Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome Matilda!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me Welcome Col. Potter's newest beauty, Matilda. Matilda joined CP Sunday, and she is happy to be here.

Matilda is a breeder surrender, one of the 'lucky' ones. Her breeder does not believe in keeping her stock until they are of no more use to her. She retires them young, so that they can have a good life as a pet in a home. Matilda just turned four in December.

Matilda will be spending this week getting her spa treatment, and her medical care. She will then move to her foster home, and start on the road to learning all about family life.

Thanks Col. Potter, for once again helping a cairn in need!

Welcome, Matilda!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome Colbert!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome Col. Potter's new bundle of joy, Colbert (Col - bear)! Colbert is a one year old cairn boy, full of energy and joy.

Colbert was purchased from a pet shop by a man in his 70s, along with a Border Collie. They were put out in the backyard, and that is where they spent the next year. It was decided that two dogs was too much, so Colbert went off to another home. This family had a Boston Terrier and a 4 year old child. It was not a good mix. As we see so often, cairns are SO adorable, families fall for that sweet face and have no idea of what owning a Cairn Terrier really means - especially a 1 year old Cairn boy that has not lived inside a home! So Colbert did his Cairn routine, which all of us here LOVE, but this family did not. So he needed to move again. When we didn't move fast enough for this family - read 'pick up at the home within 24 hours' of first finding out about him.....he was dumped at a local kill shelter.

Luckily for him, another rescue stepped in to help. This rescue has a great working relationship with the shelter, and has a specific kennel run at the shelter where their dogs can stay until they can be picked up. So he was at least safe until they could find a haven for him. While they did not have any room for him in foster care, they reached out to Col. Potter. This rescue group then helped get Colbert moved from the shelter where he was dumped, to our volunteer. We are grateful to them for their help, and so is Colbert!

Colbert will be heading to sunny Florida for fostering, so watch for his updates. He is reportedly adorable and sweet, so I think he will find a forever family fast!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Set Your DVRs!

Puppies 'Viewed as Livestock' in Amish Community, Says Rescue Advocate
Exclusive Access: Cutting-Edge Facilities or Puppy Factories?


The Amish are widely viewed as plain, peaceful people. Reclusive and private, most people only catch glimpses of them as they make their way through the hills of Pennsylvania's Dutch County in buggies. But some of their perfectly manicured farms are home to a secret world. Lancaster County has been called the puppy mill capital of the U.S., and the trade is largely dominated by the Amish.

Watch the story tonight on "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET

For more information please click the following link:
Nightline: Puppies Viewed as Livestock

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome Mali!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome our new girl, Mali, pronounced - MAL ee. Mali is a Thai name meaning flower.

This little spring flower, delivered into the welcoming arms of Col Potter Monday, has had a hard life in just two short years. She found herself a stray in MO, picked up and taken to the shelter. It was discovered there that someone attempted to crop her ears, and did a horrible job. She was only left with very small stubs, one shorter than the other. She was adopted out to a family, only to turn up again as a stray to the same shelter. Her family did not reclaim her. After her second visit, the shelter saw that no one was interested in adopting her, they suspected it was due to her lack of ears. The shelter turned to rescue, and her plea made its way to the Col.

All who have met Mali have said she is a very sweet girl. It seems her hard life has not dampened her faith in humans, or her spirit. She is an inspiration!

Welcome sweet Mali!

Pssst ... Hey GUY!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Welcome Guy, old French for guide. Guy, like Bud and Mac is a generic term for “hey, you”. Well, sometimes when we call a cairn they will just stop and look like "Who are you talking to?". They look at us like "Hey, you……talking to me??". Guy was an owner surrender who lived in a home with teenagers that would do a lot of arguing and this was very upsetting to him. He would try to take charge when mom would try to intervene and that just got him into trouble. He became dominant towards the Mom and she had problems with his behavior, although he was fine with the other family members. We were not sure that we were going to get Guy, he came very close to not being with us today. But, we have rescue angels in Oregon that didn’t give up on him and he is now a CP kid. He is staying a few days with one of our volunteers until he can be transported to his foster mom, Denise F. His Foster Family will work on his behavior issues and on his weight, as he is not the 18 lbs. as we were told, but is instead 26 lbs! He is one handsome 3 ½ year old wheaten boy!

