Monday, January 31, 2011

Merrick Recalls Jr. Texas Taffy due to Salmonella

Merrick Recalls Jr. Texas Taffy due to Salmonella

Written By: Susan Thixton 1-29-2011 Categorized in: Pet Food Recall Jan 28, 2011 9:00 PM ET
By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The following recall has been announced:

—Certain pet treats distributed nationwide under the name Jr. Texas Taffy because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.

No illnesses have been reported, according to the manufacturer, Merrick Pet Care Inc. of Amarillo, Texas.

Salmonella can affect animals, and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. Healthy people infected with salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Pets with salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, you are advised to contact a veterinarian immediately.

Consumers with questions can contact the company at 800-664-7387 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magda comes to CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Magda found her way into the arms of Col. Potter as the result of changes in her owner's circumstances. Magda is a highly experienced pet - she's perfectly house trained, walks on a leash like a dream, and likes nothing better than to cuddle or get her tummy rubbed. Magda is 10 yrs old and is settling in at her foster home. Her mommy wanted her to come to rescue because she hear good things about us and knew that we would find a good home for Magda.

From the reports from her foster mom someone is going to get one special girl!

Sunday Sweets - Peek-a-Boo

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)


Kayla & Sadie





Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome Chomsky!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please give a energetic warm welcome to our new young man, Chomsky!

This boy is a sweet, high energy ten month old wheaten cairn. He is friendly, happy, and ready for some Col. Potter fun!

His energy and enthusiasm was a bit too much for his family. They knew that he was not happy so they reached out to CP. They knew that he deserved more than they could give him and wanted his life to be the best possible. He heads to his foster home this afternoon, and I am sure will be scooped up by an adoptive family quickly!

Welcome Chomsky.

Welcome Bumble!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please give a warm welcome to CP's new boy, Bumble. This sweet 4 year old wheaten cairn boy was surrendered to a shelter when his very sad family lost their home and could no longer keep him. He is reported to be very sweet, friendly, gentle, quiet, high energy, smart and eager to please. He’s also said to be housebroken and knows sit and shake. Reports from the vet where he is boarding are glowing. He is loving running and zooming in the snow in the enclosed yard.Bumble's name was chosen after the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolph. His face reminded Foster Mom of Bumble. Seems appropriate given his love of zooming in the cold snow! Welcome Bumble!

Friday, January 28, 2011

CP's foster Eraser's wisdom

Written by Eraser, Mayor of Inwood (and CP foster)

Note from CP blogger: Eraser is one of CP's foster cairns and he is a very smart boy! He posts often on another Col. Potter list and we are going to be sharing some of his cairn wisdom with you on a weekly basis!

Eraser Says: in his new winter coat

the best way to thaw a frozen water pipe,,

# 1- pace around it

# 2- stamp your paws at it,

# 3 -4 short barks

#4- stare at it intently for 12 minutes,

#5- pee on it,,,

this always works says Eraser, mayor of Inwood

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Friday's Funnies

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarut Potter has been adopted! She's keeping both her eyes! Read the update!

Written by Sarut Potter, her foster mom (and her keyboarding assistant) and her new adoptive mom

Note from CP's blogger: We're happy to share the news that Sarut aka Sugar has been adopted! Yesterday's eye exam is wonderful news and she will be keeping both of her eyes! She will continue her road to recovery in her forever home. Thank you to all of you who contributed to this happy ending.

From her adoptive mom

Jan 27, 2011

Sarut had an intensive eye exam last evening. The left eye has alot of permanent scar tissue and there is loss of peripheral vision. She seems to have some central vision although not much. Her vision in the left eye may improve but it's hard to determine. Her right eye still has some of the ulcer in it but another week or so of the antibiotic drops will likely take care of it. Her vision in the right eye is expected to improve. She will need drops for"Dry Eye" for life, although not as intensely as thus far. The doctor is willing to mix a special natural recipe that she feels is healthier and more effective. Sarut will have regular follow-ups. This was an intensive exam ,involving lots of chemicals in the eyes, instruments, lights, walking exams with obstacles, etc., and Sarut was a complete angel throught the whole thing.

The vets and staff were in tears the whole time! Sarut also received an Ohio rabies tag and dog license, a vaccine that had somehow been missed, Chees-Wiz throughout the process, poopy sample, and lots of hugs and kisses. RESULTS: NO REASON TO REMOVE EITHER EYE!!!!!!!!Our sincere thanks to everyone for your prayers!!!!!!! Our cost-$33.75- YES!!!!! The doctors said they can write off a certain amount for special rescue cases and they do not advertise this. Due to what we've invested already and due to Sarut's story and what they read in her records provided by CP, they felt this was a very special case. We went there prepared to pay thousands!!! What a celebration, and we thought everyone at CP should know Sarut's good news!!! Thank-you Col. Potter!!!!

You know what the vet also mentioned? Had Col. Potter not stepped in when they did, and had the foster mommy not been so relentless from day one, Sarut most certainly would have had to have both eyes out. Col. Potter and Kim's dedication and persistence actually saved this girl's eyes!!!!!! A big scratch behind the ear for Col. Potter and Kim!!

Jan 25, 2011

Saurt's new Mom Laura says... "*OMG!!!! This little angel is the sweetest little thing we've ever seen!! She's just joined in as though she's been here for ten years! The other ones sniffed her for a moment then went about their business. She did the same. She really doesn't act as though she has a vision problem at all, even though we know she does. She went way out into the yard, wagging her tail and exploring the snow. She prances around the house with a certain pep in her step. We ADORE her. She's trying to engage the others in play even! She is fun to have around already!!! We are extremely pleased and her little tail wags soooooo hard!! She truly seems thrilled and we definitely are. It's love for sure!!!!!!!!!!*"

Jan 25, 2011

From Sarut's Foster Mom

Little Sarut aka Sugar should be in the air winging her way to a happy and loving furever in Ohio with our new members Laura and Michael P. These are fantastic people and will do everything in their power to make Sugar the happiest furbutt in the world.

Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible. Without each and every one of you this girl never would have lived to see her next birthday. And now you can all feel proud that not only will she see her next birthday but she will be warm and loved.

Here are photos of Sugar on her pretty blankets, thank you blanket aunties. She also just got some bling bling in the mail and had to show that off as well, thank you bling bling auntie!

Jan 25, 2011

From Sarut’s new Mom

I've adopted Sarut; in fact I'm leaving in a short while to pick her up at the airport! We're so excited that we've been up all night. This is our first Cairn and we look forward to everything that we KNOW we're in for. I'm sure Sarut would like to let everyone know how she's doing in her forever home and how the training of her new mom and dad is going. We look forward to learning all we can about more ways to please this little one- if she allows us time! I've become a huge fan of Col. Potter through the adoption process and an anxious to be a part of this group and get to know even more of this wonderful family.

Jan 24, 2011

I'm getting adopted TOMORROW!

Jan 24, 2011

Time to tell everyone my BIG secret. Wait - how about a guessing game? Everyone take a guess. And no, I am not expecting puppies. Those days are over. ♥ Princess Sarut (I will let everyone know what it is about 9 Pm EST unless my typing fingers fall asleep . Then it will be tomorrow. Ohhhhhhh tomorrow. I can not wait until TOMORROW! Oh and Laura Lovie you can not play. )

January 19th, 2011

Here I am. See I can bark bark bark.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad dog? Pets pose threat to safe driving

By SUE MANNING updated 1/21/2011

More lawmakers turn attention to unrestrained animals in vehicles

LOS ANGELES — Man's best friend is not a driver's best friend.

..While lawmakers have been banning drivers from texting or using cell phones, many motorists are riding around with another dangerous risk — their dogs.

Experts say an unrestrained dog — whether curled up on a lap, hanging out the window or resting its paws on the steering wheel — can be deadly. Tens of thousands of car accidents are believed caused every year by unrestrained pets, though no one has solid numbers.

"An unrestrained pet can be hugely distracting — if he is seeking your attention, putting his face right in front of yours, starts chewing up the upholstery or is vomiting because he is carsick," said Katherine Miller, director of applied science and research for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Vote: What is the biggest distraction to motorists?

The issue is drawing attention in some statehouses. Hawaii is the only state that specifically forbids drivers from operating a vehicle with a pet on their lap. But Oregon lawmakers are considering fining drivers who hold their pets behind the wheel. And some cities are taking action, too.

In 2009, 5,474 people were killed and 448,000 injured in crashes caused by distracted drivers in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Cell phones were the top distraction — the cause of 18 percent of the fatalities and 5 percent of the injury crashes. The agency does not track accidents caused by pets, but said they are counted among other distractions such as disruptive passengers, misbehaving children or drivers who attempt to put on makeup or read.

Author Stephen King suffered several broken bones and a collapsed lung in 1999 when he was hit by a driver who claimed he was distracted by his dog.

In a crash, an unrestrained pet can turn into a deadly projectile or get crushed by a driver or passenger who is thrown forward by the collision.

Good pet owners will use a harness or carrier and secure their pets in the middle of the back seat, Miller said. That keeps dogs from getting hurt or bouncing around and hurting others.

"A pet that weighs 50 pounds, in a 35 mph collision, is projected forward like a cannonball with 1,500 pounds of force, and that can cause critical injuries to the folks in the front seat," Miller said.

Restraining a pet also keeps the animal from running off after a crash and possibly getting hit or causing another crash, or from getting in the way of first responders, she said.

Susan Footh, 37, of Whitewood, S.D., said her 12-pound Maltese named Mozart could have been killed twice if he hadn't been wearing a harness.

Footh was on her way to a Christmas gathering when her car veered out of control on ice. She smashed into a highway barrier three times before the vehicle stopped. Presents flew through the car, her coffee splattered all over the back window. But Mozart stayed put.

Then, a few weeks ago, another driver clipped her bumper while trying to pass, sending her first into a spin and then into a ditch.

"Mozart was shaking. I'm sure he was saying, 'Not again,'" Footh said. She was able to put the car into four-wheel-drive and climb out of the ditch.

In Oregon, lawmakers will vote in the next few months on a bill that proposes a $90 fine for people who drive with an animal on their lap.

A similar law made it to the governor's desk in California in 2008, but then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to sign it, saying it was not a high priority.

Bill Pace, the former assemblyman from Visalia who introduced the failed bill, said he frequently sees drivers with "animals up in their face, in their lap and on the steering wheel. ... This is not a rare occurrence."

Some cities have passed laws of their own. In Troy, Mich., a law took effect Jan. 1 that makes it illegal to drive with a pet in your lap.

But Jonathan Adkins, communications director for the Governors Highway Safety Association, doubts that many states will single out pets.

Elected officials "can't have a law to outlaw every bad driver behavior," he said. "You go after the big ones."

But Adkins said the problem is underreported because the only way to know that a pet was at fault is if the driver says so.

Education about pet restraints will have to come from pet owners, vets, animal-welfare agencies and insurance companies, he added. And that could take years, just as it took a long time to get people to wear seat belts.

For pet owners, Footh said, the answer is easy.

