Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cute little Zeva crawls into CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteera

I received a call this morning from my local animal service asking if Col. Potter could take this little girl. She was picked up as a stray and no one came looking for her. She was past her hold time and the shelter was out of room. Sooooo….. with some quick emails/phone calls she got approval to become a CP girl!

She’s estimated to be 5-7 years old and weighs about 13 lbs. She has some hair loss on her back and is a little itchy. Zeva is a very sweet, happy little girl and does the cutest little belly crawl.

Please welcome Zeva!

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY! Each week we will showcase a terrierific cairn picture with an appropriate caption. If you have a terrierific cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)

Our Wacky Wednesday models aren't showing their faces this week. Thanks for sending this picture in!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Pet-Safe 4th of July !

from June Newletter

Independence Day is almost here: Camping, BBQs, and of course, fireworks! But while you’re getting ready to celebrate with the rest of the country, don’t forget about your pets. The 4th of July is dangerous for dog and cats—more pets go missing this day than any other day of the year.

The main threat for pets comes from fireworks. All of those noises and flashing lights can send your cats or dogs into a fight-or-flight response so strong they take off at first blast. One minute your beloved Corgi, Moxie, is sitting in your lap, and the next she bolts through an open gate into the night.

With a little preparation, you can help your pets avoid this scenario, and even protect them if they do get loose.

Plan ahead for the festivities

Know where you’ll be this 4th of July and who you’ll be with. Then you’ll know if the environment is right to bring your pets. Are there going to be a lot of people around? Do your pets do well in crowds? Will you be too distracted having fun to keep a good eye on them? Holidays were designed for people to have a good time together, but don’t get caught up and forget about your pets’ whereabouts.

It’s okay to leave pets at home. Although they’d rather come along, we’re certain they don’t want to spend a harrowing night running from fireworks, possibly ending up at a shelter or worse. Give them a free pass to stay at home, cozy with the AC, and away from the overwhelming excitement.

You’ve got to take some precautions when leaving pets at home, though; the 4th of July isn’t just another night. The evening can be a real shock, and it’s common to come home to shredded pillows, scratched furniture, and love puddles on the floor. Rise to the occasion by following these tips for keeping pets home alone on the 4th of July:

Find a safe and quiet room for each pet.

Cover the windows and do your best to dampen outside sounds.
Make sure pets have plenty of fresh food and water.
Leave your pets’ favorite toys out, so they can play.
Before you leave for the celebrations, take your pets for a walk.
Turn the radio or television on at a low volume for distraction and comfort.
Remove anything you don’t want chewed, scratched, or damaged—anxiety draws out survival instincts in pets, leaving your property at risk.
Make any pet-sitting arrangements ahead of time, too, because many people go out of town and leave their pets at home. Your local pet sitter may already be booked up!

Tips for 4th of July vacationers.

Not only is the 4th a fabulous holiday, it’s also a great time for your family vacation. And a family vacation without your pets just isn’t a family vacation. Anyone travelling with pets over the holiday should be extra cautious to keep them safe.

A new environment—your summer cabin, a beach rental, or a pet-friendly hotel—can be intimidating enough for your pets. It’s full of new smells and unfamiliar areas. But add loud explosions from fireworks, and that new environment becomes downright hostile. Keep your pets with you and on a leash at all times. It’s too dangerous to let them hang out sans leash even if that’s the norm. Pay attention to their behavior. Watch for signs they’re scared, and act quickly to remove them from stressful situations. If your pet runs off in an area that is unfamiliar to both of you, it’s going to be that much harder to find them.

None of this means you have to leave your pets at home. Just keep a close watch and understand the risks the holiday poses. A little awareness ought to do the trick.

Amp up your pet safety routine.

Double up on your pet identification during this week. In addition to your microchip, make sure your pets are wearing visible ID that displays your phone number, or that of your pet recovery service or veterinarian. Consider a bright, attention-grabbing color for the ID tag, so people don’t have to search for it. Rescuers are much more likely to approach an animal they see has visible ID, because they know it belongs to someone who cares! Shop HomeAgain collar tags in bright and stylish colors like yellow, pink, and blue. Each tag is personalized with your pet’s microchip ID number and our 24-hour lost pet hotline.

Remember, even though the 4th of July is just one day, the fireworks often start before then and continue a few days after. Don’t leave your pets alone outside during this time. It only takes one unexpected blast to send them into a scared frenzy. Do take them outside for a walk. They can release some pent up energy, and you can avoid in-the-house accidents.

Lastly, it’s helpful to understand what pets are going through. Cats and dogs hear with a much keener sense than humans do, and at that magnitude, fireworks sound terrifying. Just like us, they’re hard-wired for self-preservation. It’s your job to help your pets avoid that adrenaline roller coaster. Control their exposure to the noise and take necessary precautions to keep them calm during the celebrations.

Meet Broderick!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

One of the hardest jobs on the Rescue Team is looking at pictures of dogs in shelters and trying to determine if they are Cairn or not. Many of them are mixes and then you sometimes run across one that is so dirty, so matted, so neglected you can't even tell if there really is a dog under there, much less a Cairn or not. Such was the case with Broderick. He was picked up as a stray, so only he really knows his background and history, and unfortunately he can't tell us.

He had been at the shelter over a week and his time was up and with literally no adoption interest or even rescue interest in a dog looking like him, his future did not look bright. Enter Col. Potter ... Susan B dropped everything on Friday afternoon to rush over to the shelter to do an in-person ID. Then the mad panic to find a vet that had room to board and vet him with the 4th of July coming up next weekend. The timing was going to be crucial ... the shelter opened at 11:00 AM Saturday and the vet closed at 11:30 AM. Susan said she would FLY between the two to make it. But there was to be one more glitch ... when Susan arrived at the shelter Saturday morning to pick-up Broderick, she was told they don't open until noon rather than 11:00 AM and they weren't willing to hold him until Monday. Well, thank goodness Susan is such a sweet talker ... she called me back about 11:18 AM yesterday and told me she had him in the car and was flying to the vet.

