Friday, July 31, 2009


UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce that Bubbles has found her forever family! Are you looking for a TERRIFIC TERRIER? Check out our available cairns! Look for Bubbles and other "Happily Ever After" stories on our Post Adoption blog.

Bubbles is a brave, young at heart 10 year old cairn who has survived 9 years in a puppy mill. Puppy mills often do not provide proper nourishment, veterinary care, exercise or socialization to the animals that they breed. One of the definitions of “Bubble” is “ to rise to or as if to the surface; emerge.”

She was rescued by Col. Potter nearly a year ago in September and quickly became the favorite of the resident boy cairns at her foster home. She has a sweet disposition and has learned to enjoy life, the routine of regular meals and playing with the boys. This may not sound like a big accomplishment but for a dog who spent nearly a decade as a prisoner in a puppy mill,it is a triumph and she has emerged from a life of servitude to a life with potential She is still more fond of the dogs than the people but will relax a little once she is in foster Mom’s lap. It is such a testament to her willingness to grow in her new life that her foster mom tells us that you can almost see her bolstering up her courage to be around people and not run as she makes this effort.

She had a medical setback several months after coming to Col. Potter. She had surgery for the removal of mammary tumors last year. Her post surgical checkup revealed “clean edges” and she is cancer free. Like human breast lump survivors, she will require annual checkups to be sure that she remains healthy. Many people have been touched by her story and have participated as her guardian angels to help defray her medical expenses and place her on the road to a brighter future!

She goes outside for her potty breaks but likes to come back inside right away. She is not a chewer. She does like to sit with her toys and “dig” at her blankets to make them just right. At a voluptuous 24 pounds, she has been described as the “Mae West of Doggiedom” or in other words, girls want to be her and boys want to be with her. She takes this in as her due “waddling with magnificent composure between her adoring fans”. She enjoys playing with the other dogs and will initiate play as well. She adores other dogs and enjoys teaching the younger dogs to behave.She is much more active when she is around younger dogs.

She has had the opportunity to become secure enough in her foster home to develop some very cute habits. She “woo woos” when she is waiting to be fed and in case you were thinking about giving the other dogs her food, she sings to get you to feed her first. If this doesn’t work, she will bark at you.She is not food aggressive and doesn’t bark about anything else. If you pick up the cookie jar you will also be serenaded by the “woo woo” chorus and if you have the audacity to laugh at this, she will chide you until you produce her food or treat.

She is a very quiet, reserved big girl who is slowly becoming less fearful of people. Her puppy mill days have made her wary of them but she is loosening up. She is very pretty and sweet and everyone at the vet loves her!

Please don’t let her age discourage you from making her part of your family. She is an experienced mama and she does a wonderful job of keeping furkids in line. She would love to grow old with you and serenade you. Can’t you make room for one more? After all as Col. Potter likes to say, “saving just one dog won’t change the world but it will surely change the world for that one dog”. Bubbles exemplifies that one dog.

If you would like to know more about Bubbles or fill out an application for adoption, please click here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes


All of the furkids that come through CP are special, but some just touch our hearts a little more. I'm always particularly touched by the older furkids that have spent their entire lives in a puppymill and especially the older mill mamas. They have given and given until they have nothing left to give. No one has ever given anything to them, but they have given birth to litter after litter of puppies, more than likely every six months. They have nourished and cared for their babies until they were taken away from them, more than likely at a very early age. They didn't get any medical care, any soft, comfy spot to whelp and care for their babies, no special vitamins or food to supplement themselves or their babies. Their bodies are pretty much used up and then discarded.

One such mill mama that has forever touched my heart was CP's Wesson, known as Sparky to her mom and dad, Lori and Mike R. Wesson was almost 12 years old when she came into CP and I fought to make sure she made it into CP and didn't end her life in the Puppy Mill. We truly thought she would come into CP to be held in loving arms while she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had so many medical issues to deal with. But Wesson had other thoughts and enjoyed her freedom and being Queen of her Castle with Lori and Mike for several more years.

In honor and memory of Wesson aka Sparky, please help me Welcome Wesky (WESson and SparKY). Coincidentally, Wesky made her way from Arkansas (where the Rs live) all the way to Wisconsin to be surrendered to Col. Potter. The daughter of a breeder I work with up here in Wisconsin lives in Arkansas. When it was time for her to release Wesky, she only wanted her to come to CP to insure she was well taken care of and found a wonderful home. Her mother has raved about how good CP is to work with and what wonderful care we have taken care of her Cairns she has released to us. So, this past weekend, Wesky traveled from Arkansas to Wisconsin and I picked her up yesterday.

