "The Field of Dreams" in Dyersville, IA. Please email CPCRN at within 3 days to claim your prize!

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network was founded on a dream - "If you build it ... they will come". Thanks to that dream, our wonderful volunteers, and our generous supporters over 2000 Cairns have been rescued!

CLUE THREE ADDED! Remember you MUST include the CITY and STATE in your guess if you want to win!!! Don't let the next person "steal" your guess and walk away with the prize!!

CLUE TWO ADDED! Scroll to the bottom of the blog, check out the picture and the hint, then post your guess in the comments! Remember to post the location of our little cairn AND include the city and state.

Written by Deirdre, with a little help from Lovie, in IA

Do you remember that game from WAY long ago ---- like 15 years???

Well it is a kid's game; you get clues and then you guess where the little Cairn of the game is hiding. (The last name is San Diego because Southern California is where our Cairn Rescue was born, and it is near where our founder lives ... and if they all had the last name Potter, the game would have to be Quiddich and Cairns on broomsticks won't fly!!!!!) Now that you have all stopped groaning at my little joke, the first person to guess correctly where the little imp is hiding, gets a prize.

Can you guess where our little cairn is hiding today? Take a little peek.....Where could he be???? Now you have to guess exactly where she/he is, you can guess "The planet Earth” and while that guess may be correct, it won't win... On the other hand, we are going to be kind of fair with this, so you won't have to say for example "under Governor Schwarzenegger's couch in his spare bedroom," because even if that is where he or she is, all of you would not be expected to recognize the location of the picture. And I kind of doubt The Governator's security detail would let us in to take the picture in the first place!!

Add your guesses to the comments section of the blog, and if you can't guess, come back tomorrow for the second clue.

"Wait a minute," you say "second clue? “ What about the first clue?” Well it’s on this page.

Good luck, Deirdre and Lovie in Iowa

Questions are welcomed ... some may or may not be answered. This is a Mystery Game... so answers that help you solve the Puzzle will be politely ignored. Questions of a general nature will be answered to the best of Lovie's ability.

Comments are not only encouraged, but solicited. All questions and or comments must be posted to the BLOG so that everyone gets the exact same information.

One important point; this is the first time we have done something like this. It is entirely possible, that due to our own learning curve, we mess something up. So we would ask you to have patience with us if this happens. Please remember THIS IS A GAME ... it is supposed to be fun. If you have suggestions for next time, please feel free to email us. We may or may not act on your suggestion, but we will read them. Thanks for your understanding.

Now, here's the fine print: The first person who correctly identifies and posts the location, including city and state, as a blog comment wins! The winner will be posted on the blog and must contact Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network by emailing within 3 days of the game completion or the prize is forfeited. If the correct location is not posted by Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM CDT, the game will end and the correct location will be posted. Be sure to check back for addition clues and to see if you are the WINNER!"

OK. But what will we win?? The Grand Prize is a thirty dollar gift Certificate to Col. Potter's Cairn Mall. All participants will win a "Congratulations and Thank You for playing!" prize. It comes in two parts. Part one: you get to scritch your dog and give belly rubs. Part two: well, you get to play again in about two weeks. Talk about excitement.....

CLUE TWO: Some people who went where our little cairn is, went via "The Green Monster"

CLUE THREE: Some of the people who went there dreamed about it first.

Contralto Update - Written by Her Foster Mom

Connie is doing better. Her second blood panel came back much improved from the first one. Anemia improved and liver enzymes in normal range. She is eating and drinking again, although still picky. I did find a flavor of ice cream she likes....Cherry Vanilla! Her skin is much better than it was and she has a little bit of fine coat coming in. She has a lot of scars and there may be some areas where her coat will never come back.

Connie's personality has never changed no matter how bad she felt. She is extremely sweet.......rolls over for belly rubs, and loves to kiss my face if I am down low give her hugs and scritches. The other night when I had her out to potty, she discovered a little toad and was very curious and wanted to "hunt" it when it jumped away. She also did an almost zoom yesterday when I praised her for going potty outside. I am hoping once the puppies are old enough to play, that Connie's playful side will emerge. She has no interest or idea what a toy is at this point, but I think her inner cairn may come out once she is done being a mommy.

It is amazing how sweet and loving Connie is after all the mistreatment and abuse she has suffered at the hands of humans. They were able to damage her little body, but her sweet soul didn't give up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Contralto and Pups Week 3 - Written by Their Foster Mom

The puppies eyes are open now and they get around very well! I have had two escapees from the whelp box just today. One escapee was Dixieland who when born was so active I could hardly hang on to her to clean her up. :)


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Foster Spotlight Is On LUISE!

UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce that Luise has found her forever family! Are you looking for a TERRIFIC TERRIER? Check out our available cairns! Look for Luise and other "Happily Ever After" stories on our Post Adoption blog.