Broderick is now safely relaxing at the vet over the weekend, scheduled for a spa treatment on Monday which includes a bath and grooming. I'm sure he'll be feeling and looking much better after that.

This is what Col. Potter and the people of CP are all about ... going above and beyond, sweet talking and flying when necessary to save a little Cairn's life!

These two pictures of Broderick will break your heart. One is from the shelter and the other is one Susan took yesterday once she got him to the vet. I'm going to ask Susan if she is able to stop by the vet one day this week and take a picture of Broderick after his spa treatment so you can all see the difference you make in a little Cairn's life. Please MEET BRODERICK!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Besa into CP's protecting arms

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

The land of Toto has brought us a special little brindle girl today. Her owner found herself in a situation where she could no longer care for her girl properly and thus made the hard decision to give her up to another family. Besa is an Albanian Islamic word for a custom of protection of others. Col. Potter will protect and care for this girl until her new forever family can be found.

Besa is a very sweet girl who has excellent manners and was obviously raised in a very loving home. This girl wont last long she will be a great addition to a new family. Please welcome Besa into CP's family!

Miss Amelia joins CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help welcome Col. Potter's new girl, Miss Amelia. This sweet girl has been through a lot in the past month. Surrendered to a shelter by her owners, then transferred to a Humane Society. She was adopted out, but then returned three days later due to "separation anxiety". The Humane Society saw her stress level at the shelter and thought it best that she get out as soon as possible. Her barking and complaining in her kennel was not making the best impression to potential adopters! "Ordinary folk" don't always understand that terriers like to talk!

Now in the loving hands of CP, she is super friendly and loving, wants attention and belly rubs. Miss Amelia now has a chance to work on any issues she may have and gain some confidence while in Foster Care. CP comes through once again for a cairn whose chances were just about over! Thanks CP!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sweets

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)


Neha & Zander


Salvan aka Sally


Rocky and new sis, Gabby (fka Detroit)


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Contributed by A CP Blanket Auntie and her cairn publicists

Hi Ebrebody, Hab u eber wundurd what all us cairns dreamz aboutz? Wel, wez goin 2 tel u.

WEZ DREAMZ ABOUT "FLEECE ROPE TOYS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wez al lub dez toys!!!! Wez alsoz lub to hewlp Auntie Damyel b bery hapy, anna we lub to hewlp da foster kidz 2.

Wez askin 4 ur hewlp wif dis adbenture.

R momma is askin u wonerful CRM peoplez to makez sum ob dez toyz 2 hewlp makez moneezz soz da Col. canna rescuez mor ob uz cairns. Auntie Damyel wuld b soz hapy 2 b ablez 2 sel sum ob deze atta funraiser tingies anna shez wuntz 2 putz sum ob dez inna spechel pacages AND, ifz wez getz enof aunties anna uncles 2 hewlp makez dez, den da foster kidz canna getz dem 2 !!!!!!!!

Dun't u fink dis is a wundrful ting???!!!!!!

PWEASE e-mailz r momma off-line (whatzeber dat iz) ifz uz canna hewlp wif dis mostz importnt adbenture. Her name is Pam E. and you can reach her at bepe81@ (remove space)

Momma seyz deze r weally ezy 2 makz anna ifz shez canna do itz - ebrebody can!! Shed b askin dis hersewf butz shez been makin sum toyz rightz now.

Wez atached a video ob uz pwayin wif one ob da rope toys --- cee howz much funz we habin wif itz !!!!

If clicking on the image or link does not work, copy and paste this link into your browser's address field:

Fank u berry muches,

Ur rope toy ambassadors (whateber dat iz) Miss Wiggles and Miss Tigger Erickson

Sorry, but these toys are NOT for sale. They will be used to provide toys to our Col. Potter fosters at no charge to the foster homes. If you can help make some please contact Pam E at bepe81@ (remove space).

Friday, June 25, 2010


Contributed by CP Volunteers who are grateful to the CP Dads

Bill with Tigger and Wiggles

All the fellows that came to CRAP this past weekend, did so giving up their own Father’s Day with their family. We wanted to pay tribute to them and the sacrifice that they made on this particular occasion. Follow the Father's Day link above for some pictures of some of them in our Sunday Sweets feature. But we also wanted to note HOW important the foster dads are to these frightened and damaged foster dogs. Most likely the foster dad is the first positive experience many of these dogs have had with a male human. They do their job, and they do it so well.

For Tom B... who has weathered multiple rejections from puppy mill girls and still loves them! Love Alice
- - - - - - -
For Jim C.… little did he know ...all my baggage was Cairns. Love Mary
- - - - - - -
For Brian A. … who couldn’t understand “why she won’t come to me?” is now “Lucy’s very own DAD”. Who has lived through two cookbook editorships and countless conference calls for CRAP and who is always the bright spot in my day. Who is my rock; and who had no idea that doing so little for so many helps so much. Love Amy
- - - - - - -
For Mike K. …The handsome man with me now, I want to thank you for the past ten wonderful years of marriage. From Maggy, Marcy, Muffy & Puppy Boy M - We want to thank you for being the best Dog Daddy in the world. You get up early to let us outside and to give us breakfast. You play with us and you nap with us. You hold us and you give us lots of treats. And you don't gag on poop patrol when we leave you “treats”. Happy Father's Day!!

