Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost Cairn in Hatfield / Whately, MA

It's been several months since two Cairns, Bran and his daughter, took off after a deer in late Nov 2008. The daughter came back after an hour, but Bran is still missing. The good news is that Bran has been seen periodically. Most recently last week he was viewed on a hunter's motion detector camera. This is a very rural area with many barns and the assumption is that Bran is spending nights in the barns. When seen on pictures, he looks to be nourished. The 87 year old owner is working with a Pet Finder woman from Pennsylvania with a dog trained to follow a trail. This is an extremely wooded area and it's assumed that Bran is going under the brush and the tracking dog is going over and although the tracker can follow, no results yet. They have set live-traps but the local humane society requires that live traps be covered in the winter and be checked every 2 hrs. Due to the remoteness of the search location, this has been difficult for the owner to do. Also, there may be "crate avoidance" due to his past history.

If Bran is sighted, or if you can help in the search, please call 413-584-9612.

Please keep Bran and the volunteers searching for him in your thoughts and prayers.

Four More Furkids Thank You for Your Support!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Yesterday four more little Cairns found their way to freedom in the loving arms of Col. Potter. These kids were helped in part by the donations of four people to the Name a PM Kid program. The funds from this program go directly to help with the expenses incurred in vetting PM kids. The Name a PM Kid program along with donations specifying their usage for PM kids are so important in our efforts to help as many puppy mill Cairns as possible. These furkids have spent their lives living in small, filthy cages, many outside, exposed to all the weather elements from extreme cold to sweltering heat. They have had no vetting, poor quality food, little exercise and no love or comfort in their lives. Thanks to those who donated to the Name a PM Kid program, that has just changed for these four Cairns!

I would like to introduce you to them and those that have helped them:

Scotia: F, wheaten, DOB 3/3/05 - name donated by Heather H.

Chief: M, black brindle, DOB 6/1/03 - name donated by Amy R. in memory of her uncle who was the former Chief of Police in Oakland, NJ

Lolita: F, wheaten, DOB 3/3/05 - name donated by Kim D.

Ms Sheba: F, wheaten, DOB 3/3/05 - name donated by Debra H. in memory of a very special Cairn by the same name - with NO period after Ms

I'm sure you will all notice the three females all have the same birth date. Yes, they are all sisters and the daughters of CP's Angel Seraphim who made the journey to freedom last month. Now some of her daughters have made the same journey.

My personal THANKS to Marlene T. for meeting the transport bringing these four to freedom and for the pictures. I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Heather, Amy, Kim and Debra for supporting the Name a PM Kid program. Please keep this wonderful program in mind as we approach the upcoming holidays and events this spring including Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, etc. The gift of helping a living, breathing Cairn means so much more than candy or flowers ... just look at these faces!

Welcome to freedom and welcome to the CP Family!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Foster Spotlight is On COLONEL!

UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce that Colonel has found his forever family! Are you looking for a TERRIFIC TERRIER? Check out our available cairns! Look for Colonel and other "Happily Ever After" stories on our Post Adoption blog.

Hi! Psst … over here, it’s me Colonel! I think you may have missed my picture on Col. Potter’s available cairns. I am living in New Mexico with my Foster Mom, Deb. The reason I think that you missed my picture is because I have not heard from you! I’ve been waiting for so long and I know if you would just look into my eyes you could see how much that I need you. I really love my foster mom and all my foster brothers and sisters, but I truly want a real Mom and Dad to call my very own. A sister would be nice too!