It takes no more than 10 seconds for her to hook Mozart into his $12 harness. He helps by hopping up on the seat and waiting for her to snap it.

"My dog is my baby. I want him to live a long and healthy life," she said. "It's not just about feeding him and loving him. It's about keeping him safe in every way, and that includes when

Wacky Wednesday!

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A big shout out to Gemma for being the Wacky Wednesday model this week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CP's foster puppy Dylan says " Hey! Where's my 'furebber' home?"

Written by Dylan's foster mom

Dylan started out life a few hours before his brother and sister,, making his birthday a day earlier. But! he was the smallest and was NOT TOO PLEASED to have been shoved out quite so soon by them! He came out fiesty and ready to make sure no one pushed him around again! As he got a bit older it was quite obvious that the silly boy needed a bit of Old fashioned BILOXI BOOT CAMP FOR WAYWARD FURBUTTS. His brother and sister have already been adopted and he is ready now for YOU to give him a forever home !

After a week of working for all his meals , nose tumps, and lots of time on his back, he began to see the error of his ways.

Today he is a funny little boy who loves playing with the new kitten and cuddling with the older one! He still has a few relapses into Mr Mouth,, but a gentle reminder or thump on the nose quickly stops that.

He is smart ! He learns really well! He has learned to sit for his treats and not include your fingers!

And he is A DADDY'S BOY! Nothing makes him happier than to sit in the recliner with DAD! and watch TV!

He will come to Bill in a nano second and to me,, well,,, like a stubborn little boy! ehehehehehe!

He sleeps in his crate all night and gleefully wakes you rattling the door! LET ME OUT!

He is being fostered in Mississippi and you can click here to learn more about him.

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie in Your Bed Can Kill You

Note from CP's Blogger: The pictures are my cairns, Neha, Bea and Zander and as you can see, they lie in our bed! We are sharing this article as a 'public service' but our 'furkids' have a spot on the bed for as long as they want it!

Written by Andrew Schneider
Senior Public Health Correspondent
AOL Original Health

Medical researchers have long shown that contact with pets can often help both the physically and mentally ill. But now, veterinary scientists say sleeping with your pets increases the chances of contracting everything from parasites to the plague.

What's a pet owner to do?

Most U.S. households have pets, and more than half of those cats and dogs are allowed to sleep in their owner's beds, Drs. Bruno Chomel, a professor at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and Ben Sun, chief veterinarian for California's Department of Health, say in a study to be published in next month's issue of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Andrew Schneider for AOL News:

A new study says it's best to let your dogs and cats sleep in their own beds."We wanted to raise the attention of people, as sleeping with a pet is becoming quite common, and there are risks associated with it, even if it is not very frequent," Chomel told AOL News. "But when it occurs, especially in children or immunocompromised people, it can be very severe."

The authors, both experts in zoonoses, which are diseases or infections transmitted from animals to humans, reported that "the risk for transmission of zoonotic agents by close contact between pets and their owners through bed sharing, kissing or licking is real and has even been documented for life-threatening infections such as plague, internal parasites" and other serious diseases.

How many of us admit to others that we sleep with our furry friends? Many of us do, according to the study.

Among dog owners, 53 percent consider their dog to be a member of the family, and 56 percent of those dog owners admit they sleep with their dog next to them, the researchers reported.

We're not just talking about teacup yorkies and chihuahuas here. Yes, the study says, most are small dogs, but 41 percent are medium-sized, and one out of three are large. Also, consider this fact, which the authors attribute to the American Kennel Club: Women were more likely than men to allow their dogs to share their beds.

As strange as it may be to canine lovers, more people have cats than dogs, and these felines also carry disease. This study and several others show that disease from cats is far more prevalent, and often more serious.

The number of cats snuggling up with their owner is far greater, which may explain the larger number of people acquiring feline-spawned diseases, Chomel explained.

Take cat scratch disease, for example. The bacterial infection, caused by Bartonella henselae, comes from infected fleas and flea feces and is transmitted to humans, often simply by a cat strolling across a food preparation area that isn't disinfected before food is placed on it. Mostly, the victims of cat scratch disease are children, infected by the scratch, lick or bite of a cat. The pathogen can cause swelling of the lymph nodes and sometime lethal damage to the liver, kidney and spleen of humans.

The CDC estimates that more than 20,000 people can contract cat scratch disease a year, but the federal disease agency could offer no information on the number of deaths.

Risks and Benefits

The CDC reports that pets may lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and decrease feelings of loneliness, while increasing opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization.

Medical studies going back at least 30 years have documented the clinical value of pets to cardiac patients, those hospitalized with mental illnesses and the elderly.

Sharing our resting hours with our pets may be a source of psychological comfort, but because pets can bring a wide range of zoonotic pathogens into our environment, sharing is also associated with risks, the authors of the current study reported.

For example:

A 9-year-old boy from Arizona got the plague because he slept with his flea-infested cat.

A 48-year-old man and his wife repeatedly contracted MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which their physicians eventually attributed to their dog. The animal "routinely slept in their bed and frequently licked their face," the California experts reported.

Kissing pets can also transmit zoonoses. A Japanese woman contacted meningitis after kissing her pet's face.

But disease can easily be transmitted by your pet kissing you. The study cited cases where a woman died of septic shock and renal failure after her cat, with whom she slept, licked open sores on her feet and toes. In another case, a 44-year-old man died of infection after his German shepherd puppy licked open abrasions on his hands.

Your pet's food can also be a source of disease. A study published last August in the journal Pediatrics tracked an outbreak of salmonella in 79 people between 2006 and 2008 that was caused by contaminated meat in dry cat and dog food.