This will be my first Father's Day without my Dad. He is a twinkling star above and beside me with each bowl of ice cream I have. Thank you Dad ... Love Joellyn
- - - - - - -
For Bill E. … Little did he know that when I volunteered for us to do transports - he'd be missing his standing golf game with his buddies on Saturday or Sunday OR sometimes both days. But like the trooper he is, when a request for transport help comes, he just smiles and says "sure we'll transport, I can golf some other time". Love Pam
- - - - - - -
For Tim B.
We love our mom but dad's the best...
He takes us for our daily walk
and always knows who's about to pop
he lets us sniff, and hike and mark
even when it's cold and dark

Never does he try to groom us
but claps and laughs at all our zoomers
He always smiles when we are near
and even lets us sample his beer

Dad's the one whose chair we share
Meatloaf snuggles, Duffy stares,
Tori lifts her lip and glares
then dumps us off our Papa's chair

We ride the boat and swim in the lake
zoom on the island and hunt for that snake.

Life is good and we are blessed
we love our mom but dad's the best!
- - - - - - -
For Larry S. … To my Daddy Larry - Thanks for doing all the things you do for me that mom physically just can't do - even when you hurt so much and it is hard to breathe. You never forget that without you my needs would be unfulfilled. Love Spanks Da Man
- - - - - - -
For Dan C. … for all those times you took a foster to the vet during the day for me because you work nights, and for always being willing to share your home with yet another lost soul. Love Chris
- - - - - - -
For Mike O. … Father’s Day at CRAP is a perfect day for him. Our dogs are our kids and he loves them as much as I do. He is sometimes the first to say “let’s take in another foster”. Love Karin
- - - - - - -
For Dennis T. … for building the boys and me the perfect castle so we can foster more kids. We love you. Love Nicole, Toby and Brice
- - - - - - -
For Steve J. … our Uncle Steve is giving up his special day to bring us and our moms to the Cairn party. We thank you very much Uncle Steve. Love Rocket Man Mahar, Gilly and Chloe Ahern
- - - - - - -
For Mike R. … In appreciation for all your help with transporting, puppy tube feeding, puppy toe nail trimming, puppy exercise, double pooper scooper duty, helping the mill moms realize men are good, and just being a great Daddy to all the fur kids. Love and hugs Lori 1
- - - - - - -
For Dan B. … You are the most caring, kind and considerate person I have ever met. You couldn’t ask for a better husband or fur kid Dad. Knowing you’re there for our three Cairns is such a comfort. Your lap is always a Cairn resting place. You've made me so very happy, showing me what real love is. Thank you for 18 great years! Love Nancy
- - - - - - -
For Kenneth B. … Dear foster dad, your deep calm voice quiets the fear in these little lost souls, your arms hold us close and teach us kindness; your gentleness reaches our hearts and lets us know love. Thank you. Love ALL your foster kids
- - - - - - -
For Alan B. … The best fosser papa in the world. Cuddles those scared kids as if they were precious jewels. Love Bonnie
- - - - - - -
For Jim S. … The guy who swore he would never let a dog live in the house ... now can't imagine life without his three fur kids in the house! Love Deb
- - - - - - -
For Barney H.… For 36 years you have been the love of my life. Yours is a heart full of giving and caring, and you are truly my hero in all that you do and support me in doing. On this Father's Day weekend, thank you for being a wonderful father to not only our human children and now grandfather to our new granddaughter, but to our fur kids and fosters as well. Love Kathy
- - - - - - -

A father is so much more than daddy, dad or pops,
The daddy-men here today have earned the rank of "tops"!
For every time you pick me up, scratch my ears or wrestle,
You say you love my little self, for that I have to nestle.

It takes a special kind of man to be a Cairn Dad,
Sometimes we are feisty and can make a human mad,
Like when we eat your glasses, medicine, remote or shoes.
But you always end up loving us, and sharing our ARROOOOS!

Thanks for always walking me and filling up my bowl.
Thanks for taking extra naps and sharing bites of roll.
Thanks for always picking up my poo, and cleaning out my ears.
Thanks for sharing everyday and belaying all my fears.

It is for you dad that this day was made,
For you that today we will celebrate.
For ME that I have to give a cheer,
Without you DAD, I wouldn’t be here!

All the little Cairns that have known a Dad’s love through CP
By Marla and Amy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SO, that having been said, in honor of all you Dads, Fathers and Pops here today; and all the Dads, Fathers and Pops that support our efforts, Col. Potter is dedicating a name to the “Name a Mill Dog Program” in your honor.

One of the next mill dog daddies that come into CP will be named “PAPPY”.

And when Pappy comes in, he will be yours – each and every one of you.

Friday's Funnies

Thursday, June 24, 2010


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –- June 22, 2010 – United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio
is voluntarily recalling all unexpired lots of its PRO-PET ADULT DAILY VITAMIN Supplement tablets for Dogs due to possible Salmonella contamination. The Food and Drug Administration is aware of this recall.

The product was sold nationally at various retailers. The product comes in 100-count white plastic bottles with a light blue label, and UPC code 26851-01800. These products are being removed from retail stores and consumers should immediately stop feeding these supplements to their pets.

The affected products are those with expiration dates on or before "06/13".The expiration date can be found imprinted vertically on the right side of the product label.

Laboratory testing has revealed that one Lot of this vitamin product was contaminated with Salmonella. The company is recalling all unexpired lots of the product out of an abundance of caution.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

People who handle dry pet food and/or treats can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the chews or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.

Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Consumers who have purchased the product are urged to contact United Pet Group or the place of purchase for further direction. Consumers may contactUnited Pet Group at 1-800-645-5154 ext. 3, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 5:00 pm EST.


Contributed by a CP Volunteer and CRAP Attendee


Inside of Sales Tent

A 'camp site' for cairn and people

Our greatest hope

It was just GREAT meeting EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was an absolute "joy" to be around and so much fun.

Karin and Mike were WONDERFUL to let all of us crazies and our crazy cairns invade their home!!! Thank you so much Karin and Mike for letting us use your basement to house our furkids. It was a blessing that they could go in their crates in an air conditioned area.

The entertainment was GREAT. I've never laughed so hard. KP's "motion lotion", Mo's Rust, KP's "chickens "DO IT" speech AND KP explaining what you use Rat Pee for and that you can buy it at Petco - and all of this took place while they were showing things up for auction.