Wesky is an adorable, friendly, lively, little 13 pound, 4 year old female. I've already warned her foster mom, Julie R., to make sure she has a BIG sign and lots of them scattered around her home. This little girl is something special ... just like her namesake. I know Wesson/Sparky is looking down and will keep a close eye on Wesky until she finds her forever home ...

Please Welcome Satori to CP!!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Satori is the Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment. The word literally means understanding. Satori translates as a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and while satori is from the Zen Buddhist tradition, enlightenment can be simultaneously considered the first step or embarkation toward nirvana.

Imagine being help held captive in a small wire cage, wondering when or even if your next meal will come. Water is scarce. Some days the heat is so intense you can barely breathe. Imagine being bred, over and over, for 5-6 years, only to have your babies ripped from you too soon, when they are too young, and still in need of you. Then, imagine the day you are set free. The day someone takes you into their arms to hold you, pet you, the first time you get to feel grass under your feet, play with a toy or the first time you run free.

Sadly, for most breeder furkids, this is a very scary time. But with the love and patience our foster homes provide these scared furkids, slowly, a flash of sudden awareness, an individual enlightenment, the understanding that they will never be tormented again happens. It’s the reason we all do what we do, the reason we joined Col Potter. I am proud to introduce Satori, a 5-6 year old former breeder girl, on her way to her foster home. On her way to her to her the first step or embarkation toward nirvana.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Now I know new research and studies have determined the old seven years in dog life equals one year in human life has been modified some recently, but the bottom line is still our beloved fur friends age at a much quicker rate than us humans. Imagine spending your WHOLE life
doing nothing but breeding right up until your retirement years and what would be considered your golden years. That's the situation these two little Cairns found themselves in.

We have little real history, as with most Puppy Mill kids, but supposedly these two started out as a breeding pair with what would be considered a backyard breeder and even enjoyed some home life. But then they were sold to a more hard core miller and have spent the past years as part of a kennel with more than 200 dogs. Despite their hard life, these two are both sweet and ready to put the past behind them and enjoy the GOOD LIFE with CP! And so, it is with great pleasure, I introduce our Retired Couple:

Wilhelmina: F, DOB 1999 (yes, she's 10 years old), red wheaten - very friendly, wants to be with people

Withrow: M, DOB 2000 (making him 9 years old), red wheaten - he's sweet, but a little more shy and reserved

My thanks to Molli C. for alerting the Intakes Team to these two, Lori and Mike R. for picking them up and the pictures and to our new foster mom Eileen T. who has agreed to foster the Retired Couple! Please help me WELCOME the Retired Couple and may their retirement years truly be golden!

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A big shout out to Monkey for being the Wacky Wednesday model this week. Looking good there Mama's Boy ... I mean MONKEY! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Sometimes timing is everything ... good or bad. That is certainly the case for Mixer! Remember the Summer Preserves? Well I had no more gotten off the phone with the Rescue Coordinator at the shelter about the three of them, when in walked a family to the shelter to surrender their Cairn Terrier saying they had too many dogs and just couldn't take care of him any more.

Now most shelters, because it is an owner surrender, can put to sleep immediately. There is no stray hold and if the shelter is overcrowded as this one is, there just isn't any room. The shelters do their best, but they can only do so much with the room and resources they have. The Rescue Coordinator called me right back to let me know about this boy and would we be able to help. Knowing the situation, I said as long as he was Cairn when we got there, we would take him.

Now once you look at this sweet boy's face, you're going to ask yourself how could anyone ever give him up! He is friendly, reported to have been a house dog, just wants to be with people and be loved. I think part of what may have prompted his surrender is he may have fleas which has caused him to lose the hair on his hips and rear legs and the family didn't realize it was just fleas but thought it was something else. No matter what, Mixer's timing couldn't have been better! He's now a CP kid and we'll make room for him. My THANKS AGAIN to Kathy and Barney H. for picking up Mixer and for his picture.


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

It's the time of year when the luscious fruits and vegetables are all in season and those people that are talented enough will can and preserve them for future enjoyment during the long, cold winter. Much like the fruits and vegetables, it seems Cairns have also come into season and are ripe for the pickin'!