Half of the victims were children, who CDC investigators said "might also have played with the pet food and then put their hands -- or the food itself -- in their mouths."

The disease also could have come from pets who rolled or played in their feces, where salmonella can stay alive for up to 12 weeks.

Where do our pets they pick up these diseases? Fleas are a likely starting point. And most of your pets will eat the droppings of other animals.

Take a dog to any beach, park or trail through the woods almost anywhere and watch the speed at which it will find something really foul-smelling and dead in which to roll.

Cats usually do their own killing for food and fun. And just think about the infectious bugs that laced the dead and dying rodents, birds and other critters they eat or try to bring into the home.

What Can Be Done?

The two senior veterinarians say several things can be done to reduce the threat of disease. The main one is for owners to ensure the health of their pets by seeking regular professional checkups and care. Other points include:

Persons, especially young children or immunocompromised persons, should be discouraged from sharing their bed with their pets or regularly kissing their pets. Any area licked by a pet, especially an open wound, should be immediately washed with soap and water.

Pets should be kept free of parasites, especially fleas; routinely de-wormed; and regularly examined by a veterinarian.

Preventive measures such as administering anthelmintic drugs for flatworms -- and drugs for flukes, tapeworms and other parasites -- to puppies or kittens within the first few weeks after birth or, even better, to their mothers during the last few weeks of pregnancy. This could help prevent most cases of human toxocariasis, which can cause severe and sometimes permanent vision problems for young children.

The risk of getting sick from being close with your pets is real, but most of the diseases they pass on to humans can be identified and eliminated by regular veterinary care.

Meanwhile, start practicing saying "Get off the bed. I mean it this time."

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new foster, Chiryle

Written by Chiryle's foster mom

I picked up Chiryle today - I am calling her "Cheryl". She appears to be friendly and inquisitive and already makes eye contact, as you can see in the photo.
Her tongue is hanging out because she only has one tooth! She is so cute and I look forward to fostering this little girl. She is the smallest cairn I've personally seen so far, 13 pounds.

Her hair has been shaved and I can't wait to see her as it grows out. I have her in the ex-pen in my dining room.

Chiryle is being fostered in Illinois and will be evaluated for two weeks before she is ready for adoption. You can learn more about her and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Healthy Hound Series Part II

The Basics of Selecting a Food Plan for Fido! Part II

Written by Reggie and Gemma's Adoptive Mom

3. Beware the “Healthy Halo”: When you see a dog food label that says “Low Fat,” it may not necessarily be what it's promising. In order to be truly “low-fat” a dog food will have 310 calories per 3.5 oz of dry food or 90 calories per 3.5 oz of canned food. The same sort of rules apply with “low-carb” and “high protein.” If these labels are promising you a healthy pet food without following the basic rules highlighted above, they fall under the “healthy halo” effect which is designed to trick consumers into buying higher priced food that doesn't deliver.

4. Keep treats to a minimum and don't forget the rules!: Don't give treats for “just because.” Make them a reward for what your dog does to be a “good boy.” Superfluous treats lead to a lax philosophy on how they may be affecting your dog's weight. Remember to follow the rules about meals, proteins and the “healthy halo” even when you're selecting your dog treats.

Always consult your veterinarian first to be aware of your specific dog's health needs and a target healthy weight. Feed your dog according to their weight specifications and be aware that the portions dictated on the bag are sometimes too much for your little Cairn. It's best to consult with a nutrition guide for your breed and to have a talk with your vet about target weight for your specific pet. Our dogs' veterinarian, Dr. Scott Miner, recommends no more than ½ cup of dry food in the morning and ½ cup at night for our Cairn terriers in good health.

Col. Potter has several volunteers who are helpful to it's members and fosters in the areas of weight reduction, management and nutrition.

Finally, a good rule-of-thumb is to shop at discount pet stores instead of the grocery store. Employees of pet specialty stores will be much more knowledgeable about their products and they'll be able to help you select the foods and treats that will be best for your dog.

Next in the series: People Foods aren't always just for People.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have a Healthy Hound! New Series for keeping your dog in great shape!

Written by Reggie & Gemma's Adoptive Mom

Hi all! I am super excited to start this series about keeping a healthy pet. I think it is all too common to see pet obesity and I am a passionate nutrition lover. This is why I've come up with the Healthy Hound Series – a guide to help you better serve as a health ambassador for your dog. It's meant to be a basic guide that will give you lots of knowledge while being easy to follow.

The Basics of Selecting a Food Plan for Fido! Part I

The cornerstone for a healthy Cairn terrier is a healthy and appropriate diet. To start looking at the over-all strategy for a food plan begins with you and some knowledge of what goes into the food you feed your dog. Here are some basic guidelines to help you become a food advocate for your dog:

1. The Cheaper the Food, The Cheaper the Ingredients: Many of the bargain-brand foods from your grocery store are full of ingredients that will make your dog pudgy. These include things like “meat and bone meal” which are basic filler products devoid of lean protein and nutrients. You'll also find things like “corn meal” which is a natural protein source, but is often overused in dry dog food. If your food lists any sort of grain or meal as one of the first 3 ingredients, it can signify a lack of nutrients and an overload of empty carbs. It is worth the extra pennies to get a nutritious dog food- in the long run it can help you save on vet bills due to weight-related problems.

2. Lean Proteins are your friend: Look for products that are “grain free” or that have proteins like fish, poultry or meats listed as primary ingredients. Carbohydrates can always be supplemented with healthy alternatives and grain free foods still have a healthy amount of carbohydrates from natural sources in them. In the wild, dogs survive off of lots of lean protein so the closest you can get them to their natural diet, the better. In fact many dogs have developed grain-related allergies because their diet isn't varied with protein-rich foods.