The food was beyond description - I haven't eaten that much in a long time.

We had some really "SPECIAL" things at CRAP. Carthage was there and oh what a love she is. She doesn't "look" sick and no one told her that she was. She had the best time and she got TONS of loving. We got to see KP's foster Bryn - what a total love that little guy is. Lori R. had Winnie and Callie there and they are such cuties. Winnie is a love bug and Callie is the most frisky "talking" baby girl. """"BAD BART""""" christened me as soon as he saw me and, of course, on my way to wash up ---I was known as the fire hydrant for all the little boys in my path!!!! You know how competetive those guys are as far as marking . If the pee had been cold I wouldn't have minded but, as it was, it was just another hot shower. It was great to meet ALL the furkids that we read about!

During cleanup Sunday afternoon the "Father's Day" kids were delivered to Karin and Mikes' for transport. OMG, these kids are beautiful!!!! It was a blessing to see these kids run in the grass for the very first time. NOW THE BEST was when one of the 11 week old males (can't remember which) was put in with Callie because she was missing her brother Winnie who had gone to his forever home the night before. It was immediately "hubba hubba little missy let me hump you RIGHT how". It was so freaking hilarious and he WOULD NOT stop so he had to go back in his crate.

NOW THE VERY VERY BEST was being able to be there for Karin's wedding dress photos (BY BETH) with her furkids. The dress is the most gorgeous and the photo shoot was so very awsome. Each one of her babies are in the pictures and even Fire was captured in some. Karin looked amazing in the dress!!

OH, I CAN'T FORGET THIS - most of you probably remember 'Catera', Karin's
foster who is SO VERY VERY VERY SHY, that Karin and Mike adopted a little while ago. WELL, I was helping prepare some food in Karin's kitchen and Catera was watching from afar. Karin had to run downstairs so I took a break on the floor - put my hand out and pretended I was "just resting". Catera came up and licked my fingers!!!!!!!!!! She then scurried back to her bed, BUT how wonderful. And for the first time she put her paws up on the chair where Karin was sitting (which was the only time Karin got to sit down the whole weekend). Catera also took a treat of meat from my hands - how special is that!

OK - enough. You get the picture that a great time was had by all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A beautiful little girl joins CP--Taryn!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help me welcome a most stunning girl, Taryn. This beauty is 15 months old, and petite at just over 11 pounds. She is a typical feisty girl cairn--when her owners didn't let her know who was "boss", she felt happy to take over that role! Now she is attending CP's boot camp, to learn some things all cairns need to know, then she will be ready for a wonderful forever home and family.

Welcome, Taryn!

Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY! Each week we will showcase a terrierific cairn picture with an appropriate caption. If you have a terrierific cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)

Our Wacky Wednesday model is incognito again this week. Thanks for sending this picture in!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TEMPERATURES RISING! Join the Campaign to keep dogs from dying in hot cars!


As the weather heats up, so does a national campaign to stop dogs from dying in hot cars. Please review the following information to protect your pets.

SACRAMENTO, CA — United Animal Nations, a national non-profit animal protection group, launched its "My Dog is Cool" Campaign on May 6th to prevent dogs and other animals from dying in hot cars during warm-weather months.

Every year, dogs die after being locked inside cars while their owners leave them to shop or run errands, often for "just a few minutes." These tragedies occur with alarming frequency, yet the animals’ deaths are completely preventable.

"People mean well by taking their dogs or other animals along with them while they work, visit, shop or run errands, but warm weather can turn a car into a death trap," said UAN President and CEO Nicole Forsyth.

A Stanford University test found that when it is 72 degrees outside, a car’s internal temperature can rocket to 116 degrees within an hour, even with windows cracked. When it is 85 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can soar to 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 30 minutes. A dog can only withstand a high body temperature for a short time before suffering nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage, brain damage or even death.

The lifesaving Web site is a free, friendly resource to help spread the word about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.Please click this link to obtain resources which include:

"It’s hot!" fliers that people can leave on a windshield if they see a dog unattended in a hot car, a weather forecasting tool that allows pet owners to enter their zip code to see if it is too hot to take their dog in the car and free downloadable "hot temperature warning" posters that can be hung in store windows. These can all be obtained by clicking the link highlighted in red. provides everything people need to know to keep dogs safe during hot weather.

United Animal Nations (UAN) focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. Learn more at

If you would like to bring attention to this campaign and support Col. Potter's fundraising efforts, please follow this link to check out some great t-shirts!

Your Pet Needs Water Too! Tips to Recognize and Avoid Dehydration

excerpt from AAHA Pets Matter Newsletter

Bea fka Beijing

Why water?

About 60% to 80% of your pet’s body is made up of water. It dissolves substances—like food—and carries nutrients through the body. Almost all of the processes and chemical reactions that keep the body running, including digestion and circulation, rely on water.

Water helps the body to filter out waste, and it regulates body temperature through evaporation. Dehydration can cause serious problems, including kidney and heart damage.

What should you do?

Make sure that your pet always has a clean bowl of fresh water. For small animals like pocket pets, a bottle of water works best. If your pet spends time outdoors, be sure to put bowls of water indoors and outside.

How much water does your pet need?

Every day, most pets should drink 28 milliliters (one ounce) of water for every pound they weigh. This means that a 40-pound dog needs about one liter (about one quart) of water every day; a 10-pound cat needs about one-fourth of a liter (approximately 1.25 cups).

You don't really need to measure every drop of water you give to your pet. Most healthy animals that have access to clean water will drink what they need.

What if your cat or dog becomes dehydrated?

If you're worried that your pet isn't drinking enough water, or if you see signs of dehydration like sunken eyes or dry gums, take your pet to the veterinarian. If your pet is dehydrated, your veterinarian can administer intravenous fluids and—just as important—find out what caused the problem.