While we don't want to can or preserve them, we do want to savor and enjoy them for a long time to come! Three little Cairns found themselves at a shelter in Missouri, seized by the Dept. of Agriculture from a bad situation and then delivered to the shelter for processing. This shelter is overwhelmed from a recent Puppy Mill shutdown of more than 60 dogs and needed all the help they could get. The more that they could get adopted or to rescue, the more time the others would have before being put to sleep. We have worked with this shelter in the past and I was the first one they called asking for assistance. Please help me Welcome the Summer Preserves:

Jam: female, 3.5 years old, wheaten - she's a little timid but likes attention once you get her in your arms

Jelly: female, 2 years old, wheaten - she comes right up to you to be picked up and loved on

Chutney: male, 5 years old, red wheaten with black ears - he's a little more shy and fearful, but once in your arms,he relaxes

My THANKS once again to our volunteers for making the trip to pick-up the Summer Preserves and for the photos. They are certainly a sweet treat and will long be enjoyed and loved into the winter and far beyond!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome Abella to CP's loving arms!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

I’d like to introduce our newest addition to Colonial Potter, Abella. Abella derived from the Assyrlan for child, joined our CP family on Friday. She is a 13 pound beauty, who is a friendly little girl and loves to be with people. Abella’s previous owners didn’t realize what a handful a cairn could be.

They put in an emergency call for immediate surrender, and with the help of our Intakes and Transportation Team, Abella was in the loving arms of CP within 4 days. Getting pictures of Abella was not easy, as she is a very curious little girl. This little girl has been thru so much in her 4 years of life, I’d like everyone to give Abella a huge warm CP welcome

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Verano (Summer) to CP!!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There are many unsung heroes in the rescue world.There are those that give unselfishly of their time, their vehicles, their money and most importantly of their hearts. Many never ask for or receive one penny of compensation, receive a thank you or know what happens to those they are first to help. These people are the rescue angels who make the contacts with many of the Puppy Mills in the small towns in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and elsewhere convincing them to release their no longer wanted or needed breeding stock to rescue rather than selling them to continue breeding or destroying them. Many of these rescue angels spend the majority of their weekends driving long distances to the middle of nowhere, stopping at puppymill after puppymill to pick-up dogs that have never known comfort, gentle human touch or medical care. They can only pick-up those breeds that a rescue has committed to taking ... the others they have to look into their eyes ... and leave them behind.

One such rescue angel works with CP on a regular basis. Last weekend she made another such trip into the depths of PM country. Thanks to her, one little Cairn is now in the loving arms of CP!!

Verano is Spanish meaning summer. I thought it appropriate to name this little girl after the season that she has finally won her freedom.

Verano is a 3-4 years old, grey brindle female who weighs 12 pounds and she's quiet, but described as very sweet and just a little doll by the vet staff.

This beautiful little girl will be enjoying the rest of her summer at the home of Bonnie and Alan B. while she waits for her forever home to find her to enjoy all the rest of the seasons of her life. Please help me WELCOME VERANO to CP!!

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Cassie and Hunter





Manny and his Girl


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Col. Potter Volunteers at Niles Dog Show in Fremont, CA

Written by a CP Media Volunteer

Col. Potter Booth

The Niles Dog Show's motto is "No Pedigree, No Problem". Dogs of all kinds are welcome to compete in contests such as the most unusual mix, best performer, prettiest female, most handsome male, etc.

This year Jay, Carol and Denise manned a Col Potter booth last weekend. Former Col Potter Foster Kids Toddy (fka Nancy), Zoya and Monkey (fka Jared) were the 4-footed Col Potter representatives. They also participated in several contests. Toddy was in best costume, Zoya was in best veteren and prettiest female and Monkey was in best performer. Toddy and Zoya showed nicely but didn't win a ribbon. Monkey was named 5th best performer and brought home a lovely rosette, which he will add to his ever growing collection of ribbons, rosettes, plaques and trophies.



While Toddy, Zoya and Monkey were showing the world what Col Potter Dogs could do, Jay, Carol and Denise hung out at the Col Potter booth (at least they did when they weren't escorting canine performers to and from the stage that is!). This was the first time Col Potter attended this event and it was very successful. The booth was an informational only booth so nothing could be sold but donations were gladly accepted. By the end of the day almost all of the give-aways were gone and a total of $72.00 was donated.

Funny story - there was a cute red wheaten cairn in the booth right next to the Col Potter one. Her name was Lucy and she came over to visit a few times. More than one booth visitor thought she was part of the Col Potter booth! Her dad came over and made a nice donation.

Even though it was a little hot, attendence was good and everybody had a great time. Several of the dogs took advantage of the doggy water park provided by the organizers. It was fun to watch the dogs enjoy the kiddy pools and misters! Too bad there wasn't a water park for the 2-footed participants.

Agility Contestant

Thanks to Jay, Carol and Denise for spending their day providing information about Col. Potter to those who were interested and collecting donations from the visitors to the booth.