Sunday Sweets

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)


KPax Staley & Dodger

Ham, Square, Bristol & Kenzie

Amtrak (fka ‘Albuquerque’) & Joey (fka ‘Jenna’)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CP's foster puppy Fili and the Norrie boys!

Written by Fili and Suudella's foster mom

Best Buddies Fili and Oliver

Fili wrestling with Sebastian

Fili and Oliver wrestling

Fili playing tug of war with Sebastian

Tonight while Suudella was in the den and Fili was in the ex pen in the family room, Oliver kept going over and pushing himself up against the ex pen, even putting one front foot in so Fili could chew on him. He has just been captivated by little Fili. So I picked him up and put him in the pen with him. Oliver was so cute, his little stub of a tail going ninety miles an hour. He let Fili chew all over on him, climbing on him, chewing on his cheeks. I was just about in tears watching these two play. I think they were together for an hour before Ollie finally came to the gate and nosed it, satisfied he'd worn his new little buddy out with all their wrestling. I put Sebastian in for a few minutes of play - his play was a little rougher than his brother's as his brother has always been the one to pick on him a little too roughly. But he picked up a toy and wanted to play with Fili with the toy instead of being chewed on like Oliver let him do.

This is really funny as Oliver and Sebastian were a little scared of the girl puppies we've had here - Circle and Cube wanted to run and chase, and Virgo - she was a little tomboy that actually could get the best of them and have them running with tails tucked to us for protection! LOL They seem to know Fili is a little guy that needs to be played with gently, and they let him explore them, chewing all over them. He's supposed to be nine weeks old today, but he seems more immature than that. He weighs a little over 3#, which compared to Stinger's babies is a couple weeks behind in weight. But he's gaining a couple of ounces a day and has a little belly on him. He's got the prettiest big eyes, and where he lost his coat to the sarcoptic mange, he's got nice harsh coat coming in (all except for the backside of his tail which is still bare ).

I've got to get some good picturess of Suudella - she seems to cower when she knows the camera is out. Her bare spots are almost gone, with a layer of new fuzzy stuff coming in all over. She's looking lighter than I expected - I thought she'd be coal black but may turn out to have quite a bit of silver on her. Her tail goes constantly when you're around her and talk to her, and when we let her in, she now comes running to the dog bed in the kitchen by my computer stool :-) She's spent some lap time the last couple of nights now that we're integrating them with the rest of the pack. She gets a little nervous when the pack is playful, so we're going slow with her so we don't overwhelm her. And Louisville is VERY interested in her and greets her with a harsh bark as he comes charging across the room. He's only being playful, but I think she sees him as a threat because he sounds so gruff and is such a big boy. I figure tonight while we had Fili out in the family room, Suudella probably stretched out in the den pen and took a long, uninterrupted nap with no puppy there to chew on her .

Fili and Suudella are being fostered in Missouri. They are not ready for adoption yet but you can learn more about them and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

CP's foster puppy Fili's thank you for the toys

Dictated by Fili to his foster mom

Can you find me in da toys?

Did you ever see so many toyz?

Hi dere, Anteez an Unkels! Dis is Fili, da little man in da Hunt howse! I gotz on heer to tell Antee Damyell and all yuu CEEPEE peepulz fank yuu fer da TOYZ!!!! Fosser mom hepped me getz a pitchur obs me checken dem out anna gotz it hucked tuu dis note dat I'm righten so yuu cen see all da guudies. Foer mom sez dat I getz to pway wif dem all while dear nuu!!!! My momma tuuk da piggie toy dat waz my frend anna chuweded his eer off da udder day - I waz sad when fosser mom sed he habz to go inna da fixit basket and be gonz for awhile cuz hiz brains waz cummin out anna all ober da pwace - he waz jes my size anna wresled wif me! OK - maybe I waz duin all da wreslin, anna he jes frowed me off when I gotz on top ub him, butz fosser momma sez now dat she nose dat my momma is a destruckto ob toyz, she's gonna make sure dat she's only gotz da hebbie duutee onez arown da pen fur her tu pway wif! Fosser momma sed she finkz I'll eben be pwayin in da box when I'm in da kitchen, tuu. In da passed fuw dayz, day letz me an momma out wif da rest ob da kidz here fur sum bizitz anna butt smellin, anna I surrprized dem by doin da stepz rite up to da cowch where fosser dad waz sittin! Anna I been zoomin across da ruum, so I been takin sum GOOD naps cuz I getz all worn out runnin az fast az my leg will go! But fosser mom sez dis taste of freedum makez me fink I'm a big boy 'cuz now I complainz eben MORE when I getz stuck back in won ob dem pwaypens - but I ain't no baby no morez!

We been gettin lotz better! Ain't no bugz on me or momma ennie more! We gotz wun more dose ob dat nasty stuff to take next weke, but we feel guud! Anna yuu shuud see my momma - she'z jes about BEE-U-TEE-FULL! I eben pwayed wif my Norrie cuzzins Ollie an Sebastian tunite - day gotz in da playpen wif me! Ollie tole me he's sad I ain't got no bruver 'cause he LUBS his bruver, so he sed I cuud be his preetend little bruver anna he'll shair Sebas wif me, an I sed OKEE DOKEE, itz a deel! Deze boyz don't gotz no talez - day gotz a funnee wittle stubbee fing dat wigglez, anna I grabz it anna holez on while day chasez me rown an rown! Fosser momma sed she will send sum pitchurs ob us twogever when I'm dun righten.