These are some of the beginning signs of dehydration in dogs:

Visibly tired
Slowed pace/ Less animation
Excessive panting, signs of warmth
Changes in attitude (i.e. appears more apprehensive)
Eyes appear sunken and lack moisture
Dry mouth, gums, nose

The intermediate signs are:

The skin loses elasticity- Pinch a little skin between your thumb and forefinger on your dog's back. When you release it, it should pop back into place immediately. As the tissue under the skin loses moisture, the skin moves back more slowly. In extreme cases, the skin doesn't pop back.

Delayed capillary refill time- Place your index finger firmly against the gums so that they appear white. Remove your finger and see how quickly the blood returns to the gums.

The time it takes for the gums of a dehydrated dog to return to their pink state will be slower than normal. Rectal temperature remains greater than 105° F

Tips To Avoid Dehydration:

Maintaining a constant fluid level is as important in dogs as it is in humans.
1. Dogs lose a lot of water while panting. Leave two or three bowls filled with water around the house, so that he gets enough to drink.

2. If he has not had a good drink for a long time, start re- hydration slowly ... allowing your dog a few sips every few minutes. Overdrinking after a dry spell can quickly lead to vomiting and he may end up losing more fluids than he had.

3. Don't let your dog drink excessive amounts of water after a strenuous exercise session.

4. Wait a few minutes after your dog has exerted in very heavy exercise and then allow frequent but small amounts every few minutes.

5. If your dog is showing some signs of dehydration, give him electrolyte mixed in water. While water helps in replenishing a lot of nutrients, electrolyte can do the job more quickly.

6. Dogs who have gone a long time without water have a problem holding it down. So let him lick ice, he hydrates himself with licking the ice.

7. If your dog refuses to drink for any extended period of time, consult your veterinarian

originally printed July/August 09

Monday, June 21, 2010


Submitted by Timmy, Roving Cairn reporter

Der Col Potter Aunties, Uncles & Cusins

Dis is Timmy, reportin from da front at da CRAP. First u have to know dat dis CRAP was held in a beauuuutiful place where AT&T hasn't found cus der wurnt no service dare. So no ipad report from da front. It wusn't my fault...blame AT&T.

OK. We drove a long way into a new country named Mizzo, or sumtin. I jus knew "we weren't in Kansas anymore." I brought along my brudder Georgie n his mom, da beutiful Ida. I kept tellin dem dat a CRAP is fun, fun, fun but u hafta be dare to kno. But as soon as we arrived at da hotel n saw all dose odder cairns all nosen da ground smellin fur pee we knew we wuz at da right place. Wow, lots of good lukin girl cairns. Anyway, I digress.

Da furst night wuznt much fun cause we had to be in a crate while all da humans got to meet n eat at a great resturant. My momma said it was so gud to see lots of people she had met in ROME and new people too, especially Sydney who introduced her to Col Potter.

Da next day we got to go to the CRAP and boy wuz it hot but also lots a fun. We got to run in a big pen and meet lots of cusins. George had never seen so many cairns, he is an only child you know. Ida kept runnin up to say hello to everyone, she is berry friendly. My mama wurked sum and my dadder set up our pen in da shade. Den we left to get sum food for dem and a long nap for all of us cause we were so hot n tired. We came back and der were even more cairns dare.

So Friday wuz hot n fun but we wuz tired.

We gots dare early on Saturday and boy wuz dat a gud day. Everybuddy wuz dare. We saw Danielle pullin sum poor cairn's hair out. Boy am I glad I wasn't da one dis year. Den I vulntered to lay on Corrine's lap n pretend to hab my nails done. I wudnt have dune it if it was fur real, but all I had to do wuz look cute n I am a gud actor.

Den dare wuz a lunch n all da dadders wuz honered, even my dad. Den dis lady, Pam started teachin about tricks n da clicker. My brudder n I were real excited cuz we kno what happens after da click. So we decided to vulnteer, even tho she wuz usin another cairn. Georgie used his charm n got her to give him sum cheese but she was wize to us n stopped given treats jus as I got dare. DARN! But our momma keeps treats in her pocket so we wuz not too disappointed.

Den, guess what...a BIG WIND started blowin n we all had to take cover in da airconditioned room whiles others wur keepin da tents frum blowin ober. We were scared for a few minutes. But there wuz only a little rain n no tornado to blow us to OZ. I guess dat is good. Anyway, dare wuz da really neat thing next, da Blessing of Da Animuls by Deidra...bery wonderful. I wuz rememberin my foster sister, Blyken, who died from complications of heartworm. So it was a bery solumn and sacred moment. Den the storm wuz ober n we could play. Oh my gosh...I furgot my faborite ting.

Before da blessin we had da Costume Parade. I lead eberybody wid my July 4 costume u already saw. My sister and brudder also wuz dressin in July 4 costumes. Hopefully some of our followers got pictures. Der wur great costumes, a horse wid a rider, a butterfly/fairy, carins in kilts, a lobster, a cowgirl. But our faborite wuz Meatloaf who came as the Blue Plate Special.

Den later dare was a big dinner and de Aunties n Uncles wuz actin silly n buyin stuff. My momma was sooo happy she got a little cairn made otta our fur. Why she wuz happy we don't know caus she has us n we habe lots a fur. Anyway, she also got sumtin called a pie quilt dat made her berry happy too. And our dadder who neber gets anything, won a camera. Ida wusn't too happy bout dat cuz she hates to hab her picutre taken, except by Bethy who became her friend at da CRAP. But dat is another story and dis is already too long.

Saturday night we all asked to go into our crates as soon as we wuz home we wuz sooo tired. Den the next day we drove home and dats where we are now.

Hope dis helped u get a feel for da CRAP. We thank Karen N Mike and everbuddy else who made dis such a fun event fur us n our parents. And we send kisses to all our new friends!

Your reporter from da front,

Water Consumption for Dogs


How much water does your dog really need? That's a tough question. But before I answer it, I want to stress how vital water is to your dog's health. It is essential for life. It helps digest food, carry and absorb nutrients, flush out waste and control body temperature.

Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient in your dog's body. Dogs can go for days without food. A dog's body can lose all of its fat and up to half of its protein and still survive. But when a dog loses just 10 percent of his body's water, bodily functions shut down causing serious illness. A 15 percent loss of water will kill him.

So how much water does your dog need? It depends on his stress level, how active he is, his size, his age, his health and the kind of food he eats. Even the weather can be a factor.

There is no steadfast rule. In general, animals should take in two and a half times more water than food. Another useful guideline for dogs weighing 20 pounds or less is that they need about 1 cup (8 ounces) of water for every 5 pounds of body weight. So, a healthy 15-pound dog would need 3 cups of water a day.

Dogs don't have to DRINK their daily fill of water. They also get water from the food they eat. Wet food has a lot more water than kibbles or dry food. Snacks like apples are also a great source of water.

When fresh, clean water is available a dog will generally drink all he needs to survive. The fresher the water, the more appealing it will be to your dog.

As a general rule, change the water in your dog's bowl at least 3 times a day. Make sure your dog's bowl is clean. If you wouldn't drink from it, chances he won't want to drink from it either. You need to wash your dog's water bowl every day and disinfect it regularly to control bacteria.

The better the water tastes, the more likely your dog is to drink it. Try using bottled or filtered water. Dogs also prefer cool water. That's why a pet fountain is a great way to help your dog drink more. It filters the impurities so the water tastes better; and the constant motion keeps the water cool, just the way your dog likes it.
Dr. Jon

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Written by a CP Media Volunteer

Father's Day is a perfect time to thank all of our foster dads who are such an integral part of Col. Potter. You are all the unsung heroes of Col. Potter and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of you and thank you for all that you do.

Please scroll down to see some pictures of our Dads and dogs that were posted earlier today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Sunday Sweets: Father's Day Edition

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)

Scount (fka Pewee) and Dad

Gilly and Winston with Dad, Alan

Macallan and Charles

Shammy and Steve

Oyster and Keith

Rocky and Brian

Bea and Dwight

Kayla and Sadie with Dad, Brian

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Natural Balance Recalls Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food - Details Below

Back to the Natural Balance Website
June 18, 2010

Dear Natural Balance Family,

My name is Joey Herrick, and I’m the President of Natural Balance Pet Foods. My wife and I started the company 22 years ago and began by delivering to stores and rescues out of our family car. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have Natural Balance become a highly respected company, known for great products and working with the best pet food distributors and stores in the business. That’s why it pains me to have to talk about a recall.

Our 5 lb. and 28 lb. Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog food, manufactured on December 17, 2009 with a “Best By” date of June 17, 2011 is being voluntarily recalled. A random sampling of this product tested positive for Salmonella by the FDA. In my mind, I asked, “How can this happen? I spent over $900,000 putting in our laboratory to test our products before we release them.” We tested samples from the production run when it was manufactured six months ago, and the results came back negative.

Upon hearing from the FDA, I immediately went to our Director of Customer Service, a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician, to check call logs for any complaints with this product. Our Customer Service department closely tracks and monitors complaints for any potential issues; and I heard no reports in our weekly meetings, so I was not surprised when I found we did not have a single complaint about this product. Next, I immediately pulled the retention samples for this product to be sent to an independent third party laboratory. The samples were sent to Zoologix, a laboratory that does real-time PCR testing, the most sensitive type of testing for Salmonella. Those test results also came back negative. I reported our test results and call logs to the FDA, but due to the positive result they had found, they recommended a recall.

I am sure your dogs are like my dogs — they sleep on our beds, they watch TV with us and if they are lucky enough, they come to work with us. This is why we are following the FDA’s recommendation and issuing a voluntary recall. Since we have not had any complaints on this product and it was manufactured six months ago, I expect that most of it has already been consumed. If there are any bags in your cupboards, please take them back to the store you shop at for a full refund.

Not all states are affected. The following is a list of those states that are included in the voluntary recall: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

I believe that we are the only pet food company that has built an in-house lab as an added check and gives you the test results in real time on our website. We hold the finished product in our warehouses for two to three days, until that testing is completed. We only release product to be shipped when the testing is negative.

No testing protocol is perfect, but the alternative is not testing at all. That wouldn’t work for me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing we aren’t testing every product before it goes out, to help make sure our products are the best in the business. Any testing is much safer for you and your pets than the alternative, which is not testing at all.

Our goal is to have the best and safest pet food on the market. I don’t believe there is a better or safer product than Natural Balance Pet Food. Yes, we had an isolated incident, but we are continually testing our products and making the results available to you. I am proud of our laboratory and will be adding more layers of testing as a result of this recall. We have added over a half dozen significant improvements over the last three years, and remain committed to the safety of our products, and the pets that enjoy them. Our commitment is the same today as it was 22 years ago, to make the best pet food in the business.

CLICK HERE for details on product potentially affected. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 829-4493, or

Yours Truly,

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

I Got To Call Bonnie - Col. Potter Tags reunite a cairn and it's adoptive mom

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Note from Blogger: This weekend is CRAP, the Cairn Rescue Annual Party in Moscow Mills, Missouri. Bonnie is the person that mans our lost dog number. All of our Col. Potter rescues are assigned a tag with a unique number and it is recommended that adoptive owners keep these tags on their dogs. As you can see, it helped reunite a dog and it's owner 6 years after the adoption. It should also be noted that it is important for owners to keep their information updated including cell phone and work numbers for occasions like this.

My first day ever manning the lost dog 800 number for Bonnie while she lollygags at CRAP!

The fourth check of the messages and lo and behold we have a found cairn! I don't panic much. Seems a woman found a cairn with tag number ####, she leaves her name and telephone number! Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't, she's crappen!

I call the woman back while searching the databases for that tag #. She is not home, have to leave a message! Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't, she's crappen!

