Saturday, March 31, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

All of the furkids that join the Col. Potter family have a story to tell. Unfortunately, they can't talk and tell us exactly their life story. However, their personality, their mannerisms and, I think, their eyes do "talk" and tell their story. No matter where a cairn comes from, what path they have had to take to find their way to Col. Potter, it is a life altering event to be uprooted from the life you have known. With time, love and care, the trauma of those changes slips away and they blossom and bloom into the true cairn they were always meant to be and find their perfect forever after. This is what rescue is all about. This is what Col. Potter is all about.

Aunt Sarah is a 2 year old, beautiful wheaten girl who is learning about freedom and working on making the adjustments from her former life. Her name is a donated name from our Name a Cairn Program by our own Amy R. in memory of her dear aunt who passed away recently.

CP's Aunt Sarah has a very bright future ahead of her and I know she will find her perfect forever home where she will be the Cairn Princess she was always meant to be. Col. Potter is only able to continue helping cairns like Aunt Sarah through the support of all of you. Please remember our New Leash on Life raffle is now running and consider supporting Col. Potter by purchasing a ticket (or two).

Aunt Sarah, you have found your way to a very special family and we can't wait to see how your story unfolds from this point forward!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Carolina's puppies are opening their eyes! Enjoy this video of the pups moving around.

Contributed by Carolina and her puppies' foster mom

These are Cairn terrier puppies we are fostering for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, . We weigh them twice daily right now to make sure they are gaining weight. We are just seeing eyes starting to open, and soon they will also be able to hear.

Friday's Funnies!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Welcome Hula

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please say hello to little miss Hula! This adorable, 7 year old, full of spunk and personality, little cairn girl arrived in the arms of Col. Potter a few days ago.

Hula was a family pet and in the past had several litters of pups. When Hula developed a couple of health issues (which may or may not have been related to being a mom) the owner contacted us because she was unable to provide the care she needed. After talking with the owner, and finding out how she was attempting to treat the issues, it was apparent Hula needed to become part of the CP family before she died.

Hula spent a couple of days at the vet to get checked over, properly diagnosed and stabilized, and has been hanging out with her foster mom for the past few days. What a personality this little one has! She’s doing really well being on a consistent schedule of good food and medication.

Thank goodness Col. Potter was able to help her!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wacky Wednesday!

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A big shout out to Rocky for being our Wacky Wednesday model this week!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pictures of Salisbury's puppies and an update on her condition!

Contributed by Salisbury's foster mom

Salisbury had her spay done as she was having issues with temperature swings and was on oral antibiotices for infection. During her spay, it was discovered that her uterus had ruptured and had some leakage into her. She went home and seemed better but then her temperature dropped again and shock was suspected. She was anemic and spent the night at the Emergency clinic for aggressive IV antibiotic treatment. In the meantime, see who served as a surrogate mom to her pups while her foster mom and dad did the feeding and cleaning!

Surrogate Mama

Mike picked Salisbury from the emergency clinic to move to our vet first thing this morning. Our vet put her on two oral antibiotics and more pain meds and released her to come home for a trial as long as someone will be here all day with her. If she doesn't well, she will have to go back in.

I haven't talked to our vet yet about all the details of Salisbury's visit there, but the vet is suppose to calling me now that I am home from work.

Salisbury was very clingy to Mike once they got to our vet:) And once she was home, she went straight in and nursed her puppies. She is still laying in with them now. She did take a drink for foster dad and as soon as she is done nursing, I will offer something to eat.

I pray that we have finally rounded the bend and Salisbury is on the road to recovery.

Brandon waddles into CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

This very handsome, gray brindle cairn boy was in imminent danger of being Put To Sleep at a shelter but fortunately Col. Potter was able to rescue him.

Brandon is estimated to be 7-9 years old by the shelter staff. He’s described as very friendly, energetic, happy, but a bit obese. One of the shelter workers called him Mr. Waddles, due to the fact his excess weight causes him to waddle when he walks.

Sorry Brandon – but you can’t use the same excuse for the extra pounds that Salisbury and Carolina could!

