Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bernard Gets a Break at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Bernard, a very sweet & very lucky 8-9 year old Wheaten Male

Please welcome Bernard, a very sweet 8 - 9 year old boy.  His rescue was VERY challenging but turned out well – thanks entirely to Pam V!

Our Rescue Team had been monitoring his status at the shelter and had been told he had a couple of adoption interests on him and they did not need Col. Potter’s assistance.  However, when potential adopters decided he was too old for them, his rescue became Urgent.  If we were going to take him, we needed to get him ASAP or he would be euthanized.  He had been there too long and they needed the space.

So, of course, it was the middle of the week when most of our volunteers are at work.  But thanks to Pam, we were able to commit to taking him.  Once we committed, we then found out he had kennel cough.   So the next challenge was finding a vet who would board him in isolation.  We found a vet but it was 90 miles away!

So, then we tried to find another volunteer who could meet Pam and deliver him to the vet.  It would have taken Pam 5 - 6 hours to pull him and get him to the vet.  We struck out – no one was available.

After numerous phone calls, we found a vet close to Pam and to the shelter who would board him for us.   Yeah!

So we called the shelter to let them know who and when he would be picked up and then found out CP cannot pull from their shelter – we are not licensed in this state!  They would, however, allow us to pull under another Rescue Group’s license if that rescue group would vouch for us.  Luckily, we found a willing rescue group who knew of us and allowed us to use their name.

So, Pam picks him up at the shelter at 2:00 pm and is heading to the vet.  At 3:00 pm, we get a call from the vet saying they cannot board him after all:  They’ve had an outbreak of canine influenza and have 50 sick dogs!  While we’re talking to them, Pam arrives.  They give her the news.  She proceeds with his vet exam and decides she’ll just take him home and board him in a spare bedroom.

After she gets home with Bernard, she realizes how contagious this is and is very concerned (rightfully so) about her 12 week old puppy and 7 other dogs being exposed.  So, she talks her Mom into keeping him for at least 5 days since Mom has no other animals. 

Bernard seems oblivious to all the problems and just keeps a smile on his face.  He is safe now with Col. Potter.  He has Pam to thank for being his special Rescue Angel - and Mom too!

Welcome Bernard!

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