I call the owner from the database for that tag #. She is not home, have to leave a message! Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

I call Cheryl P hoping she is not at work today. Drat, she's at work! I hate bothering people at work. Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

I email Pam N asking that she call me, don't have her telephone number! She calls me right away and says she will post to CRM for help and suggests I try calling the women again. I call them both again but neither are home, have to leave another message! Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

I call Susan M and catch her eating desert at 11 in the morning! She was able to confirm the only telephone number for the owner. Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

I call Denise H and catch her cooking! She looks up the 2004 application for the owner and emails it to me. Now I call the owner's work number, nothing, leave a message. Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

I call the owners mother off the application, she won't give me any details but says she'll take the information from me and pass it along. Great, now what, I got to call Bonnie! Can't she's crappen!

Just as I hang up the phone it rings, it is the owner! She has her dog and they are home. Everything is fine, smooth as....

Well you guess it, smooth as crap! Bonnie can never go away again! And no I'm not calling her, she's crappen!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Zander guards the door and shakes his toy!

Contributed by Zander's Mom

Zander received this toy from a Col. Potter volunteer when he was still in our foster care. We love the way our Col. Potter volunteers genuinely care about every dog Col. Potter takes in and love to hear continuing updates on their progress.

Friday's Funnies

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lysander rescued by CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Well today surely was a lucky day for Lysander! This smiling boy found himself at a very high kill shelter, with his time up. Thanks to a dedicated shelter volunteer who visits regularly to see if she can find rescues for the urgent ones, Col. Potter was contacted to help. After a couple of false starts trying to get him, we got the shelter OK for today. Deb and her granddaughter drove to bring him into the loving arms of CP.

He is estimated to be under two years old, and sweet as can be. He loved Deb's granddaughter, and smiled for the camera. From all accounts, he will be a wonderful addition to a very lucky family!

He is getting his spa treatment- and will be looking for a loving foster home following that.

Welcome, Lysander!

Daphne wafts into CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help welcome a very special little one--Daphne. Miss Daphne is a beautiful 5 year old wheaten girl, who joined Col. Potter to find her happy forever.

Daphne was a breeder mom, and now will put that behind her to learn all there is about being a beloved family member....She is currently getting her spa treatment, and will be moving to her foster home this weekend.

Welcome Daphne!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introducing Klinger and Thurber to CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help welcome CPs two new boys, Klinger and Thurber. These boys found themselves in need of rescue help after their family went through some changes not leaving any time for them. Col Potter was contacted, and these boys are now on their way to a happy forever.

Klinger is a sweet 7 year old wheaten boy.

Thurber is a sweet 6 year old gray brindle boy.

They are settling in their foster home, and will be looking for a forever family soon.

Welcome boys!!

Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY! Each week we will showcase a terrierific cairn picture with an appropriate caption. If you have a terrierific cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)

Our Wacky Wednesday model is incognito this week. She was spotted at the Sacramento Doggy Dash by our roving photographer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gabriella joins CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Gabriella was found on the streets by a woman who also owned a terrier. She was such a loving little girl, her new owner decided to try to integrate her into her family. After several months at her new home, Gabriella was still not getting along with the resident dog. A call came into Col. Potter to find her a new home.

Recently, Gabriella, a 16lb, black brindle beauty made her way to her CP foster home.

Please give Gabriella a warm CP welcome.

2 handsome fellows join CP

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

A call came into CP from a shelter that was over it’s capacity and needed to move some dogs out or...

Two cairn terriers were found on the streets, dirty, hungry and lonely. One was neutered, one wasn’t. One was microchipped, the other wasn’t. As often happens, the microchip wasn’t registered. After the required holding period, could we take these two little boys? We could, and we did. Both cairns are estimated to be less than 2 years old.

Manassas is the more “mature” cairn of the two. He weighs a mere 13lbs, but he thinks he is much bigger than that.

Walton, the chubby one, weighs 16lbs, and still acts very much like a puppy.

I’d like everyone to give Manassas and Walton a great big CP welcome.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Gordon M. Grant for The New York Times

Matt Norklun says it isn't.

IF you go down to Wiborg Beach on the early side say, 7:30 a.m. the first person you might run into is Steven Gaines, the author, who comes with his dog Shepsil. I'm here every single day of the year, even if there's a snowstorm, he said.

By 8 a.m., more dogs arrive, accompanied by people wielding cups of coffee and tennis-ball flingers. If it's a summer weekend, there will be several dozen dogs, frolicking on the sand and in the water while their owners mingle. Nearly everyone carries a Mutt Mitt, a plastic bag for removing waste.

It's a way to meet people, said Mark Stearns, who drives with his wife and two French bulldogs from Philadelphia to East Hampton every weekend, year-round. We've met a lot of people because of the dogs.
Just before 9 a.m., the dogs and their owners trek to the parking lot, complying with a law that bans dogs from the beach after 9 a.m. and before 6 p.m. during the summer season. By day, the families with their children trickle in, setting down towels on the sand that the dogs have vacated.

This is where the conflict comes in.

There's poop out there everywhere, and when it gets hot out here, it stinks so bad, said Suzzanne Fokine, a year-round resident who uses the beaches daily for exercise and meditation. We wouldn't let our kids poop on the beach, so why do we let dogs poop on the beach?

Forget the artists-versus-writers softball game or the quest for a reservation at Nick and Tonia's. The real battle line in East Hampton lately has involved the continuing feud between dog owners, who say they are diligent about picking up after their pets, and other beachgoers, who point to evidence otherwise.

It's as much a clash of mind-sets as it is of beach manners. I think the people who are dog owners and dog lovers are not really good at seeing the other side, said Steven A. Ludsin, who frequents Georgica Beach and wishes that dogs did not. They sort of feel like, ˜Why don't you love my adorable little dog?"
The controversy grew acute over the winter, when officials in the Village of East Hampton floated the idea of cutting back the hours for dogs on the beach say, from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. in the high season. This prompted many residents here to do what they do best when they are outraged: write well-worded letters to The East Hampton Star, the weekly newspaper.

