Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing McQueen - Video!!

McQueen was found on a busy street alone and cold. A big boy weighing 28 lbs, McQueen is a well fed, happy, loving male cairn. He is young, estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old. Unfortunately, the woman that saved McQueen from the streets could not keep him. Col Potter was called, and McQueen became our newest CP kid today.

He is reportedly very sweet and loving, likes to be around people, gets along great with other dogs. Let's all give McQueen a warm CP welcome!

This little guy arrived in his foster home yesterday and seems to have adjusted to life in a foster home very quickly. It’s pretty obvious that he was someone’s beloved baby. He sits for treats and takes them very gently. He loves being brushed. No accidents in the house or crate and no attempts to mark anything. He hasn’t met my boys yet, but reports from the vet office where he spent several days, he loves other dogs. His only “flaw” is his weight (28 lbs.); but with the help of CP, he’s on a diet and exercise program.

Here's a video of McQueen (Mickey) sitting for a treat!

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