OK - gotz to go tuu bed now, butz I wonted to tell yuu FANK YUU fer da new toyz! An FANK YUU fer heppin' me an momma - FREEDUM IS WUNNERFULL!

Lubs -

Fili in Mizzurree

Fili is being fostered in Missouri with his mother Suudella. They are not yet ready for adoption but if you would like to know more about them or the other cairns available for adoption, please click here.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bella settles in to her new life!

Submitted by Mariah's foster mom nka Bella on behalf of her adoptive mom

Note from CP's Blogger: For those of you who wonder whether or not you should adopt a 'secondhand' cairn, this is a wonderful example of a little girl cairn who made the most of her second chance!

My last little foster, Mariah, now Bella, was adopted by a wonderful couple on Oct. 30, 2010. I received this attached letter from Bella's new mom today. I thought you all would enjoy the letter.

Dear Col. Potter:

Hi. We adopted "Mariah" from Col. Potter Rescue several weeks ago. Her Foster Mom called her "Bella” so that is the name we call her since she answers to "Bella". Before we adopted her we were told she has "problems" she bites and is very timid with people. She especially loves men and is very wary with women.

We took her home with us and much to our delight she is a wonderful, fun, loving dog. We drove her from her foster mom’s house in a crate. She rode in the car with us for 2 and 1/2 hrs. Never a peep from her; she was quite content in the car and slept a lot of the way. When we arrived at our home we opened the cage and she jumped from the car and ran into the house, her tail wagging and happy as could be. She ran around the house sniffing and smelling each room and made herself at home. We had bowls set up for her in the kitchen with water and food, she found those and chowed down.

We were told she might regress and hide under the bed and bite us if we tried to pick her up. Yes, of course I had to reach for her to pick her up and she nipped at my hand breaking the skin no big deal I told her "no Bella its okay we love you".
That night she slept with us and licked our faces to show how happy she was. I was very confident we could make friends with her, to trust us and know we would never hurt her.

Her foster parents and I cried when we left their home. They loved her and were sad to see her leave but knew we were going to give her a "loving home" and she would be a lucky dog to be with us.

She has made our lives so blessed. She is so sweet and runs around the yard so happy to be here with us. The neighbors have bought her "presents" and she is getting so spoiled...she loves them also and is not one bit shy with them.

Right now I am on the computer and she is laying on the chair next to me very content. She loves to go out in the car with us and as soon as we open the door to the garage and car she jumps in ready to go..

I gave her a shower with me and she was fine with that, I brushed her and cut the hair around her face and she is fine with it....not growling or teeth baring.

I am so happy with her and hope others will take in loving pets from "Col. Potter Rescue". The volunteers are unbelievable and care so much about the pets you would like to adopt. I am so impressed with the whole group of people I have had the privilege of knowing thru the emails. They are dedicated people who love the "rescue dog". I will become one of them.

If you would like to learn more about all of the cairns available for adoption through Col. Potter, please click here.

Friday's Funnies

Raising Duncan

by Chris Browne

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Out of the blowing snow and bone chilling temperatures emerged the Cold Hard Facts. Three little Cairns that have endured nature's and man's worst. Their fate was up in the air on Saturday, with one of them facing certain death ... and then their lives changed forever when our rescue angel worked her magic and loaded them in her van and told them they were safe, they were Col.'s kids now.

The Cold Hard Facts are very special furkids in more than one way. They are all named from our Name a Rescue Cairn program, so carry some special names:

Nikki B. - Female, wheaten, 8 years old - named in memory of a wonderful foster sister, with love from Tillie (now Miss Parker)

Chiryle - Female, wheaten, 8 years old, has only one tooth left in her mouth - named for a very special person from Eraser and Cindy U's foster dad, Dave U.

Sir Harley - Male brindle, 10 months - named in memory of beloved cairn Harley who crossed the bridge on July 19, 2007 from Sharon J.

Please remember Col. Potter can only help those Cairns we have the resources to assist. This includes financial, so keep voting in the Shelter Challenge and donating to Name A Rescue Cairn program among other things, volunteers giving of their time and talents on all of the Col.'s teams and of course, foster homes, so please consider opening your heart and your home to a Cairn.

The Cold Hard Facts have beat the odds and the fact of the matter now is they have nothing but a happily ever after to look forward to.


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

For many of the Cairns that find their way into the loving arms of Col. Potter, they exist from day to day, but deep down inside they carry that Cairn "glimmer" of hope ... a "glimmer" that there is a better life ... a "glimmer" that there is someone to love them ... a "glimmer" that there is freedom and a future filled with happiness for them. Some never find this and the "glimmer" dies with them. But, for the lucky ones ... that "glimmer" starts turning into a "glow" when they join the CP family. They "glow" after their first bath ... they "glow" when they are shown caring and loving hands touching them ... they "glow" when they have a soft, warm bed to sleep in and that "glow" continues on their journey to their happily after.

Yesterday, for two female Cairns, their inner "glimmer" started the transformation to that "glow"! We don't know much about them, but what we do know is we are very glad they held onto that "glimmer" and know the "glow" won't be far behind.

Please help me welcome to the CP family, Glimmer and Glow!!!



We are in need of foster homes, not only for Glimmer and Glow, but for several others who just made their way to freedom minutes ago! Interested in fostering for Col. Potter? Please fill out our application online. The rewards are innumerable!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Sarut Potter's Story

Written by Sarut Potter, her foster mom (and her keyboarding assistant)

Note from CP's Blogger: We would like to thank all of you who have made such generous donations towards Sarut's care. She even has a facebook page! This has been updated by our CP volunteers and we would like to share her story and her road to recovery with all of you. This is her story since December 27th and we will be posting weekly updates from now on.