It also prompted some to form a committee (another of the village residents strong suits). Kathryn Staley, who has a cairn terrier, and Maureen Bluedorn, who has two cairn terriers, organized a group called BeachDogs11937 referencing the East Hampton ZIP code to work against any new restrictions.

You know how it is in New York City, some people just spoil it for everybody, said Ms. Staley, who commutes between Manhattan and East Hampton. There are some people who just never pick up after their dogs and always keep them unleashed. Most of us abide by the rules and clean up the beach as we walk.
During the off season, BeachDogs11937 worked amicably with village officials, and the upshot was that the rules for dogs on the beach were not altered. In exchange, the dog owners agreed to hold beach cleanups every month this summer and start an education campaign with T-shirts, pamphlets and radio ads to coax people to pick up after their dogs.

I think this year will be a good test for us, Ms. Bluedorn said. Larry Cantwell, the village administrator, is the point person for complaints about beaches, which he calls the crown jewels of the village. He also fielded all the angry e-mail messages from the dog lovers who worried about the potential rule changes.

When you have a conflict between people going to the beach and enjoying it with their children and dogs that spoiled the beach, it's a serious matter, he said. When you receive a phone call from a parent whose child has picked up dog feces on the beach, we take that seriously.

Which leads us to the story of Matt Norklun. A longtime East Hampton resident, Mr. Norklun has seen it all: dogs biting joggers, attacking birds, killing a seal, soiling on people and their belongings. At Georgica Beach, people wash their dogs in the hot showers with soap that are meant for humans, he said.

In 2008, he grew so exasperated that he took a Mutt Mitt, collected samples at Georgica Beach, and left it on the steps of Village Hall. Mr. Cantwell, who had to clean it up, was not amused, and Mr. Norklun was fined $500 for littering.

Mr. Norklun said his fine was paid entirely by neighbors who support his crusade but do not want their names associated with it. I'm not anti-dog, he said. It's just there's a place for everything, and the beach is not a place for dogs. Imagine a kitty-litter box: would you put your hand in it?

RelatedTimes Topic: Dogs

One thing both sides agree on: the summer people make that, the citiots, are to blame.
On a Friday evening, they drive out from the city and go straight to the beach, Mr. Norklun said. They're like, 'O.K., here we are at the toilet, let the dog out.' A lot of times they don't even get out of the car.He complains that the police department turns a blind eye. They hand out thousands of parking tickets every day, and they can't get one kid to go to the beach? Mr. Norklun said.

Actually, an officer patrols the beach by car every morning. It's one of our top priorities, said Gerard Larsen Jr., the village police chief. But we can't be everywhere all the time, and it's probably a small percentage of the people who aren't cleaning up.Last year, enforcement was stepped up, with officers starting beach patrol at 7 a.m. rather than 9 a.m., but to little avail. I don't think we've issued one summons yet for people not cleaning up, Chief Larsen said. It's like driving enforcement: when the cops are there, everybody slows down.

Most beaches in the United States don't allow dogs, period, but East Hampton has been relatively lenient. In the olden days, perhaps the 1980s when Main Street and Newtown Lane were dominated by mom-and-pop stores, the issue was less pressing, since there were fewer people and dogs. But now that the village has enough residents and visitors to attract the biggest names in retail Hermes! Gucci! Tiffany! the matter has come to a head.

According to the village government's Web site, the population of East Hampton village which is a subset of the Town of East Hampton is 1,388. But on summer weekends, that swells to an inestimable number (not counting houseguests). On a Saturday night in August, 1,388 may represent the population of the East Hampton movie theater plus the people trying to get a table at Rowdy Hall.

The crowds were back on Memorial Day weekend, when BeachDogs11937 held its inaugural cleanup. Anne Haring, who helped dispense T-shirts at Wiborg Beach, recalled the days when bringing a dog was no big deal.

There are more people, more children now, she said. There's also been the whole cleanliness thing about germs. People are phobic about germs.Mr. Gaines, who chronicled the excesses of the Hamptons in his book Philistines at the Hedgerows, used the phrase a sense of entitlement to describe careless dog owners, and worried aloud about the potential loss of a pleasurable morning ritual.

This is really the friendly, happy beach, Mr. Gaines said, gesturing to the crowd of people and dogs. This is a very important part of living here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sports Fathers Now Playing in CP!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

My heart always skips a beat when I'm contacted about taking in a large group of cairns. It's sort of like being at a highly contested sporting event -- the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. You want so badly for your favorite team to win, but know that's not always going to happen. But, this game also went into overtime. We originally were expecting seven older puppies and adult males. Monday the owner of the breeding facility contacted me asking if we would want to take three 11 week old puppies as well.

Luckily for these kids, the Col. Potter team came through with flying colors and we have the thrill of victory to savor thanks to our wonderful foster homes who stepped up to foster these furkids at a time when we are extremely full. This one definitely took a team effort, not only for foster homes, but in getting them picked up during the week, then arranging transportation next week to get them closer to the Cairn Rescue Annual Party (CRAP) and foster homes and transporters.

With Father's Day only a week away, what better way to honor all father's than by remembering some of sports great father and child(ren) families? Let's give a Col. Potter round of applause for the newest members of our team:

Manning: Male, 4 years old, dark brindle

Griffey: Male, 4 years old, dark brindle

Earnhardt: M, 2 years old, black brindle

Dorsett: M, 2 years old, dark brindle

Howe: M, 7 months old, dark red brindle

Ripken: M, 7 months old, dark red brindle

Norton: M, 7 months old, black brindle

Ali: Female, 11 weeks old, wheaten

Petty: Male, 11 weeks old, wheaten

Weber: M, 11 weeks old, wheaten

My favorite team is Col. Potter. These TEN Sports Fathers have already won by making their way to CP. Now they are set to join their foster families and learn the rules of games and...freedom!