He’s currently at the vet for his spa treatment. Once he gets to his foster home he can start on a much-needed diet and exercise program and lose that waddle!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's Welcome "RAMMER" to the CP Family!!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Rammer is 6 years old and a very cute boy! He made quite the journey to get into Col. Potter and into a better life. He’s very friendly but shy at first. He traveled many miles across several states to a breeder but, when he got there, the vet said that he had possible luxating patella. That immediately put an end to his breeding days.

Woohoo happy day for Rammer! CP was contacted, he was neutered and got all his shots, and he is now ready to start his journey to his foster home. In a short while he will be ready for a new life with a family to love him and give him all the attention he deserves.

Welcome “Rammer”!!

Sunday Sweets

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George Jones


Gabby, Lucy & Tess

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here are pictures of Carolina and her puppies at one week old!

Contributed by CP's Carolina and her puppies' foster mom








Carolina looks much more relaxed now that she has been groomed and her pups are all gaining weight.

Thank you to Blanket Auntie Sheryl for ALL of our lovely blankets that we posed on!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 Pet Toxins of 2011

ASPCA Newsletter

Both known and unknown toxins can be found hiding in our houses and yards. In 2011, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, IL, fielded more than 165,900 phone calls about pets exposed to poisonous substances..

1. Prescription Human Medications

Almost 25,000 calls last year were about human prescription medications. Pets, especially dogs, are notorious for ingesting any dropped pill. Cardiac and ADHD medications make up a large percentage of these calls. Always make sure to take these medications in a safe place away from your pets.

2. Insecticides

Insecticides were the subject of 11% of calls to the ASPCA in 2011. These include products used on the lawn, in the house and on the pet. The most important thing to do is read the label before you use any insecticide, and never use a product labeled for dogs on cats.

3. Over-the-Counter Human Medications

Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can kill your pet. Never give any medication to your pet without consulting with your veterinarian first.

4. People Food

Chocolate is still the number one people food that pets ingest (we received over 7,600 calls last year). Too much chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, high heart rate and seizures. The second most common food is xylitol (the sugar substitute). Xylitol can cause seizures and liver failure in dogs.

5. Household Products

It is amazing what animals can find to chew up around the house from fire logs to paint. Some household items may just cause stomach upset, while others can be deadly.

6. Veterinary Medications

Chewable medications make it easy to give your dog or cat a pill. However, this tasty pill can also mean that the pet, if given access, will ingest all the pills in the bottle. Always make sure to keep pet medications out of reach. Contact your veterinarian if your pet ingests more than its proper dose of medication or ingests another pet’s medication.

7. Rodenticides

When putting out baits to kill mice and rats, never underestimate the resourcefulness of your pet. Most bait is grain based and is attractive to dogs. Depending on the type of rodenticide, ingestion can cause internal bleeding, kidney failure or seizures.

8. Plants

About 4% of our phone calls are pet parents calling about their animals eating plants. This is one category that cats lead dogs in the number of exposures. Lilies can cause kidney failure and death in cats. Please see our list of toxic/non-toxic plants for more information.

9. Lawn and Garden Products

Fertilizers, which can be made of dried blood, poultry manure and bone meal, are very attractive to pets, so it is not surprising that we get many calls (almost 3,900 in 2011) on lawn and garden items.

10. Automotive Products

With more people keeping their animals inside (especially cats), the number of animals exposed to automotive products (antifreeze, brake fluid, etc.) has dropped. This is great news since many of these products, if ingested, can be life-threatening to pets.
If you have any reason to suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please contact your veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435.

Friday's Funnies!


by Patrick McDonnell

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get a taste of Cookie Jo!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

What an adorable face! Cookie Jo recently joined Col. Potter. She’s 2.5 years old, reported to be housebroken, likes kids, will chase cats, and is good with other dogs - as long as they leave her stuff alone. She definitely sounds like a cairn princess!

A brief report from her transporter: “ She is a real beauty! It is love at first glance! This little girl won't be in foster care long before someone snatches her up!”