A big thank you to all the volunteers that are so open to help when they are called upon. Without each of you we could not save the cairns that CP is able to save!

Guy would especially like to thank those volunteers … you know who you are … for being there in his time of need … and others that were ready and standing by to jump in if needed to get him to safety.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome Victoria!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Welcome Victoria, meaning victorious, winner, conqueror. All of which describe this 3 year old cairn. She was adopted from a local shelter by a gentlemen that had allergy testing done on her to find out exactly what she was allergic to so that she could be treated. He paid for a supply of her allergy shots, but, decided that he was not equipped to handle all the care that she would need and surrendered her to his vet office. He gave her very good care, he even paid to have a mammary tumor removed and her spay. She also had to have part of her tail amputated, related to the allergies. It’s hard sometimes to do the right thing and the right thing was that he realized that he was not equipped to care for Victoria. She deserves someone that can give her all the love and care she will need long term.

Well one of our volunteers uses the same vet, so it was this girls lucky day when the vet tech introduced her to the CP volunteer. She contacted Intakes and we went to work to get this girl into the CP family.

This girl is going to need allergy shots for now to help with her skin problems and allergies. We are hoping with the skin care protocol and by watching her diet it won’t be long before she can go without the shots. We are counting on her being a conqueror and overcoming the skin and allergy issues she is facing.

A special thank you to Kitty K. for all her help with Victoria, you are her rescue angel! She is headed to FL to her foster mom Tanya, who will work with her on the allergies and get her ready for a forever family.

Thanks again to all the volunteers that help cairns in need, it is so heartwarming to email or call and without hesitation you jump right in to help, we could not save the ones we do without all of you!!

Working together to help cairns in need! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome a New Girl to CP!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

One life ends ... and another one begins. One soul is no longer free to walk the earth ... while a different one gains her freedom. Such is the cycle of life. It always comes around full circle. For those whose life ends, they are not forgotten, but remembered warmly and with much joy celebrating their life and what they meant to all they touched.

I don't know about you, but I have a very special spot in my heart for the puppy mill kids. Those that have literally survived the worst conditions one could imagine. Never knowing love, comfort, care even simple basic things like food and water, much less shelter. These are the same furkids that show such joy when reaching freedom and getting that chance to start life anew as they learn all there is to know and enjoy in this new life called freedom.

Yesterday another one of our rescue angels attended an auction in Ohio. We had high hopes of rescuing several Cairns, but it was not to be. This auction was heavily attended as we found out there was a kennel in Minnesota that was being shutdown and going out of business and they had shipped most of their breeding stock to Ohio to this auction. The millers in Ohio were anxious to get fresh breeding lines in their stock and all the dogs were going very high and out of rescue price ranges. But our rescue angel hung in there until the Cairns came up very near the end of the auction. One by one the Cairns were sold to millers at very high prices. But, then a Cairn was put up for auction. She was a little bit larger than the others and was not from the miller in Minnesota. SOLD announced the auctioneer and our rescue angel had one little Cairn girl safely in the loving arms of CP!

This little Cairn's life had just begun anew and she would be able to enjoy freedom, love and caring for the rest of her life thanks to our rescue angel.

Someone very special and very close to someone I care about a great deal passed away a few weeks ago. She was someone who had never had children of her own and lived alone up until two weeks before her death when she no longer could care for herself. During the past few years, her niece had assumed a large portion of her care, visiting weekly, making sure her medications were set out in her weekly pill containers, taking her shopping, getting her hair done, taking her to family events, basically being the daughter that she never had. She had even told her niece that she considered her to be hers. Now she will probably kill me for telling everyone all of this, as she is a private person but I wanted to do something special for Maureen H. and her Aunt Fran and couldn't think of a better way than using the Name a PM Kid Program.

Please help me welcome Fran to the loving arms of CP! Maureen, I know your Aunt Fran is smiling down on you and this little girl today ... BIG HUGS my friend ...

ALERT! CP Infested With Two Bugs!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Now that I have your attention ... don't panic ... you won't need insect repellent and your computers don't have a new virus! The two bugs are new members of the family!