Written by: Luise's Foster Mom

Luise came into Col. Potter’s care known to have food and grass allergies. Little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg. I started to foster Luise during the winter and treated her with medicated baths and a diet free of corn and wheat. She started to look and feel better until spring sprung bringing all the malicious things that Luise’s body could not tolerate. Her hair started to fall out, she was constantly itching and she was not getting restful sleep at night. I looked in her eyes and she just looked completely worn out. I asked and received permission from Col. Potter to take her to an allergist and the true story finally was revealed; Luise had over 60 allergies with 42 being severe.

If you followed any of the write-ups I submitted on her you will recall this was the little girl that liked to show her teeth; what we call the big smile. I knew this was a rather strong calming signal she was giving and now I knew why; her skin was painful. During the worst of her allergy flare-up when I had to take her off the antihistimes prior to the allergy tests this little girl clung to me looking for comfort. Luise loves to be in the company of people and looks to them for comfort. Her true colors came out, she is a big love bug at heart and the big smiles were just her telling me to be gentle.

After several trips to the allergist to evaluate her treatment, Luise looks and feels great. You would never know she has an allergy to grass; I shake my head every time she is in the yard rolling around in the grass. Her treatment involves injections twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, medicated baths and a daily antihistamine. This little girl is absolutely a jewel when it comes to her treatment. She now gets so excited when I go to the drawer to pull out the needle to prepare for her injections. She goes into puppy mode and scratches at my leg telling me to hurry up. Okay, maybe it is not the injection but the treat that follows that gets her excited!

She occasionally still gives me a smile if I ask her to let me clean her ears or if I need to get a burr from between her pads. It is almost a game for us because she will give me the smile and I talk to her and put my hand to her mouth and she gives me kisses then I get to clean or remove burrs. She’s a Cairn! She is absolutely wonderful around new people and older kids. She will greet the kids with kisses. She is a fantastic companion who likes to snuggle up to people on the couch.

Certainly Luise is an older dog, but that brings along many fine traits. She does not have a strong prey drive, she is a watcher. She loves watching people and other animals; she does not chase after cats. She is near perfect on a leash; her only down side is she speeds up a bit when she sees people or dogs approaching. She has no desire to escape from the yard. Did I happen to mention she is incredibly cute and she will use that cuteness to persuade you to change your mind?

If you would like to welcome this sweet little girl into your home and heart, click here to fill out an adoption application!

Maybe Luise has touched your heart and you would like to become one of her Guardian Angels? Click here for more information on our Guardian Angel program.

Contralto's Puppies - Video!

Contralto pups 2 weeks.AVI

Contralto's Chorus Week Two - Written by Their Foster Mom

Sorry I haven't had time to send pictures of Connie and the kids more often. The kids are doing great, but Mama Connie is not and has been keeping me very busy with vet visits and trying to get enough fluids and nutrition into her. Connie tested positive for a tick born disease and it can cause a lot of problems. Because she is nursing, she can not be treated for the disease until the pups are weaned. We are monitoring Connie very closely and her last blood panel was very good for all she has been through and has going on. Please keep Connie and her babies in your thoughts!

Welcome Maxxie! Written by a CP Intakes Volunteer

Saturday, a beautiful girl named Maxxie joined the Col. Potter Family. Maxxie is almost 5 years old, red wheaten with a sweet disposition and sensitive nature. Maxxie is an owner surrender. She was the baby of the family, well cared for and very loved. One day her parents started a human family of their own. As the human baby got older, Maxxie became sadder and started to withdraw. She no longer wanted to play when the toddler was around. Maxxie would hide out of sight to avoid interacting with the toddler. Everyone's heart was breaking to see Maxxie so unhappy and not herself. After much soul searching the decision was made to do what was best for Maxxie. It was not a decision made lightly but her family wanted Maxxie to live the rest of her life being the happy, playful girl she used to be.

Maxxie loves to be brushed, adores balls, fetching and retrieving. She is obedience trained and knows sit, lie down, off, outside, in the house and come - but only when she wants to. After all, she IS a cairn!! Maxxie is enjoying the foster home of Glenna S. who so graciously agreed to take on a second foster. Glenna's foster boy Michio is thrilled to see Maxxie and already has a crush on her. Please welcome Maxxie to the Col. Potter Family!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog (Update 9)

We've all followed the journey of Flopsy, also know as Rusty, from the puppy mill to her forever home thanks to her Foster Mom, Karen, one of CPCRN's foster mentors. (To read Rusty's journey from a pauper to a princess written by her Foster Mom click here.) Rusty started the next chapter of her life in January 2008 when she was adopted by her Forever Mom, Sheryl. Not only did Rusty get her chance at "happily ever after" she also got a new name! Rusty is now known as Maisie and lives with her brothers Murry and Micha. Maisie's story continues thanks to updates from her Forever Mom. (To read previous updates click here.)