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There are many tales of strange and unusual happenings by small beings called leprechauns. They are thought to be fairy like creatures that work hard making shoes and storing all their gold coins from the shoes in a pot that is kept at the end of a rainbow. Should a leprechaun ever be caught by a human, they can offer three wishes for their release.

Our Leprechaun has a little different story to tell of strange and unusual happenings in his life that were not very good. First, this estimated 8-10 year old boy got lost from his family some how and got picked up by animal control. No one came looking for little Leprechaun and unfortunately the shelter just didn't have the staff to care for this little boy the way he needed. They had hoped his family would come looking for him or that he would be adopted and so held on to him for several weeks until it became painfully apparent that he needed some medical care which they were not prepared or able to provide.

When little Leprechaun was captured by animal control he had three wishes himself: 1) someone to help him with his medical issues; 2) someone to protect him if he became in danger at the shelter; and finally 3) to be able to find a forever home to live out the rest of his life. Our little Leprechaun got all three of his wishes this past weekend when he became a CP boy and truly has found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ... it's called being part of the CP family

He is currently at the vet being cleaned up and treated for his eye and skin infections while further testing is being done to determine what else this boy will need to get him healthy again.

May the Luck of the Irish be with little Leprechaun!

Wacky Wednesday!

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A big shout out to Highway for being our Wacky Wednesday model this week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Carolina and her Puppies video and update, days 4-6

Contributed by Carolina's and her puppies' Foster Mom

Carolina and her puppies all continue to do well today. All the little puppies continue to gain weight, with Beaufort being the smallest at 8.7 oz . They are arching their back more when you pick them up. They are also quick to think. If you touch them they think you must be there to feed them and start looking for the right spot. LOL!

Here is a video of them if you'd like to see them in action (mostly sleeping):

If you can't see the embedded video, please click here

CP's foster Alize makes a plea to my Aunties and Uncles - I'z bein' abuzed

Contributed by Alize's Foster Mom

Dis iz Alize, and I'm aksin' fur sum help frum my 'stended fambly! I'm dejected, neglected, rejected, and over or underprotected here in Mizzurree! Dey took me tu da place wif da doctur, and nex ting I no I wakez up differnt! I cudn't fink right fur 2 dayz and stumbled all around, den when I can fink agin I find I gotz 2 owies - 1 on my tummee and 1 on my back. Wonce I founded bem owies anna wunted to getz dem funnee sewin' fings off me, deez meen peepulz put me in diz cone of shame! Day won't letz me run in da houze wif my frends anna make me stayz in dis prizon! Fosser mom sayz it waz a good ting, butz I gotz my douts!

(Alize had her spay/dental/shots on Wednesday, and she also had a growth on her back left top of hip that they removed and have sent in for biopsy - we won't have results for about 10 days. Her surgery was late in the day Wednesday, so she came home almost cross-eyed and took all day yesterday to fully come out of it. Last night she decided she didn't like those stitches/suture on her hip and was trying to remove them, so out came the cone, and she's really upset at having to wear it and remain quiet in the ex pen. It may be a long 10 days for Busy Lizzy before those stitches come out.

Alize is being fostered in Missouri and you can learn more about her by following this link and checking available cairns. She will be ready for adoption after she has healed and her foster mom decides she can go to a forever home.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Salisbury and Baby pup Patterson are still improving!

Contributed by Salisbury and her puppies' foster mom

Mama Salisbury's temp is down to 101.7 now and baby Patterson weighed in at 5 oz this morning.He is making slow, but steady progress. Everyone is going to the vet this afternoon. Puppies to have their dew claws removed and Salisbury to get checked over by the vet once more.

The other puppies are doing great....gaining like little piggies. And boy do they complain if they can't find their spot on the buffet quickly enough!

Puppy Mouths, Ears, Eyes and Thermostat

Contributed by CP's founder Danielle Rackstraw

Hi everyone:
Lori and Kathy are doing an amazing job being foster Moms and the babies are simply precious. I'm passing on a little information here for some of the newer people who may not have been with us for other litters or may not know.