These two made their way to safety and freedom from an auction in Missouri Saturday. Normally, those that attend the auction get the honor to name the furkids they helped to get to freedom, but yesterday was different. When I received the phone call that we had gotten a "couple" - a male and a female - I had a surprise up my sleeve, or should I say a bug or two up my sleeve. You all know about the Name a PM Kid Program where you can donate to name a PM kid in memory or honor of someone, or just because. Well, I had a "couple" of bug names just waiting for the right time!

Please help me welcome our Bug Couple:

Katydid: F, DOB 1/5/06, wheaten with tipped ears - name donated by Jerusha H. - daughter of Kathy H. for Kathy's birthday. Kathy and Jerusha have been scheming for a bug themed group for some time.

Beetle: M, DOB 1/27/06, wheaten - name donated by a CP member who wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to honor and say Thank You for what Kathy and Barney H. do to help the furkids. I had told this person about Jerusha's gift and they decided to honor Barney with his own "bug" name.

These two are just "cute as two bugs in a rug" just like the two special people they are named in honor of. My thanks to Kathy and Barney H. for making the trip to the auction on short notice, sending in the pictures and bathing and grooming our little bugs before taking them to the vet. Also, my thanks to Jerusha and our anonymous donor for their generosity and helping to make freedom a possibility for Katydid and Beetle! Welcome Bug Couple ... we won't be swatting you away (sorry just couldn't resist)!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Leash on Life XIV - "On To High Cotton"

Would you like to help provide the funds necessary to rescue puppy mill dogs and possibly win some great prizes? Click the following link to check out the prizes available in our "New Leash on Life" fundraiser: New Leash on Life XIV - On To High Cotton!

Don't delay, take a look today! :) This fundraiser ends Sunday March 22nd!

High Cotton
Written by Karen Parrott, a founding member of Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network:

HIGH COTTON,,, sigh. The words often bring tears to my eyes. For to me they represent all that is GREAT AND GOOD. To me they represent my Granddaddy's hand holding my small one when I was young.

I grew up spending many years off and on with my grandparents, for one reason or another. I was the apple of my Granddaddy's eye. He would take me everywhere with him. We lived in Louisiana, and part of the things that brought money into the family was the cotton. During harvest, huge trucks would be loaded with tons of the fluffy white balls and taken to the cotton mill to be bundled up for selling. I would often get to ride high up on these wagons filled with cotton. But before it was picked by the machines, Granddaddy would walk the fields picking one here and one there to test the quality. And during these walks he would say,,, yep, Scooter,, we have HIGH COTTON this year. Which translated to a child’s mind LOTS OF TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS, LOTS OF SHOPPING WITH GRANNY! Everything in the world was good when you had HIGH COTTON.

As the years went by, High Cotton became my standard of goodness. If I get A's I'll be in High Cotton. If , if, if... ... but always the best to have is HIGH COTTON.

Granddaddy is gone now. He said he would live to see me through college. He did just that. And though I miss him, I have a fine father and love of many friends and I will always have HIGH COTTON -- because it was a gift, you see. A gift to always be able to look to the future for myself and the little furbutts I oversee and see for them a golden life, a good life, a loved life.

Since inception, CP has rescued over 2,300 Cairns!!! We currently have over 100 in foster care, some of whom are available for adoption, many who are not. For each and every one, all members of Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network hope for High Cotton. Like picking cotton, our hopes do not come easy, but the rewards can be so great. Our intakes groups have to decide 'Can we help this dog?' - and sometimes the answer is 'No' - with the knowledge that this decision may be a life or death decision for THAT dog. Our foster homes bring unknown dogs into their homes, disrupting their schedule and their home dogs, only to fall in love with this little stranger - then have to hand it over to someone else - again and again. Our Adoption teams talk to a lot of people hoping they can find that 'Just Right' home for each dog - and the 'Just Right' dog for each home. It can be a hard match to find.

Mill dogs come to us unsocialized, fearing just about everything from the sound of a step, to a bright blue sky, to the dark, to every movement a human being makes. We show them a gentleness to life, a fullness of comfort and love - so that when they find 'their' family, it won't be such a surprise. Many dogs we get in are not healthy, some of whom never make it to a forever home. Every dog we get in learns love.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Becca!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome Col. Potter's newest girl, Becca. Becca comes to Col. Potter from a shelter in MO. She was found as a stray in early February - matted, filthy, cold. She was welcomed into a very full shelter, and has spent time in the cat crates, in the shelter office, and in a run with two younger pups - doing well in each situation. She is estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old. The shelter staff describe her as very sweet, housetrained, and crate trained.

