Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gecko sticks himself to Col. Potter

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

This handsome little, 11 pound, 3-5 year old cairn was dropped off at a shelter by his family because of an accidental bite. The story was that he and another intact male got into a squabble over a female dog in heat, all living in the same house. The owner’s teenage daughter tried to break it up and got nipped on the knee – nothing serious, just a little nip. But, the shelter had to accept him and put him in quarantine for 10 days. After his jail time was up he only had two options – find a rescue to take him or euthanization. Fortunately, Col Potter was able to say YES and once again saved the life of a little cairn who had been unfairly tried and convicted.

The shelter staff reports that he’s a great little dog, super friendly, has no issues with other dogs, he loves walks and behaved perfectly getting a bath. Our wonderful volunteer who picked him up  said “he is just precious – reminds me of the original Toto. He’s very calm and loves being held.”

Welcome to the family little Gecko!

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