Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foster Cypress says hello!

Dictated to Cypress' foster mom

Dere CP Fambly,

Dis is Cypwess.

It is berry good to meet you. I gots newz to tells you. Did you know that there are MONKEYS at my new house? Las night when my mommy gots home and herd me cwying anna cwying she said, "Dinner will have to wait. Cypress needs to go out and play in the backyard."( Did I tells you I likes my mommy?)So she fastened my leesh and let me play in da yard whiles she picked up poop.

She ran UP the yard and DOWN the yard anna I ran beside her, mostly in front obs her. :-) Den she gabes me kisses, put me back in my roomb and pwomised dat she would send Mary out to pway wif me again after dinner. (Dis is where da monkeycomes in....)

Soz after dinner Mary came and took me outside AGAIN! Anna den da funniest ting happened.... All ob a sudden I heard a MONKEY calling me! It sounded like the monkey was inside Mary! I started running and running, chasing Mary to follow da monkey call. Dat monkey had Mary jumping and dancing anna making da cwaziest monkey noises!

It was berry fun. Now me anna Mary habs our own speshul game.It's called MONKEY CHASE. Mama sez she herd not so many peeps outta me after I be running anna running in da yard. Monkey Chase must be a pretty good game to play before bedtimies.Soz all you cairn cuzins, be on da lookowt for MONKEYS inna your back yards! Deyiz da mostest fun. Gots to go now. I habs a berry bizzy day ahead obs meredecorating my roomb.


Cypwess - da MONSTER! (hehe)

Cypress is being fostered in Missouri and will be available for adoption soon. Please visit our website to see all of the cairns we have available for adoption.

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