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Don't I look just AMAZING. My fossa mom and CP are working wonders. (Of course I am working hard at it too ♥ Sarut aka Sugar

Some words from my foster mom and from me (I'm first of course):

Hello everyone! I am sorry that fossa mom has been slow at keeping you up to date on my progress, you understand, she is only human. My mouth feels much better after having so many teeth removed that I have even been chewing on some bones, I like bones. I have not been back to the doctors yet because fossa mom keeps calling me mangy but she says I have to go see the vet real soon. I hope they have cheese there or maybe a cheese bone!

Foster mom here. Little Sarut, or Sugar as we have been calling her is doing great. She is still getting medicated drops and ointment in her eyes throughout the day and loads of vitamins and supplements in her food. I carry her drops and ointment in my pants pocket so they are warm when I put them in her eyes, I think she likes this. Sugar usually makes this cute closed mouth smacking sound as I scratch her jaw after I put her eye medicine in. She is a very sweet girl and likes to be at your feet or in your lap during the day. I had to put a dog bed under my computer table for her and almost always find Sugar and Halik curled up together in it. They like sleeping with each other. Sugar has two more mange treatments to go and she hardly itches anymore. Sorry we do not know more about her eyes right now but we can say they don't look any worse, only better for this little one!

There has been a number of serious inquiries from adoptive homes and we are touched with how good people are and their willingness to continue with what probably will be life-long eye drops and care. It's hard for me not to fall in love and want to keep her, but she needs to go to a home that she can bond with and get the individual attention she deserves. We will be talking with some of these homes in the coming weeks and will keep everyone in the loop on what is happening. Please let's not forget the other Sealed with a Kiss kids that arrived with Sarut and in the same rotten shape or the other needy foster kids in our program. They all need your love and support.

January 10, 2011

From my foster mom:

I wanted to share that I was just watching Sarut play bow in directly front of my Daley. Daley is completely blind and Sarut is completely sight challenged. Daley started walking forward directly into Sarut. Sarut jumped for joy thinking someone was going to play with her. In her jumping she lost track of where Daley had wandered off to and was left standing alone in the dark. Feeling sorry for her I gave her a chunk of swiss cheese, life is good.

Jan 7, 2011

I would like to thank everyone for all the love and support I have been shown in my first experience at a real life. I'm feeling better, but surely I'm not out of the woods yet. I have some more medication to go before a return trip to the vet. I will let everyone know what the doctor says, especially about my eyes. Now go and check out the new photos I posted today. And yes, that IS me. I am so pretty . And don't forget that Col. Potter needs help with funding as my care is very very expensive. You can help by following this linksarut> Now they just have to pay for my care. A lot of $$ has been raised but a lot more is needed to take care of the injustices of that terrible place that I lived.

See my progress in the video here:

Jan 5. 2011

The Col. Potter people are interviewing two eye specialists now. With one they can get me in within 7-10 days. With the other it will be about 2 weeks unless they consider it an emergency.

They agree with us that it's important to have her feeling somewhat better when she goes in as far as recovery and mouth/teeth healing since mouth/ear infections can also be transferred to eyes since they are somewhat related.

Dec 31, 2010

Look how much better I am already! (And notice that my shirt is the color of CHEESE ) ♥ Sarut

Dec 30, 2010

Good morning everyone! I slept well and in freedom only to wake up to breakfast. Can you imagine that? Food in the morning and the night and sometimes in between as well. Life in freedom is wonderful. ♥ Sarut (Please donate to help with my care by clicking here .

Dec 28, 2010

Guess what? I like cheese! CHEESE! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dec 28, 2010

Thank you everyone for getting this going and spreading the word about poor little ole me. I am in a wonderful foster home and getting nutritious meals to help with my emaciation, treatment for my mange, and of course intense treatment for my eyes. I do not know when I will be up for adoption as Col. Potter will not let me go until I am health or healthy enough that a forever home can finish the process of my rehab.

Dec 27, 2010

Sarut needs your help. She has not had an easy start to life. In her 6.5 years on this earth so far she has known nothing but filth, cruelty, and abuse. Her tiny 12 pound body endured more than its share of neglect. Sarut is in danger of losing both her eyes. She is currently on expensive medication to try and save them. Sarut had a dental when she was spayed and besides the 5 missing teeth she had already she had 17 more extracted and is on pain medication for this. As if her emaciated body had not had enough hardship she also has mange and is being treated for that. This little girl is a fighter and wants to live a good life. She can't do that without your help, won't you please consider becoming a guardian angel for Sarut? Please click here to join those who have already become her guardian angels.

Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY! Each week we will showcase a terrierific cairn picture with an appropriate caption. If you have a terrierific cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes. )

A big shout out to Kinsey for being the Wacky Wednesday models this week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Losing Weight with Your Dog!

Note from CP's Blogger - this is a great time of year to make a resolution to improve both your health and your pups!

A chubby puppy can be pretty cute, but declining health, joint problems, and diabetes are far less adorable. Statistics show that forty percent of American dogs are overweight, a stat that mirrors how overweight their owners are too. For a long time, people have known that having a pet can keep you healthy—merely petting a dog or cat lowers blood pressure and stress levels. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions, people are starting to turn to their pets for another health benefit, weight loss.