Do you see me now? I’ve got that cute little one ear up and one ear down going on. Kind of cute, huh? Seeing you have missed so much of my life let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 7 years young. Did you know that Cairns can live to be 16 years and sometimes older? It’s true. I have spent most of my life in a cage and really never had the chance to be a puppy, but I’m catching up on that now. I love to go outside and play and run cause I never ever got to do that before. Do you have a yard? I bet you do. I would be so, so happy to run and play in your yard with you. I am a very shy boy, where I came from the humans were just not very nice, so I'm a little scared of new people. But I am getting better about meeting new folks. It just takes me a while. And geesh, if I am gonna be your protector some day, you don't want me to like everybody, now do you?! I need someone to help me overcome my shyness and teach me and love me and make me feel like the most special dog in the world! I hardly ever have accidents in the house cause foster mom Deb has been teaching me to be a well trained young dog. Did I tell you I like girl dogs? They like me too. I don’t know about boy dogs though, I think they are just jealous cause all the girls like me! Do you know how to give skritches? It’s okay if you don’t, I can teach you. I love getting skritches it feels so good. I would love to be your special dog and I am so glad we met. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Just ask for Colonel, I will answer you right away, I promise!

Colonel is a CP history maker! Did you know he was our 2000th Cairn?? If you are interested in adopting this special little guy fill out an adoption application! To read additional updates written by his Foster Mom click here.

Welcome Kiana!

Written by a CP Volunteer

We were contacted this week by a Westie rescue friend about a Cairn at a high kill animal control in Arkansas. Contact was made and we were told they do not take owner surrenders, but had found the Cairn tied to the front door. The woman working at animal control was hoping rescue could take the girl since she was so young and deserved a second chance.

This animal control is in a small town, they have no computer and no camera, so couldn't send pictures to verify this girl was truly a Cairn. I knew I would have to go ID her in person and really hate this part … if she isn't Cairn, I will have to leave her behind. I drive to the shelter, which is out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cattle farms. The worker brings the dog into the office AND there is the cutest, friendliest little brindle girl you have ever seen! How could someone dump her at a place like this? This girl must have had a guardian angel watching over her to make sure Col. Potter found her in this tiny town in an animal control in the middle of nowhere.

Please welcome Kiana to the Col. Potter family!

Cooking With Col. Potter!

In the Fall of 2007, several wonderful volunteers of Col. Potter published a recipe, story and love filled cookbook through the Morris Press Cookbook Company of Nebraska, “Your Culinary Companion – Volume II – A Cookbook for Cairn Terrier Lovers and Friends”. Morris Press is a printing establishment that specializes exclusively in cookbook publishing.

In August of 2008, Col. Potter entered their published cookbook contest, along with 482 other cookbook entries (there were over 800 cookbooks published by Morris Press in 2007/2008, and 482 of those entered the contest). Out of those 482 entries, 10 books were selected by a panel within Morris Press to be formal entries in the contest. We were one of the top 10!

Out of those 10 books, three top prizes were awarded, First, Second and Third Place. After much finger and paw crossing, and a few silent prayers, in January 2009 our cookbook editor, Amy R., was contacted by Morris with the WONDERFUL news that our book was awarded THIRD PLACE in this contest. We were given a wonderful letter, some promotional press releases, a link on their web site and a CHECK for $1000 for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network.

It is with much pride and joy that the remaining books will be adorned with a WINNER medallion so that each new owner of one of our books will KNOW what the publication of this book means to our rescued Cairn Terriers. To date, nearly 900 books have been sold.

You can order the book through the link above OR you can go to the Col. Potter Mall to order one for yourself or for a friend. (We ship directly to your door, or to the door of a gift recipient with a gift card). There aren’t many left in our inventory; if you are interested in an award winning cookbook you better order FAST!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome Chewy and Bacca!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome Col. Potter's newest boys, Chewy (Bl. Brindle) and Bacca (Wheaton). They are 3 year old fur siblings that were brought into Col. Potter by their owner because they wanted them to have a better home where they would receive more attention. How lucky for them that the owner decided to turn to Col. Potter and not just dump them off somewhere.

We are so lucky to have volunteers like Lynn B., who has gone over and beyond the call of duty to help these two boys. She offered much of her time picking them up and bringing them into Col. Potter and finessing the final details they needed before going to their foster homes!! And to the foster homes that we depend on so much, 'Thank You' for taking them in. We could not make all this happen without each of you! We are always in need of more foster homes and without them, we have had to turn Cairns in need away because there wasn't any room at the Inn! If you haven't fostered in awhile or are interested in becoming a foster home please let us know. It is a very rewarding experience.