Puppies are born with their eyes sealed closed. They typically open on the cairn at about 10 days. Larger breeds obviously have everything happen much faster . . . so I'm speaking of the cairn here. The same with the ears and hearing . . . although we DO UNDERSTAND that the cairn can only hear when they want to and the words they want to hear. The pups are totally blind right now and their eyes will open in generally one day and they will have a blueish hue at first and then over a few days they change to a dark color.

With the hearing, you talk to pups now by putting them under your chin by your throat since they love the vibration and they can hear a tink. The ears open with full hearing at the same time the eyes open. Dogs are born with absolutely NO WAY to control their body heat which is with the shiver response. The shiver response which causes dogs to have the ability to regulate their body temperature again takes place about the time the eyes and the ears open. Larger breed dogs have all of the above happening very quickly but the foster Moms have to pay really close attention to the temperature of the room which is why is hang room thermometers in the baby room, have room heaters and heating pads and when the babies have to go to the vets like to be dew clawed they need to be put in what is called a READY BOX which is basically a box with little air holes, no drafts and hot water bottles. Right now, the babies being able to digest their food and stay alive is totally dependant on their Mommas body heat, our heating pads, room temperature and of course their general over all health. If they get chilled they quickly *shut down* which is the ability to digest food or have energy to suckle.

You can see why it's so important to keep the Moms hydrated and it's constantly trying to get them to eat and drink nutritious liquids and water and really healthy food . . . as much as they want and as many times a day as what they want . . . they have a lot of little mouths that eat constantly. When they start to gain regular weight they will typically gain between 1/2 and 1 ounce a day depending upon their size and weight.

The growth of the upper jaw and the lower jaw is totally separate and you will be a lot of mouth movement for the first months of life where they can really go from what would be a beautiful bite in appearance to being under shot or over shot in just days and it goes back and forth.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salisbury and Baby pup Patterson Update, he's gained back some weight!

Contributed by CP's Salisbury and her puppies' foster Mom

Salisbury and her pups

Baby Patterson gets a 'lift'!

Baby Patterson has gained an 1/8 ounce!

Here are pics of Patterson nursing while we watch and help him, plus mama Salisbury and his siblings. The last pics of the pups alone are while Mama Salisbury went to the vet with foster dad. Her temp spiked to 104.7 and off to the vet to have her checked over. X-ray looked okay and exam showed her uterus going down. She is now on a second antibiotic to take with the first. If this doesn't help, then she will probably need surgery. For now she is home and feeding her babies. Even though she has to feel miserable, she is a dedicated mom.

last update: Salisbury's temp is down to 102.2 this morning. She feels so much cooler to the touch and I am sure she feels a lot more comfortable since she has to be in the hot puppy room. Patterson's weight is back up to 4 5/8!

Sunday Sweets

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Zema (newest angel at the RB)



Baby D


Saturday, March 17, 2012

CP's Salisbury's puppies have names! Baby Patterson needs your prayers

Contributed by Salisbury's foster mom

Staying with the North Carolina theme, I have named the puppies after famous people born in North Carolina. There were other that I would have loved to include, but their names had been used already:)


Harriet.... (Harriet Ann Jacobs-activist and journalist 1813-1897) birth wgt 5 3/8, now 6 1/4
Julianne.... (Julianne Moore-actress 1960-) birth wgt 5 5/8 now 6 3/8
Mabley ....(Moms Mabley-comedian 1893-1975) birth wgt 4 1/4 now 5 1/4
Simone.... (Nina Simone-civil rights activist, pianist, singer, journalist 1933-2003)
birth wgt ? now 5 1/2

Dodd.... (William Edward Dodd-historian, diplomat 1869-1940) birth wgt 7 1/8 now 7 7/8
Cosell.... (Howard Cosell-talk show host, new anchor 1918-1995) birth wgt 5 1/8 now 6 1/8
McKissick.... (Floyd McKissick-civil rgts activist, legal prof 1922-1991) birth wgt 5 5/8 now 6 1/8
Patterson.... (Floyd Patterson-boxer 1935-2006) birth wgt 4 1/4 now 4
Hiram.... (Hiram R. Revels- US representative, minister 1822-1901) at the Rainbow Bridge

The names are matched with weights and updates. I know I have been slow with this, but it has been pretty busy around here, since we were not expecting puppies so soon.

