Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please Welcome Col. Potter's Newest Puppy Mill Kids!

Written by a CP Intakes Volunteer

Intakes was contacted on Sunday by a woman who was rescuing three cairns from a puppymill. She could only take them if she could find a rescue group to accept them. The miller told her there were two females and one male, ages 9 and 11 YEARS old.

Col. Potter said yes!

Wednesday night, she met Kathy H. with the cairns. Kathy described these three kids as the biggest cairns she has ever seen, weighing in between 26 and 28 pounds! She doubts they have ever been groomed, and said they could only be described as yaks. They are friendly and vocal, letting Kathy and Barney know they wanted attention.

Each of these kids were named through the "Name a Mill Cairn" program, and I am proud to announce them! Please help me welcome:

Bubbles - Wheaton Female - friendly and vocal, dark tips on her ears and tail. She was named in honor of our own Sister Bubbles, Carol L. Kathy said her personality fits her name!

Shipwreck - Wheaton Male - friendly and sweet. He was named in honor of Joy W's beloved boy, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May.

Kenda - Wheaton Female - shyest of the bunch, on the quiet side. Her name means 'Child of clear, cool water'.

They will be ready to move to their foster homes the weekend of Sept 27. If you would like to foster one of these special kids and give them their first look at what life SHOULD be like, check out our Foster Facts!

If you would like to name a mill kid, you can find out more by visiting our website and clicking on the "Name a Mill Cairn" button on the home page. It’s a wonderful way to honor a loved one, and help a puppy mill survivor!

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  1. Oh, Bubbles is going to be my foster, cant wait to meet her


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