Miss Becca is one of the lucky ones, she was a cairn in danger of euthanasia due to space issues at the shelter, a situation that we are hearing of more and more. She had a lucky break when devoted shelter staff reached out to rescue for help, wanting to give a very sweet girl a chance. Another lucky break came when the staff's message reached Col Potter. Her third lucky break came when the Col. said 'YES!'.

We all speak through the Col., each one of us, when we donate a dollar, or a minute, or a space in our home. We each give the Col. support every day so that cairns in need can hear him say 'YES!'.

Although Becca did not come to us through a mill, we all know in all likelihood her Momma and her Daddy are mill kids. Still. Sitting in a MO mill: dirty, hungry, thirsty, cold, scared. In her parents' honor, and in honor of all sitting on wire, waiting, please continue to help the Col. say 'YES' by supporting the "New Leash On Life"!

Welcome, Becca!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missouri River Kids III Flow Into Col. Potter

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

The third and probably final group of Missouri River Kids arrived Sunday. We were told there would be six Cairns coming in, but unfortunately, only five were released with the puppy mill deciding to keep one of the males who was older and they were quite attached to. This means that boy will never know medical care, what it's like to sleep inside a house and be warm when it's cold or cool when it's hot outside. He will live out his days the same way he has lived his entire life, in a small, filthy cage. They also kept a couple of older females and three younger breeding pairs of Cairns. While we would have loved to rescue every single Cairn this puppy mill had, we rescued 21 Cairns out of this PM and into the loving arms of CP. Maybe, at some point in the future, we will get the remainder, but if not, please keep these furkids in your thoughts.

Please help me welcome the Missouri River Kids III:

Marmaton: F, DOB 4/6/04, red wheaten, timid and very thin

Moreau: F, DOB 10/3/06, wheaten, very scared, just weaned a litter of puppies, hair loss and skin issues, very thin

Castor: F, DOB 5/1/07, red/grey brindle, friendliest of the three girls, but still timid and very thin

Tarkio: M, DOB 8/9/01, red wheaten, timid but did well once picked up

Roubidoux: M, DOB 9/29/06, red brindle, bouncy, tail-wagging, friendly, handsome guy

My thanks once again to Kathy & Barney H. for making the trip to pick-up these furkids, and for taking the photos. Incidentally, along with the five Cairns, one more little Westie found his way to freedom. You may remember two female Westies, Willow and Winnie, were released with the second group of Missouri River Kids. The following is a picture of the little Westie boy:

We are VERY much in need of foster homes for male fosters. Once again, everyone wants to foster the little girls, leaving the little boys out in the cold. If you are able to foster a male, PM, owner surrender or shelter surrender, please email us or fill out a foster home application.

As you look at the faces of the Missouri River Kids III, remember that CP is only able to help them and the other PM kids with your help and generosity. The New Leash on Life is running through this weekend. The proceeds of NLOL goes directly to help PM kids. Please ask your family, friends, coworkers and associates to consider purchasing just one NLOL chance. Show them the pictures of the Missouri River Kids and let them know how important and how much appreciated their support is and what it means to the life of these furkids. They truly can make a difference in the lives of these furkids!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome Agent McGee!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Col. Potter has another honorary member of NCIS - McGee!! Anyone who is a fan of the TV show NCIS knows that each agent is an independent, intelligent, calculating and multi -talented person. Our CP McGee is no exception. He loves tennis balls and the game of fetch. He's a talker too. His list of commands include watch, sit, lay down, speak, come, up ,down, roll over, find it , get the ball, stay, leave it, and take it. Didn't I tell you he was a smart boy? Of course he's still a cairn and can be stubborn, and prefers things his way at times. McGee travels very well and is crate trained - all the better for those long car trips he likes.