If you would like to volunteer with Col. Potter email our Director of Volunteerism by clicking here.

If you would like to become a Col. Potter Foster Home email our Director of Foster Homes by clicking

RECALL: American Health Kennels Treats Sold at PetSmart

American Health Kennels, Inc. (AHK), one of PetSmart's dog treat vendors, is conducting a voluntary recall of eight of its peanut butter treat products after the FDA recently expanded its salmonella investigation. AHK confirmed the expanded recall includes product that contains ingredients linked to this investigation. This recall affects all PetSmart stores in the U.S. and Canada and products sold online at www.petsmart.com.

For a listing of recalled products and PetSmart contact information please visit the following link: PetSmart - The Facts: Peanut Butter Pet Food Recall

Introducing a "Fresh" Little Girl to Col. Potter!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

A call from a miller wanting to release some breeding stock and the plea goes out to the rescue community for help. There isn't much time -- if you don't show up quickly enough, the dogs may no longer be there, disposed of in a manner you wouldn't want to know about. The rescue vehicle rolls into the dirt, filth and stench that is a puppy mill and leaves with 22 little souls that will never again be cold, hungry, or dirty.

Col. Potter answered the plea for two little Cairn females that made their way out ... however, one of the Cairns was immediately taken to the emergency vet by the local rescue with a ruptured rectum. She has had surgery and is at this point in critical condition. She will be staying with the local rescue group, at least for now, as she has a long road ahead of her. Please keep her in your thoughts and let's all hope that she does get to enjoy the freedom she has waited so long to achieve ...

The other little 2 year old female is a petite, little black brindle BEAUTY who is already giving little tail wags. Please help me welcome Fresca to the Col. Potter family! Fresca in Italian and Spanish means fresh and that's exactly what Fresca is enjoying, a fresh start to a life of freedom.

My thanks to Marlene T. for picking up Fresca today and sending pictures.

Please remember that CP is only able to help as many PM kids as we have the financial means to support and foster homes to care for them. We welcome donations in support of the PM kids and are always in need of more foster homes. I'm sure Fresca's little tail wags are saying THANK YOU for being there for her and she hopes CP will be able to help many other Cairns that get the chance at freedom like she and her Cairn kennel mate, who surely would have died if she had not gotten out of the PM when she did ...

To donate to Col. Potter please click the following link: Donate to Rescue

If you would like to volunteer with Col. Potter email our Director of Volunteerism by clicking here.

If you would like to become a Col. Potter Foster Home email our Director of Foster Homes by clicking here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Foster

Written by a CP Media Editor

A belly rub, a walk, a healthy dinner and a soft bed to sleep in are all Hampton asks for. Sadly, Hampton hasn't always had even the basic care every pet needs.

The journey of this very distinguished gentleman into Col. Potter began when he was surrendered to a New York police station. He was then sent to Animal Control, where his future was grim at best. Fortunately he found his way out of that shelter into the arms of one of our Canadian foster families.

Hampton had a few medical issues, all of which have been taken care of in part by his "Guardian Angels". One of his issues was a large bladder stone which was removed in a 2 hour 45 minute surgery. Even though he must have been experiencing quite a bit of discomfort, he didn't have one accident in his foster home. Most of his problems might have been very minor had they been caught earlier by regular veterinary care. Many might not have occurred at all.

This 12 years young boy has been a real trooper, taking all the changes he has been experiencing in stride. Even though his life has been turned inside-out over the last few months, he still wags his tail for everyone he greets. This mellow gentlemen with superb manners is ready to spend some quality time with his forever family. And we think he deserves the very best - are you that home?

To apply to adopt Hampton fill out an adoption application.
To read more about Hampton visit our website.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please Welcome Baron to the Col. Potter Family!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Imagine being raised from a puppy, now 5 yrs old and suddenly you are not wanted anymore. You don't fit in with the changing dynamics of your family. Spending most of the day crated, with little contact because you growl and are unhappy. This is the condition in which Baron found himself. In steps Col. Potter to take him to a family that will love him and take care of him. Because of lack of exercise and improper nutrition Baron is overweight and can't walk far. His Foster Mom will take care of that!