Salisbury even beat Contralto, who was here just 24 hours before whelping. Salisbury's got the record at 16 1/2 hours. I don't think I care to have anyone beat this:)

Salisbury Puppy Colors and Weights and update

Simone was born at the vet and I do not have her birth weight. 4 Girls are listed first and then the 4 boys. As you can see little Patterson is not doing well. He is the weakest of the puppies and we have been staying in and holding up to nurse, but it doesn't seem to be helping, do I will be tubing him, hoping this will give him the jump start he needs. Mama Salisbury is eating and drinking well. She is running a fever due to the problems she had. She is on an antibiotic and my vet is aware. We are keeping a close eye on both her and Patterson right now. The other puppies all seemed to be active and doing well. They can be quite noisy too. Especially little Mabley. She complains the whole time she nurses.

Names and Colors below names

Harriet Julianne Mabley Simone Dodd Cosell Mckissick Patterson

brindle wheaten wheaten wheaten lt. brindle wheaten wheaten dk. brindle

Please keep Mama Salisbury and baby Patterson in your prayers.

(Angel Baby Hiram at the RB)

Please welcome Jeb!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Isn’t he CUTE! Jeb is a 19 month old cairn boy who was surrendered by his owner because she didn’t have the time for him. Early reports from the vet staff are that he’s really cute and very friendly.

Welcome little guy – we’ll find you a family who has lots of time and love to give to you!

Friday, March 16, 2012

CP's Salisbury has 8 living pups! 2 sets of pups born in freedom on one day!

Contributed by Salisbury's foster mom

Salisbury and her pups

The Saga of Salisbury and her pups

Thursday, March 15th : Just got off the phone with Lori. Salisbury has had six puppies with the 4th being born deceased and appears like it has been for a while, but the other 5 are doing fine and Lori feels that there are still more. We don't have the boy-girl count. Lori's busy getting them to nurse and doing weights and counts.

Lori just called again and Salisbury had yet another puppy which is 7 live ones . . . and one that passed away prior to birth. There may be more.

YES, another one born at the vets office since it was stuck and poor Salisbury was just tuckered out. Another little girlie. Lori had to go to work and Mike is home safe now with Momma and new baby and they are all doing some fine dining with a menu of mommy milk. Salisbury had NINE puppies. She required a pit [oxytocin] shot but was pretty darn close to have to have a c-section.

Salisbury and pups are doing well. Mama is eating well and the pups all seem to be doing well nursing now. A couple were a little slow at first. We have 4 girls and 4 boys. Smallest was 4 1/4 and largest 7 1/8. Foster Daddy Mike did great with a little support from Danielle while I was at work.

Note from Blogger: We'd like to extend our thanks to Salisbury's foster parents Mike and Lori and congratulate Salisbury for doing so well with such a large litter. She just arrived at her foster home on Wednesday and had her pups on Thursday! She's had her last litter in freedom and she will get to enjoy them in a safe, warm and loving home.

Friday's Funnies!


by Brad Anderson

Thursday, March 15, 2012

CP's Carolina's puppies have names!

Contributed by Carolina's foster mom

A Continuation of the Tar Heels Group

With the adults of this group being named for things in the Tar Heel State of North Carolina, I felt it only fitting that Carolina’s little Tar Heels be given names reflecting that state also. Kind of giving them a family history.

If I visited North Carolina, the first thing on my list of things to see would have to be Hatteras Lighthouse. I think lighthouses are such a symbol of so many positive things – safety, strength, and hope immediately pop into my head. I love them and find them almost magical. So Carolina’s first little girl – the first puppy I’ve ever whelped – is now named Hatteras. It was a magical moment when she came into this world. I see her future full of hope and bright sunny days.

A village full of nautical fun, close to another lighthouse, Cape Lookout, and filled with the folklore of pirates like Blackbeard, is Beaufort. What little boy wouldn’t dream of the adventures of being a pirate? So little boy puppy #2 is now Beaufort.