McGee is a 4 year old owner surrender who was an only dog. His family recently added a new addition to the family and were not able to devote the time to McGee they once could. They wanted McGee to have the attention he deserves plus a place to run and play to his heart's content. An exercised cairn is a happy cairn! McGee had a scary time in his life a few years ago. He contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and developed autoimmune thrombocytopenia. He endured skin infections as part of the health problem. His treatment was successful and he's been stable for over 2 years. Sometimes skin allergies will catch up to him. McGee, being a tough little cairn, fought the health battle and won. McGee is hoping Col. Potter can find him a home looking for a cute, red wheaten boy who's a special agent. McGee is waiting to show you his tricks. Welcome McGee!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guilt By Association

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Recently a Col. Potter member was contacted about a cairn terrier in need of help. She notified Intakes and contact was made to get more information about the situation. The story that unfolded was sad and hopeful at the same time. Here's the two tales of Wylie!

Wylie, a healthy, happy, 19 pound, 2 1/2 year old cairn enjoyed life with a cairn brother (real or adopted we don't know). They had a family, a home and received vet care. One day Wylie's brother bit the family toddler - we don't know the circumstances only the outcome. Wylie and his brother both ended up at a kill shelter. Wylie's brother was euthanized - the shelter had no choice due to local law. Owner surrenders taken to kill shelters may be euthanized at any time - there is no hold time as there would be with a stray. Wylie saw his brother taken away never to return leaving him confused and alone. As if that wasn't traumatic enough, the shelter had a widespread outbreak of kennel cough. Even though Wylie had been vaccinated, he became ill with kennel cough. Wylie was very unhappy at the shelter and expressed his displeasure. Wylie became in danger of joining his brother at the rainbow bridge. The shelter breed placement coordinator believed Wylie was a good dog not adjusting to his circumstances. She found a guardian angel to take care of Wylie until rescue help could be found. This guardian angel contacted the CP member which brings the story full circle.

Wylie's angel nursed him back to health, helped him brush up on his leash techniques and his command skills. Wylie's guardian angel reports that Wylie is a pretty mellow fellow once in a home. He's smart, sweet and loves to cuddle. His main vice is digging for pesky moles with true cairn determination. As we celebrate Wylie joining Col. Potter, please take a moment to remember his brother who wasn't as fortunate. If you know of a cairn in need of rescue, please go to Rescue Information on www.cairnrescue.com and complete the Report a Cairn in Need form. You may be saving an innocent life.

Wylie is looking forward to a new family and a new life. Thanks to all of you and Col. Potter, Wylie has a second chance!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Foster Spotlight is On PHYLLO!

UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce that Phyllo has found his forever family! Are you looking for a TERRIFIC TERRIER? Check out our available cairns! Look for Phyllo and other "Happily Ever After" stories on our Post Adoption blog.

Please call me Phyllo or Milo. I come to both names! Let me tell you a bit about who I am.

I have been around the block a time or two, let me tell you. At fourteen years young, I've seen a lot of life. Wait a minute now, I know what you are thinking. Fourteen you say? By golly you're ancient. As a matter of fact, I can keep up with most of the young whipper snappers I live with right now!

I enjoy going for my walks. I also enjoy going for drives in that funny box on wheels! In fact, I want to be involved in whatever it is that you are doing! Unless it's a bath or something undignified!

And here is another great thing about me. I like to sit next to you, or even lay down next to you, but you don't need to have me in your lap to show me you love me. That is for those darned ole excitable puppies! Lots of hugs and kisses aren't needed as I like to be loved from a distance…appreciating my own space.

I am not a barker. I leave that to those silly pups. And while I do go to the door when I have to go outside, I will not lower myself to scratch at the door, or jingle a bell, or give you a bark or a paw signal that I need to go out. So you just need to get used to my routine and when you see me at the door, let me go out to do my duties as a gentleman!

You know, I used to be an only dog. Yep, I had my master to myself. Well, things changed for me and now I am in a house with a gazillion dogs just like me! Now I don't mind all these kids, but it would be nice to have a forever home where it was just me and my master, or one other dog.

One more thing, I do not need toys. I really don't play with them. But I do like a nice bed to nap in the sun and I am always ready for your next adventure. So when you are looking at all those kids, really take a good look at me. I am ready for a dignified forever home where I can get all the love I need without all that gushy stuff! Remember, that is fourteen years young!!!!!!! Your man, Phyllo!

If you are interested in reading more about this special little guy, click here for updates from his foster home.

If you would like to adopt Phyllo, please click the following link: I WANNA ADOPT PHYLLO!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Foster

Written by a CP Media Editor

This Friday’s featured foster is Fear, Free from Fear that is. This little lady spent the first three years of her life in a commercial breeding facility. Those years were hard on her and contributed to the loss of vision in one of her eyes.