Because of everyone's generous donations we can take care of the Baron's that find their way to us. Please remember these little furbutts who need the loving arms of CP.

Welcome to Col. Potter Baron!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Columbus Voyages - The Final Voyageurs Arrive

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

These Voyages started last October when a miller in KS died, leaving her dogs to be rescued by some kindly associates who turned to rescue and others to find the dogs a home. A good portion of the adult Cairns have found their way to Col. Potter with several of them being heartworm positive and having to undergo treatment.

Today the final two Voyageurs arrived on CP's friendly shores - two females. It has been a long four months for them since these Voyages started and each one of them have had to endure additional hardship before embarking on today's journey.

Please meet:

Capitana: F, black brindle - who was adopted out last fall, but apparently the family was not equipped to deal with the baggage of a mill mama and was brought back. She will now get the time, patience and love she needs to trust and enjoy the new world of freedom.

Vizcaina: F, wheaten - tested positive for heartworm last October, and there was every intention to treat her, but money ran out and she was never treated. This little girl, who is reported to be very friendly, will now get the heartworm treatment she needs before finding her forever family on the friendly shores of freedom.

Please help me welcome our final two Columbus Voyage Kids and keep positive thoughts for Vizcaina as she undergoes heartworm treatment.

A New Boy Joins the Col. Potter Family!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Several weeks ago we were contacted by a small shelter in Missouri who had taken in three Cairns - 2 females and 1 male - released from a puppy mill. As is our procedure, we asked them if they thought they would be able to adopt them out and if they got into danger, to contact us. We also maintained contact with the shelter. The two females were adopted and the male had an adoption pending on him. Case closed ... or so we thought. When we checked back with the shelter this week, the adoption of the male had fallen through. The family never showed up for him and his time had now run out. Once again Col. Potter was able to arrive in the nick of time to get this boy out of the shelter and to safety in the loving arms of CP!

This has been a week of emotional roller coaster with the low point being Winnie, the Westie, getting lost, racing around the curve of the coaster with the amazing efforts of her foster mom and our own Dennis T. spreading the word about Winnie and then the coaster high of finding Winnie. I thought about what amazing people we have as a part of Col. Potter and what makes Col. Potter so amazing in turn. There aren't a lot of people who would have taken it upon themselves to do what Dennis did and was prepared to continue doing until Winnie was found.

This little Cairn has also been on a roller coaster ride, starting at the bottom with life in a mill, coming around that curve to find himself in a shelter with a chance, but was headed back down when his adoption fell through. He has now reached the top of the coaster and will find his happily ever after. In comparing the two journeys, I couldn't think of a better name or better man for this little boy to be named after than Dennis.

Please help me welcome Dennis to Col. Potter!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Foster

Written by a CP Media Editor

Rosemont would love to be your Valentine. Would you be hers?

Cupid is shooting arrows for Rosemont, this weeks featured foster. This Cairn cutie is easy to fall in love with. She is soaking up all the new experiences she can and enjoying every minute of it. Rosemont is learning manners and loves her foster mom and dad, but would really love her very own forever family.

Rosemont, affectionately known as ‘Rosie’, loves to romp and play with her foster brother and sisters. If you see this girl in action, you wouldn’t guess that she is seven, she has the spunk and zest of a two year old. She is training easily with her foster family and would be the perfect addition to a loving home.

Rosie is blooming into the little lady she was meant to be. Check out her video below and watch out for Cupid’s arrow…you may fall in love!

To apply to adopt Rosie fill out an adoption application.
To read more about Rosie visit our website.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Col. Potter Saves Cairn From Cold, Dark, Lonely Existence

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Could you imagine living all alone in a house since last August, receiving only one small meal a day, and having all the utilities shut-off, so no air conditioning when it was hot nor any heat when it was cold. Take this one step further if you are a little Cairn, and not being let outside either but only having papers put down for you to potty on.