7/17/08 - Maisie update from her Foster Mom

Today, I arrived in Verona, NY for a 3-day Col. Potter fundraising event. One might wonder why I flew clear across the country to attend. Well, one of the biggest reasons was so I could see Maisie again! Sheryl is driving up to NY with Murry, Maisie, and her mother, Cassie. I checked into the hotel and called Sheryl, they were almost at the hotel! I could hardly contain my excitement to see her and Maisie again.

When they arrived, Maisie and Murry were safely contained in their traveling crates. Sheryl and I said our “Hello’s” and I met her charming mother. Then, my attention turned to the backseat of the car. There was my little princess. Would she remember me? After all, it’s been over six months since her adoption. I said her name and she looked right at me! I could see in those eyes, that there was some recognition. Sheryl got checked into her room and a little later, I went to her room to visit. Maisie got into her crate and so I sat on the floor and reached my arm inside to pet her. She didn’t tense up, she seemed to enjoy the pets. The thing that got to me the most were her eyes; they looked so soft. Also, I immediately noticed that she was no longer flicking her head back and forth, looking for an escape. I was amazed at her transformation! Of course, I got teary-eyed, thinking that Maisie is finally accepting being a pet. I was so elated.


The next two days were busy at the NY CRAP (Cairn Rescue Awesome Party), but I managed to escape for a little while and spend time with Maisie and Sheryl. It was so wonderful to hold my sweet little girl, again. There were close to 100 Cairns there, and nearly that many people. Maisie was doing so well. She was trotting around the dog yard with the other Cairns. There was a little kiddy pool in the yard that had been turned over, but it didn't stop Maisie from trying to "swim!" She loves the pool!

She and her Cairn brother, Murry seemed to stick close together, so sweet. When it got to be too overwhelming for them, they found a little corner of the yard, with some tall plants and hid in there.

A couple of huge things that I noticed; when Sheryl went to put the leash on Maisie, she actually walked up to her! This is truly a miracle. The other thing, when Sheryl would leave the dog yard, Maisie would look for her. It was so evident the love that Maisie has for Sheryl and vise-versa. Murry and Maisie seem to compliment one another, as they are both so quiet and calm. They like to lay in the same crate together, it is really cute to watch them.


Today was the last day of the event. After brunch, Sheryl had gone inside the house to ask a question and left Maisie in the dog area. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Maisie was trying to climb the stairs on the outside of the staircase, trying to get into the house where Sheryl had gone!

Soon, we said our good-byes and once again, the tears came, but they were tears of happiness for my once terrified puppy mill foster. She truly has found her happily-ever-after. I am so thankful that Sheryl wanted Maisie to be a part of her life and continue to show her what it is like to be loved and not abused in a puppy mill, pumping out puppies for profit. I took some pictures as Sheryl, Maisie, and Murry left the event. You can see Maisie looking to her mom for guidance, just precious.

This concludes the series "From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog". Thank you Karen and Sheryl for allowing us to join Rusty/Maisie on her journey. Happy Forever little one! You definitely deserve it!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Contralto's Chorus Week 1 - Written by Their Foster Mom

The puppies are getting to be little fatties. I wish I could say the same for Mama Connie. She has some health issues going on and her appetite is not very good. Besides her terrible skin, Contralto also has eye infections, worms and is anemic.Connie is being treated for all her ailments and will hopefully regain her appetite. Despite how awful she must feel, she is being a pretty good mom with a little encouragment.

Connie and pups.AVI

From A Pauper To A Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog (Update 8)

We've all followed the journey of Flopsy, also know as Rusty, from the puppy mill to her forever home thanks to her Foster Mom, Karen, one of CPCRN's foster mentors. (To read Rusty's journey from a pauper to a princess written by her Foster Mom click here.) Rusty started the next chapter of her life in January 2008 when she was adopted by her Forever Mom, Sheryl. Not only did Rusty get her chance at "happily ever after" she also got a new name! Rusty is now known as Maisie and lives with her brothers Murry and Micha. Maisie's story continues thanks to updates from her Forever Mom. (To read previous updates click here.)

July 14, 2008 - Maisie update from Maisie! (With a little help from her Forever Mom.)

Hi Mommy Karen - I have lots to tell you! Where to start? I have a new 'toy' - a big blue swimming pool! I luv it. I can hop in and out whenever I go outside. Sometimes I hop in even before there's any water in it - I can be such a silly girl. Murry doesn't like to dog paddle so I have it all to myself.

We've had some new people in the house - there was a man named Jim and he was nice. He held my rope on our walks, but I had to keep an eye on him just in case he tried any funny stuff. I think he was up to something, and since he knew I was watching him, he left town a few days ago. Now it's just the usual gang and Mommy Sheryl's mommy - she speaks to me in a very soft voice and she moves kind of slow so I know I can get away from her if I have to.