Mattie, as her foster family has nicknamed her, is taking steps towards trust and needs a forever home to help her become the happy Cairn girl she was meant to be. She prefers women and would probably benefit from having a fur brother or sister.

Little Mattie likes to cuddle and would love to have her very own forever family to teach her what ‘the good life’ is all about. Watch her video and consider helping her live up to her Col. Potter name, Free from Fear.

To apply to adopt Mattie fill out an adoption application.
To read more about Mattie visit our website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please Welcome Col. Potter's Jacques!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Jacques came to us as an owner surrender from a family that just didn't understand the terrier personality. They had met their first Cairn while camping next to an older couple who had a well mannered older guy. Then came the visit to the backyard breeder for a puppy. Three years later they have a young male who has a high prey drive and is very energetic. He has started to become highly agitated when the teens have their friends over . How many times have we heard this same storyline?

At this point they have given up trying to work with him. Obedience school doesn't help. They don't understand why he isn't settling down like their lab. Jacques got caught up in a family that loved him but didn't understand him and they contacted CP for help. Can we please find him a home that understands his quirky behavior? Through the generous donations of our supporters we can say yes we can help. So begins Jacques new journey. Jacques name is in honor of our Canadian volunteers who stepped up to help this little guy get to his new foster home.

Thank you to Allison S., Geraldina S. and Marian T. in British Columbia.

I also have to thank the ladies in WA who B&B'd this boy so he could get to BC.

Welcome Jacques!

Welcome Devaney, One of CP's Newest Members!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please help me welcome Devaney, our newest CP girl! She joined the Col Potter family Saturday, and we couldn't be more thrilled. She is a very sweet 5 year old girl, ready for a wonderful forever.

She was one of the many 'free to a good home' ads that the Rescue Team sees far too often. Due to always watching for these kinds of ads, her ad was found the day it posted, and were able to get her to safety before harm came her way.

Thanks to all of you who do so much each day to help cairns in need of new homes. Without your tireless dedication, generous donations of time and money, opening of your homes as safe havens, and working together despite miles between us, we could not help so many.

Devaney says "Thanks, I am ready for some fun!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hayden Joins Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Hayden is a 6 1/2 year old boy and an owner surrender. With changes coming in the family, his owners explored many options of helping Hayden find a new home. They decided the best option was Col. Potter where cairns are royalty. Hayden waited quite a while to join Col. Potter due to the slim availability of foster homes and cairns in more urgent situations needing to be rescued first. While waiting for a foster home, Hayden's own family had a medical emergency when the anticipated new baby arrived prematurely. Someone was looking out for Hayden and his family as a foster home became available just when the new baby was being released from intensive care. Hayden began his long trip to his foster home and Col. Potter this weekend. He is now in his foster home enjoying the new surroundings and dinner.

Hayden has an overshot jaw and unique Andy Rooney eyebrows giving him a very distinguished look. He has a sweet personality behind those riveting eyes that can look straight through you. Hayden wants to thank everyone for making it possible for him to become a Col. Potter kid.

Please welcome Hayden!!

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is always in need of volunteers and foster homes. If you would like to help please click the following links:

Email our Director of Volunteerism by clicking here, or fill out the volunteer information form by clicking here.

Email our Director of Foster Homes by clicking here, or fill out the foster home agreement by clicking here.

If you are unable to volunteer or become a foster home but you would still like to help change the world for one dog at a time, contribute to rescue by clicking here.

Welcome Favre to Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Saturday, a young, healthy, well built athletic young cairn joined Col. Potter. Favre is 20 months old and a very loved owner surrender. Divorce is hard on all involved. Sometimes decisions have to be made in the best interest of an innocent party. Such is the case with Favre. Soon his mom will be moving to an apartment with the rest of her family. She wanted Favre to continue to have the life he enjoys so much and one she's unable to give him in the near future.

Favre is named after Brett Favre, the famous Green Bay Packer quarterback who could create and execute many plays from one end of the field to the other! In his younger days, Brett Favre was not as confident but he was still smart, athletic, and could run! CP Favre is just like young Brett. Favre loves to run and play from one end of the house to the other. He's only about 15 pounds but solidly built. He is not a dominant boy and is still a little lacking in confidence at times. And what a kind heart he has - he grew up playing with young humans who are just a little bit bigger than him!