That's exactly the situation Trina found herself in. Her owner had died and no one else in the family wanted her, nor knew what to do with her. So, they left her to live in her home, all alone, stopping by once a day to give her a half can of dog food and change the newspapers for her to potty on. Over time, her skin became inflamed, dry and sore and she was chewing on herself ripping out hair and trying to get some relief. The family finally took her to a vet for her skin and asked for help in finding a home for her. Why no one had considered doing that sooner is unknown, but thanks to the caring vet staff and one of them knowing of Col. Potter, this little girl now has a bright, happy future ahead of her!

Please help me welcome Trina to the Col. Potter family!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Thanks for Having a Heart Kids" Get a Chance at FREEDOM!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Three little Cairns made their way out of a life in a puppy mill and into the loving arms of Col. Potter on Saturday. This would not have been possible without the generous donations that help support the work CP does in rescuing Cairns from the puppy mills. One very important program that supports our puppy mill efforts is our Name a PM Kid Program. As has been discussed many times, the vetting required for Cairns that come to us directly from a mill is costly and generally far exceeds the adoption donation. But these little furkids that have lived their entire lives in small, cramped, filthy cages with little food, water or shelter and withstood the abuse and torture from the humans they come in contact with, so deserve this chance at freedom and a happily ever after.

All three of these Cairns now proudly carry a Donated Name. Please help me welcome the "Thanks for Having a Heart Kids":

Schmaltz: F, DOB 5/7/05, cream - donated by Pat H. as a tribute to her mother and aunts with a nickname they used for each other.

Cheryl: F, DOB 4/24/05, wheaten - donated by Emily and Michael I. in honor of their Penny/Persephone's gotcha day and in memory of Emily's mother who passed away on December 30, 2007. Her mom was one of their references when they adopted Penny and they know she would have loved their little girl.

JakeE: M, DOB 3/2/05, wheaten - donated by Monica & Don K. in loving memory of Monica's sister's Jake who went to the Rainbow Bridge last fall.

Once again I would like to ask you to consider giving or getting the Valentine's Day Gift that truly has a heart - a beating heart - attached to a living, breathing Cairn. There are several options including the Name a PM Kid Program. Or if you would prefer, you can make a general donation to Col. Potter to help the furkids by clicking HERE. You have the option of using PayPal or mailing a donation for either the Name a PM Kid Program or the general donation.

Please "Have a Heart" this Valentine's Day and help a Cairn feel the warmth and safety of Col. Potter's arms just like these three little Cairns are now feeling.

Lost Westie in LaSalle / Peru, Illinois - Now FOUND!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

One of the little Westie girls Col. Potter helped to rescue last week is lost. She is in LaSalle/Peru, IL. Winnie bolted from her Foster Home and was last seen running down Route 6 toward the cemetery. She is chipped and wearing a black harness. If you or anyone you know is in that area and can help search for Winnie, please email Col. Potter and we will put you in touch with Westie Rescue Missouri. Please cross-post to anyone else who might be able to help!

Please send your positive thoughts and energy to those who are searching for this scared, little mill mama!

Lost Cairn in Wichita, Kansas

Baxter escaped from his yard Monday around 2:30 PM while his owner was out of town. He is a lovable, gray cairn terrier with the classic black muzzle and ears. He was wearing his collar but his tags were ripped off while he was escaping. He is a neutered male with a very sweet disposition. If found there is a reward. Baxter was last seen on Conamore Street in Wichita, Kansas.

If you would like to help search for Baxter or if he is sighted or found please call the owner at one of the following numbers:

Home: 316-682-5139
Cell: 316-409-2792

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Bowen!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome Col. Potter's newest boy, Bowen. Bowen is estimated to be one year old, found as a stray in Ohio. He bears a striking resemblance to quite a few other kids we've pulled from this shelter as 'intact strays'. We suspect a backyard breeder or miller, dumping their 'surplus stock'. How sad for Bowen, to be dumped in February in the Ohio cold. How lucky for him that he was found by the shelter and Col. Potter was contacted, knowing that when we have the room, we say yes to these kids.

