Sunday, July 24, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Imagine being a puppy, lost and alone, found wandering the streets, no collar, no microchip. A good Samaritan picked him up, but couldn't keep him and passed him along to someone else, who passed him along to someone else ... this scenario repeated itself FOUR times in FOUR days until the last person was headed to Miami-Dade Shelter with him. Anyone that knows anything about shelters, knows Miami-Dade is NOT a shelter any animal wants to find itself in--they euthanize 70+ dogs a day.

Luckily a local small rescue stepped in and saved him from heading to Miami-Dade, but they were full and could not keep him long. They didn't have to keep him long, just long enough to get in touch with Col. Potter which opened its arms to cradle this baby in love.

Please help me welcome Clean Slate, a little black brindle boy estimated to be 10-12 months old. His name is from our Name a Cairn program and was donated by Amy H. in honor of Magic Slate (aka Slater) who lost his battle following liver shunt surgery and the new start all the furkids get when they come to Col. Potter.

Something tells me that a little boy named Slater had a paw at guiding this baby to Col. Potter and because of his efforts, Clean Slate will now have the happily ever after that was taken away from Slater. Welcome Clean Slate!!

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