Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome McGilly!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Sometime life is so very hard that even the most loved little one needs to find a new home. He has been adored, pampered, nurtured. He's received the best food and medical care. He is loved totally--flaws and all. But suffering occurs in the family, and despite what the heart and soul want, the mind knows the choice that has to be made. A choice that really isn't a choice--it is a necessity.

Col. Potter's Intakes workers hear so many reasons why dogs need 'rescue'. The hardest cases are the ones where you hear the heartbreak and devastation in the owners voice, and you know in your own heart that this is not what the owner EVER thought would happen to them. The human heart must protect itself by thinking things like this could never happen. Hopefully, knowing that CP works to do its best for every cairn entrusted to us, the owners get a small measure of peace despite the sadness. Despite their loss.

This is where McGilly comes into CP. Through no fault of his own, or his owner's, he needed to become a CP boy. He is a black brindle boy, approximately 6 years old. He loves people and attention. He is happy on a lap, soaking in love. He will be a wonderful companion to the right family.

Welcome McGilly! And Thank You, Col. Potter folks, without your work daily boys like McGilly wouldn't have the promise of another wonderful part in their lives.

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