A new book by veterinarian Marty Becker and weight loss expert, Dr. Robert Kushner, Fitness Unleashed!: A Dog and Owner’s Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Health Together (Three Rivers Press), shows how dogs can give an exercise program a shot of confidence and exuberance. Working out together is certainly a lot more fun than working out alone.

He’s not heavy, he’s my puppy

The canine obesity problem isn’t about people being neglectful of their dogs—the problem is that people love their dogs with food rather than scratches behind the ear. All those mid-afternoon snacks, leftover treats, and after dinner plate-licks add up to extra calories, especially if owners don’t reduce Fido’s food on table scrap heavy days.

Dr. Becker says that dogs are the perfect walking partners because they don’t deviate from routine like a human workout partner might. Fido is always there, always on time, always willing.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Make a commitment to your walking routine and stick with it. If it’s raining, buy a raincoat for both you and your dog. If it’s snowing, get some snow shoes for yourself and some snow booties for Fido.

2. Dr. Becker recommends starting out walking two blocks for every pound of your dog’s body weight. So, if you have a twenty-pound dog, you’ll walk forty blocks, or about two miles. Increase the distance about five to ten percent each week as you and your dog get used to the new plan.

3. You should walk briskly enough so that both of you are panting a little, but not so vigorously that you couldn’t easily carry on a conversation, or that your dog is salivating heavily and falling behind.

4. Take water with you. Your chunky hound will get thirsty and may even try to lie down. Give him a little water break and then encourage him to keep moving, but don’t push him if he seems overtaxed.

5. Put both of you on a low calorie diet. Consult a doctor or nutritionist for the best plan for you, and consult a veterinarian for the best plan for your dog. There are some good, low calorie, high fiber dog foods on the market that will keep your dog satiated and feeling full.

6. Feed smaller meals more often. Five or six for you and two to three for your dog.

7. Cut back on the high calorie snacks and snack on healthy treats instead. Your dog may relish veggies, like carrots, broccoli, and green beans.

8. Weigh yourself and your dog every week to chart both of your weight loss progress. Remember, a two-pound weight loss on a ten-pound dog is very significant.

9. If your dog is more excited about the walk than you are, use a front-clip harness, so he can’t pull you down the street faster than you’d like to go.

10. Don’t forget to pack some extra poop bags (for your dog, only, please).

Nikki Moustaki is a dog trainer, a regular contributor to Dog Fancy Magazine and Popular Dogs, and the author of six books on dog care and training.

CP's foster Hazel the Chipmunk Killer almost becomes Hazel the Blue JayKiller!

Written by Hazel's foster mom

but luckily she seemed shocked she actually GOT the bird and only managed to get some feathers off him.... and foster Mom was VERY happy with no dead bird in the closed-in porch.

Here's the scene: I tend to leave the screen door open in the winter because, hey - NO BUGS! And then I can stay in the nice warm house while the dogs go out in the yard to do their business. I have had birds fly into the screened in porch before but never a Blue Jay.

My late cairn Myra would have died - she wanted SO MUCH to catch a bird in the porch - she tried so hard. Anyway both The Girls immediately noticed me trying to get the Jay back out the door and rushed over. Dumb bird actually went down to their level and before I could race over to that corner with my broom, Hazel had managed to grab him. I really think she was shocked, as she let him go and he flew up. Got the dogs in the house finally and went back out for the bird.

He sat on the rafters and talked to me - I put the broom up near him and he hopped on it and actually stayed on for the 5 steps it took me to get him out the door- then he flew off. There were about 5 tail feathers left in the porch and every time we have gone out since, The Girls immediately run over to that corner hoping he is still there.

Never a dull moment but I'm glad I don't have to change her nickname to Hazel, The Blue Jay Killer...
Hazel is being fostered in Vermont and you can learn more about her and all of the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My new Favorite Item for Not-so-Potty-Trained Cairns

Submitted by Reggie & Gemmas Adoptive Mom

Over the past few months, we've really been at our wits end trying to potty train our 5ish-year old Cairn, Reggie AND our 9-month-old, Gemma. Reggie is potty trained in the traditional sense but will mark anything that moves within or is added to his space. Gemma has to “go potty” more than any dog I've ever owned and is still quick to go in the house if we wait too long to take her outside. We've made some progress and I can see them making (slow) improvements. However, in the meantime, we've spent a lot of time on our hands and knees, scrubbing carpets and washing floors. This is why I feel compelled to share what I think is the best $139.00 I've ever spent.

The Bissell Spot Bot Pet with Pet Stain and Odor Formula:

This portable, steam-cleaning gem was what we used our Christmas gift cards for. I walked out of Target so excited to use it that I almost wanted the dogs to have an accident. Fortunately or unfortunately, we didn't have to wait any significant amount of time before Gemma gave us our first spot to “bot.” We filled the one compartment on the SpotBot with warm water and then filled the other with the “Pet Stain and Odor” solution by Bissell.

We then set the SpotBot right on the carpet spot and pushed the 3-minute cycle button. Being that it was the “maiden voyage” for our new gizmo, we both sat and watched the magic as the SpotBot sprayed and suctioned, scrubbed and spun. After three minutes, we lifted it up and found a very neatly cleaned wet circle where our stain had once been. We simply rubbed out the edges of the circle and it was dry within about 20 minutes! I still spray some Natures Miracle cleaning spray on top just to neutralize any odor but our carpet looks and smells much better. I'm also a much happier person now that I'm not the one scrubbing up accidents all the time. Now if we can only get them to stop creating the mess altogether, my life will really be complete.

Be sure to visit the CP Mall to check whether or not you can purchase this through one of our CP affiliates. Many sites, including Amazon will donate a portion back to CRM if you shop through this link.