Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome Bocce the Benissimo!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Bocce ball is a popular game in Italy. Bocce ball is played in a sand pit--every cairn's dream. When we think of Bocce ball games we envision fun, laughter and friendly competition. This fits our newest CP boy like a glove! He's friendly, makes you laugh and is always ready to compete in a game involving every cairn's version of a bocce ball--the tennis ball.

Bocce is a 2 year old owner surrender. He's a well built sturdy reddish wheaten cairn who's good looking but doesn't know it. He knows sit, sit pretty, lay down, rollover and rings a bell when he needs to go potty. He also likes children, people, other dogs and lap time. He loves to get groomed too--no really, he does!! He's known nothing but love and good times.

So why is he in rescue, the inquiring mind would ask? Rescue is for all dogs not just the hard luck cases which we see all too often. Sometimes life changes and choices have to be made no one would have envisioned. Life can throw you a curve ball, well, in this case it's a BOCCE ball!

Please welcome the beautiful boy Bocce!

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