Favre is so much more fortunate than many of the cairns coming into CP. He has had regular vet care, is up to date on vaccinations and he was fed excellent food and treats. His health is great and he's always had a warm, soft place to sleep at night. He even brought his own bed with him to Col. Potter. As I listen to the rain outside, I wish all the puppy mill cairns waiting on us to come and get them, will know the kindness and warmth that Favre has experienced. Favre is one happy go lucky guy and will create lots of play and fun for all. Favre is a little camera shy but he does have cute cairn ears!

Please welcome Favre to Col. Potter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost Cairn in Arlington, Tennessee

We received the following email from a very worried owner. If anyone is able to help search for Chazzy or if she is spotted please contact Diane at (901)829-7777. Please keep this family, and their little girl Chazzy, in your thoughts and prayers.

We have lost our baby girl, Chazzy. She is a 5 yr old female Wheaten Cairn. She dug out of what we thought was a terrier proofed fence, to visit some construction workers putting a barn in at our next door neighbors. She was last seen at 11:00 a.m. and was discovered missing at 2:15 p.m. on February 10, 2009. We have rewards posted, have contacted every shelter (repeatedly) and vet, posted her on numerous websites, enlisted the help of findtoto.com, and have said many, many prayers. (To view the listing on FindToto.com, click here.)

Could you please post her picture on your website. Maybe someone will see her and realize that she has a very loving family that misses her dearly!

Diane Tchouros

P.S. While FindToto.com did not find our dog, I still think it is a great service and one I would recommend. We know the call went out to many people. We got lots of phone calls about lost pets; just none of them was ours.

Welcome a Sweet Little Girl!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Here is Col. Potter's newest edition! Her name is Nayana (Hindu for beautiful, lovely eyes) and she was 4 years old March 2nd!! On her birthday, this little girl spent the day at the vet getting up to date on vaccinations and spayed (Ohhh, Poor Baby!) and will now be living the life of a princess.

Nayana's former life was that of a puppy mill girl. When she was shaved down to her skives last month and a large bald area appeared on her back, the millers knew it was time to dump. She was surrendered to another rescue but they were overwhelmed with their doggie load and asked if Col. Potter could PLEASE help out. And that we could, only because of the awesome volunteers we have!!! Thanks to everyone involved with bringing Nayana into the family. A special thanks to Julie R. for letting her hop in on a transport already in progress!

Welcome Nayana, we're glad you're here!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Announcing the "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" Kids!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

The saying is "Rome wasn't built in a day" and nothing could be more true than what it took for these furkids to reach CP. One of our rescue angels was scheduled to pick-up two females from a puppy mill in mid-January, but due to a bad snowstorm was unable to get them. When she tried again, she was told the Cairns weren't going to be released. Then the miller contacted her and upped the ante, but I refused the demands. End of story? Not at all. Those building blocks were already laid in a foundation and just waiting for the right time for the building to begin. Sometimes it takes a little longer than expected or hoped for the building to take place. Last week the puppy mill once again contacted our rescue angel. Apparently they had enough of having to feed and keep the Cairns and agreed to MY terms. But, then the best part, instead of releasing two females, we were now getting three females and one male! Our Roman Empire was not only once again being built, but was being enlarged!!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the" Rome Wasn't Built in a Day Kids":

Maxmillian - M, estimated to be 6-8 years old, his left eye has been permanently damaged from lack of care and he has lost vision in it, however, he hasn't lost his zest for life and is ready to rule his own empire as the Holy Roman Emperor he's named after did between 1508 and 1519.

Margaret - F, estimated to be 4-5 years old, a petite little beauty named after the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian.

Bianca - F, estimated to be 5-6 years old, who's picture will melt your heart and is named after the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian's second wife.

Leonor - F, estimated to be 5-6 years old, she's the matronly one of the group and likes to boss around Bianca, so it was only fitting that she be named after the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian's maternal grandmother.

I would like to thank a couple of very special rescue angels, Deborah and Cindy, for not giving up on these Cairns and driving the miles and meeting at all hours of the night to finally get Rome built!

Welcome Kids and long may you rule your new empire called FREEDOM!