Sunday, October 2, 2011

Roger joins CP

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

This extremely handsome little 3-5 year old cairn became a Col. Potter kid this week. He was picked up by Animal Services and taken to a small urban shelter. He had no microchip or tags and the shelter was unsuccessful locating his owner. The shelter supervisor was very surprised that no one came looking for him since he’s well groomed, well fed, very sociable and may even be housebroken. The shelter does not have an adoption program and contacted us to see if we could take him, which fortunately, we could.

Volunteer Marsha picked him up from the shelter this week and said he’s a real sweetheart, albeit a little overweight. He even gave her a kiss on her cheek while she was dressing him with his harness and collar. He’ll be spending the week at the vet and heading to his foster home next weekend.

Please give a warm welcome to Roger!

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