Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Salute To Working Americans - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

This was a busy weekend for auctions. There was a large auction in Ohio that had 11 Cairns. What better way to acknowledge hard working Americans and Col. Potter volunteers than to achieve freedom for these Cairns. We had our fingers crossed and hoped to at least get the majority of them. Hard work pays off ... we got ALL 11!!!!

I couldn't think of a better way to honor the working people of America and Col. Potter than to name these furkids after all of YOU!!! Six of these furkids traveled to Oz Project yesterday and we have pictures of them. The other five went to our vet in Ohio and I'll have pictures of them in a few days to share with you. Please help me Salute working Americans:

Welder: M, very friendly and giving kisses, DOB 6/07
Homemaker: F, DOB 6/1/07
Nurse: F, DOB 9/1/07
Beautician: F, DOB 9/1/07
Stewardess: F, DOB 9/1/07
Carpenter: M, DOB 8/10/07
Librarian: F, DOB 11/4/04
Waitress: F, DOB 11/6/04
Teacher: F, DOB 1/14/05
Secretary: F, DOB 2/1/06
Bookkeeper: F, DOB 6/1/07

My thanks to our rescue angel, Cindy, for attending the auction and bringing home the babies, and to Bonnie B. for getting those going to Oz Project fitted with supplies and taking pictures and to those who transported to Oz Project.

With the large group a couple of weeks ago and these, we NEED FOSTER HOMES FOR THESE FURKIDS!!! If you are not already a CP foster home and would like to foster one of these precious little furkids, check out our foster facts. You won't regret helping with this labor of love!

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