Monday, July 26, 2010

Please welcome Cypress!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

A large group of furkids from many different commercial breeding facilities made their way to freedom this week including an adorable little, 8 month old black brindle female Cairn that is now a member of the CP family. My thanks to Stacey for making the drive yesterday to pick her up and get her settled in at the vet.

Her name comes from the Name a Mill Cairn Program and a special group of people in Canada who wrote:

In January of this year we decided to put spare coins aside to participate in the Name a Mill Cairn Program, it is amazing how quickly these coins add up. We also decided that since we all live on Vancouver Island, we would all choose a name that was a place on the Island, and each time we saved $100 a name would be drawn to name our Mill Cairn.

So we of the Vancouver Island Group would like to welcome our first Cairn: "Cypress" to the Col. Potter Family.

With our love, the "Vancouver Island Group"

Iris & Brian A, with Furkids Ceilidh & Betsy BJ Arberry
Geraldina S. and Furkid Maggie Mae
Allison S. and Furkid Rajaa
Iona and Jim T. with Furkids Danny & Piper
Mike L.

This is just so special and such a testament to what spare change can do. Thank you Vancouver Island Group!

Let's all give a big CP welcome to Cypress!

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