Bowen was picked up on Saturday, and our volunteer reported:

He's a cute little guy and is very friendly. As we left the shelter, I was trying to let him potty, but he was mostly interested in running circles around me and seeing if he could completely wrap me up with the leash. He was a little whirling dervish --which I suspect is partly from being cooped up in a cage and partly puppy energy. Sweet as he is, he has no manners; he has no idea of any of the basic commands, not even "sit." I'm sure it won't take him long to catch on, but whoever had him first did not do much in the way of training.

Bowen means "reliable". Welcome, dear Bowen, we promise you that Col Potter will be RELIABLE and care for you, and find you a wonderful forever home where you will be cherished! We know you will be a RELIABLE cairn: loving, curious, funny, determined, feisty!

We are glad you are with us!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Foster

Please say hello to Ms. Divinity! She was rescued by Col. Potter in December and is now ready for a home to call her own. She is a charming, strawberry blond girl who is still finding her "inner cairn". She has learned how to "kill" her Foster Mom's yarn, steal toys from her Foster siblings and initiate play. Learning to play is a big accomplishment for little girls who have worked all their life producing puppies!

Divinity is a true lady, she seldom barks, doesn't jump up on the furniture, loves both men and women and is very generous with her kisses. Check out her video and watch for her little smile at the end. Who could resist that?!?

If your home is in need of a charming little princess fill out an adoption application! To read more about Ms. Divinity visit our website.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rollin' Down The River - Missouri River Kids II Arrive

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Last week was absolutely horrible weather for the central part of the country - coating everything in a thick, bone chilling layer of ice. The mill these kids come from was in the direct path of the storm and had parts of several sheds on the property brought down by the ice. Luckily for these Cairns, they managed to survive until help could arrive this weekend. Kathy & Barney H. made another trip to rescue these furkids. The roads were still so bad in this area, they had to park up on the highway and carry the dogs up to the vehicle, as they were unable to get down the driveway to the property. There will have to be one more trip made in about a month to rescue the remaining Cairns who had to be left behind until they whelp and wean their puppies. Keep them and the other dogs that remain at this mill in your thoughts ...

I'm very happy to introduce the Missouri River Kids II:

Big Piney: M, DOB 10/23/05, cream brindle

Huzzah: M, DOB 6/19/08, wheaten - brother of Gasconade

Gasconade: M, DOB 6/19/08, wheaten - brother of Huzzah

Bourbeuse: F, DOB 6/6/04, wheaten brindle

Loutre: F, DOB 12/4/06, red wheaten

Maries: F, DOB 6/3/04, wheaten

Meramec: F, DOB 8/28/08, wheaten

I would like to personally THANK all of you who over the past week or so have donated to Name a PM Kid or started off our new Sponsor a PM Kid Program with a bang. It is only through your support that these Missouri River Kids are able to come into the loving arms of Col. Potter. And, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A REQUEST ... Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away. For everyone out there that gives OR receives roses, flower arrangements, candy or even a special dinner out from or to your loved ones ... WOULD YOU CONSIDER GIVING THE ULTIMATE GIFT OF LOVE ... LIFE FOR A PUPPY MILL KID???????? Instead of spending $25, $50 or even $100 on long stem roses, flowers, candy or dinner, give your loved one or ask to be given a CAIRN for Valentine's Day! Any amount of money can be specified to SPONSOR A PM KID, or $100 will Name a PM Kid. I can't think of a better gift of the heart ... can you?

Finally, I just can't conclude this introduction without one more bit of news ... yesterday as soon as Kathy and Barney had pulled away and had cell phone service they called me to report in, but to also ask if I knew of any rescues for the Cairn blond cousins, the Westies. Seems the miller had two female Westies she wanted to get rid of ASAP as they just weren't good producers and she had had it with them. Luckily, I was able to give Westie Rescue a call and get in touch with them. Kathy and Barney turned right around and went back and got those two little Westies out of there, one of which the miller pulled away from a nursing puppy to get rid of her. She didn't even want to wait for her to wean the pup ... This is just another example of PM mentality and what these furkids endure and live through ...

Please help me welcome the Missouri River Kids II and two bonus little Westie girls that found their way to freedom!!!