Another lighthouse along the Outer Banks of North Carolina is Bodie Island Light. I’m sure I could spend weeks in that area and never get tired of walking the shoreline, collecting shells and enjoying beautiful sunrises. Little girl puppy#3 is Bodie.

With all of this talk of lighthouses and pirates and nautical fun , and North Carolina flanked by the Outer Banks along most of its shoreline, one of these puppies should be named Banks! The Banks must be strong and protect the coastal area, so little boy puppy #4 has been given that name.

But there’s more to North Carolina to explore. On its western side are mountain ranges and valleys that comprise the Appalachian Mountains. The beautiful mountain ranges reaching for the sky need the valleys to really be something spectacular. In art, the beauty in a painting or photo is what the eye sees in the extremes - peaks and valleys of colors – or lack thereof, in the lights and darks. So much beauty is seen in the mountains throughout the four seasons. Little girl puppy #6 is named Appalachia for that beauty.

And what of little girl puppy #5? Well, she’s been given a whimsical name because of her fast arrival. Her birth into her family will always be remembered, as she was born a SHORT and comical eight minutes after her brother Banks. Barney had just helped me chart and take the photo of him, and he decided to start a load of the dirty laundry that had accrued with the first 4 puppies’ births. So off he went to the basement with the basket while I was toweling off this newest little boy. Carolina was restless, as if she was going to whelp again, but I thought it would just be the delivery of the afterbirth of the last puppy. To my surprise I watch her give a quick grunt, and out pops another puppy!

My mind was racing as I wasn’t finished cleaning up the boy, but I quickly hopped out of the ex pen and put him in the warmer drawer with his siblings wrapped in his washcloth while I grabbed another washcloth and went to helping Carolina with her latest birth. I gave a call to Barney a couple of times, but he couldn’t hear me over the washing machine noise with the basement door closed. So when he emerged, I shouted “record 2:58 before I forget it, and hand me a mineral oil pad for this one”. He looked at me like the sleep deprivation had finally pushed me over the edge. He calmly told me he’d recorded the puppy, and it was 2:50, not 2:58, and I’d already cleaned it’s little bum, weighed it, and taken it’s picture. I said no Barney, this is another one, and he still didn’t believe she’d given birth to another puppy, so I made him COUNT the ones in the warmer!

That’s when he finally jumped back into action. It was kind of an Andy Griffith and Barney Fife moment, and we all know they lived in Mayberry, North Carolina. As in a lot of television, things are made up, and so is Mayberry. But because of the simple comedy of her quick birth, little girl puppy #5 is named Mayberry. I can imagine her antics in the future and the smiles she will bring, as will all these sweet little babies. I’m already in love with all of them and their sweet mother who worked so hard to bring them into this world this morning - it's an honor to have been entrusted with this miracle.

Thank you to Col. Potter for giving them the chance to be born in Freedom and know love.

CP's Carolina with her puppies - We have a picture!

Photo contributed by Carolina's foster mom

You can see how happy she is to be a mom and have her puppies in comfort and freedom! Thanks again to CP and to her wonderful foster parents Kathy and Barney.

CP's Carolina has had her six puppies in freedom!

Contributed by Carolina's foster mom

Carolina with her toy

Carolina pre-delivery

We have wonderful news! Carolina, one of CP's newest intakes and part of CP's Tar Heels has had her 6 puppies today! There are no names yet but here are the 'stats':

Baby 1 dark brindle female 7.o ounces
Baby 2 dark brindle male 6.9 ounces
Baby 3 dark brindle female 7.5 ounces
Baby 4 black brindle male 7.2 ounces
Baby 5 dark brindle female 6.9 ounces
Baby 6 dark brindle female 7.6 ounces

Foster Mom says 'I'm watching to make sure there weren't any more hiding from the x-ray machine as her x-ray showed six, but the vet said with this many and the crowded conditions, it could be possible for one or two more to have been hidden. I'm hoping for her sake that wasn't the case. This is a lot of mouths to feed! And a lot of bums to keep clean! Carolina's worked hard all night - these were some pretty good> sized puppies. She's feeding them right now and cleaning them up again.'

We hope to have pictures to show you in the next day or two. Congratulations Carolina!