Mommy Sheryl said we almost had 'Murder & Mayhem' in the front yard. Murry and I were helping with the flower garden - Mommy Sheryl crawls around and pulls up big clumps of something she calls weeds - Murry and I dig lots of holes and then we take a nap because that's hard work. Something called a squirrel decided to pay us a visit - he came down the tree and onto the grass - we chased him on to the fence and got him so confused he jumped back into the yard. We almost got him, but just in time he ran up a big tree - I jumped and jumped to get him, but he went too high for me - I can only jump up 6 feet. Let me tell you - that was really fun. I hope he comes back again. Mommy Sheryl said we were soooo fast.

On Sunday we went to a pool party and I met lots of new people. It was a little scary, but I sat under Granny's chair and then I even said hello to some people. Everything was going great until the end of the party when I decided to walk on the pool cover - how did I know it was just floating on the water? I did a couple of excellent dog paddles and since Mommy Sheryl had my leash and I had my harness, we did a quick exit. Murry misses out on all the fun.

Next weekend we are going to a really BIG party in some place called New York - Mommy Sheryl says that I'm going to have a very special surprise when we get there - I'm so excited - I love to go in the car - and we're even going to have a picnic on the way to New York -I think that's a special kind of puppy treat - yum, yum.

We'll that's it from here - I'm having a great summer.
Luv and kisses – Maisie

To Be Continued ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Contralto and Family Day 3 - Written by Their Foster Mom

Connie had another bath today to help with the healing and comfort of her skin. She didn't care for the idea at first, but seemed to enjoy the rinse and towel drying. You can see in the pictures how awful her skin still looks. The kids are getting a little stronger each day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet Contralto's Chorus - Written by Their Foster Mom

Contralto’s babies all have names!

Hymn - boy - born 2:40 pm - 5 1/8 oz

Dixieland - girl - born 3 pm - 5 3/8 oz

Gospel - boy - born 4 pm - 4 7/8 oz

Jazz - boy - born 5 pm - 4 3/4 oz

Lullaby - girl - born 5:10 pm - 4 3/4 oz

The puppies are getting a little stronger, even the first boy that was in the most trouble. I keep watch to make sure everyone is getting up to Mom and nursing. They have not gained a lot, but are gaining. Connie is an easy going Mom and has been leaving the whelp box already when not nursing. I think it may be due in part to the heat making her uncomfortable with her skin the way it is. She is a bit of a picky eater, but eats well when it is to her liking. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two Unexpected Angels ... Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Today two very tiny little Cairn Angels crossed over the Rainbow Bridge never really having a chance at life...

Soprano, Alto and Tenor were all scheduled for their spay/neuter surgeries and dentals today. Tenor and Alto's surgeries went fine without a hitch. Then came little Soprano. This little mill mama only weighs 8.6 pounds and is nothing but skin and bones. But she had a secret ... she was pregnant. We didn't know she was pregnant ... and then it was too late. But sometimes these things happen for a reason and there is a silver lining in something terrible. Soprano had two puppies, but she also had an adhesion on her uterus, between her uterus and her bowel. This adhesion would have made it just about impossible for Soprano to whelp these puppies and along with the very poor physical condition she is in, it would have caused her to abort these puppies shortly. Soprano had two puppies. One seemed to be forming normally, but the other was deformed and had water on the brain.

Note and Tune went to the Rainbow Bridge today without ever having a chance to experience life and freedom, but they went being loved and I know there are mill mamas waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge to nurture and care for them. Their mama Soprano will now be able to heal her battered little body, gain some strength and be the Cairn Princess she was always meant to be. She will be singing a happy song with Note and Tune joining the CP Chorus from above.

Note and Tune will be cremated together, just as they were together today, and then buried in the Greyfrier Memorial Garden.

Please light a candle for Note and Tune, two babies who never had a chance at life and freedom...

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Have PUPPIES! Meet Contralto's New Family - Written by Their Foster Mom

The first pictures show Connie less than 15 minutes before whelping. She was laying on her back sleeping, and that's why I got the camera. I went by the room shortly after, and there she was having her first puppy. She did not waste much time having her family of 5 either! She started at 2:40 pm and finished at 5:10 pm. The puppies are holding their own. Boy #1 doesn't want to nurse, so he's getting some help with tube feedings.

Meet the Contralto family:
#1 Boy 5 1/8 oz
#2 Girl 5 3/8 oz
#3 Boy 4 7/8 oz
#4 Boy 4 3/4 oz
#5 Girl 4 3/4 oz

Connie seems to be doing well and has eaten well once she rested. As for me, I am exhausted. Foster dad made supper and played with Martha and Betsy, who probably thought they had been abandoned!