Please click here to visit The Niles Dog Show website and be sure to check out the 2009 Pictures from Gwen Dossey - #28 shows Toddy during the best costume contest.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

We have once again reached the time of year when foster homes are in short supply and the number of Cairns needing rescue assistance is at it's annual high! This is not a good combination as far as the Cairns are concerned ... The Intakes Team is now finding itself in the position of having to turn down Cairns, look for other rescues to take them or put them on a waiting list until a foster home is available. We do have some foster homes on our available foster home list, but they have specific requirements or needs for their fosters, and mostly that doesn't include males, PM kids or dogs that aren't housebroken.

Intakes is happy to work with foster homes to match them with a foster furkid that meets their requirements and we appreciate each and every foster home. However, right now we need foster homes that are willing to take the little boys, the PM kids and those that need some help with housebreaking.

If you are a foster home and currently don't have a foster, but would be willing to take a foster, please contact me privately. If you are a foster home and currently have a foster(s) and would be willing to take another foster, please contact me privately at MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are not yet a foster home, have been sitting on the fence, thinking we don't need you, that we have enough ... PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A FOSTER HOME NOW!! We need you more than ever! If you have adopted from CP recently, your process will be short and easy. If you have not adopted from CP, we will process your app as quickly as possible. DON'T LET THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER END IN DISASTER FOR A CAIRN THAT NEEDS US!!

Welcome "BEAN" to the CP Family!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Bean was a very loved owner surrender who is 4 years old. Things changed for him when they had a baby come into the family, once the baby was moving around it became clear that things took on a whole new dynamic, he didn’t get all the attention any longer.

Bean just wasn’t comfortable with small children and would need to be put in the back yard or another room whenever they had company. It became clear to the couple that he needed to be in a home without children. And that he deserved so much more, a better life than they could give him, one where he didn’t have to compete for love, affection, and attention anymore. They felt they owed this to Bean, he was so good to them. This was a hard decision for them to come too but, they wanted to do what would be best for Bean so, they contacted Col. Potter for help in finding Bean a new forever family.

The name Bean, from a Celtic word for “spirit” and Scottish meaning fair-skinned. As we all know cairns do have much spirit in them and so does Bean. He loves to play, go for walks, is good with other dogs and is totally housebroken. He understands many commands and if you say "give kisses", he will lick you. He has one floppy ear which gives him personality plus. I’m sure that the matchmakers will find him a new family quickly.

Thanks to all that helped with getting him into rescue and to Chris J. in Texas that will be fostering him. Without all the support of NLOL and all of the great volunteers Col. Potter would not be able to help all the cairns that we do. Bless your “cairn” hearts!
Welcome “Bean”!

Friday's Funnies

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Written by Magic's Foster Mom

Mr Magic is forever grateful to all of his admirers that have donated so generously to his recovery. If ever a boy felt loved, this one does. He is recovering quite nicely, as a matter of fact. He is one of the happiest little dogs I have ever seen. He LOVES his TOYS (especially the skunk he recently received in the mail.

Whenever I survey the room for toy pick up after all the kids have gone to bed, I can tell exactly where Magic has been that evening. There will be a pile of 6 or 7 toys, then a bare spot, then another pile of toys, then another bare spot, etc. He goes outside with the other kids to do his business and then he RUNS back inside to play with his TOYS again. From the back sliding door he has to run through the livingroom and kitchen, make practically a U-turn, and then run through the breakfast room, down a couple of steps and into the familyroom. He had to learn to navigate that U-turn with only one back leg. The first couple of times, he was so excited, his backleg came right out from under him as he went around the curve! Of course that didn't stop him. He had TOYS to get to, so he just kept on going. He got his leg underneath him again eventually and now he takes that corner like a pro, with barely a slip.

He's starting to make friends with my pack, too. Cider was play-bowing to him in the backyard the other morning and Stewart and Katie were playing with him, too. Even Chopin will allow him to stand by her without fussing. In the backyard, he runs along with the others as they chase up and down the yard. Besides TOYS, Magic likes sitting on your feet under the kitchen table, getting bellyrubs and snuggles, making breakfast with Mary or Rachel, lots of one on one time with his hoomans, bringing you toys to play with him, Stella and Chewy's, and duck jerky..

As long as we can keep him in TOYS, he's good!

Thanks to all of you who are his guardian angels and you will be happy to know that all of his expenses were covered. The volunteer who has kept these pages updated is seriously ill and her replacement is in the process of acknowledging and updating the page with the donation information.


Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

In the trying economic times, employment is not to be taken lightly.
Sometimes hard choices must be made when an opportunity presents itself. Pablita's family had to make that decision. When offered a job out of the country, Pablita's mom had only one thing holding her back, what to do with Pablita.

She may be a senior cairn but she has lots of spunk and love to give to that special someone. Pablita is 15 years old, a black-grey brindle and a bit overweight (which she is looking forward to becoming a svelte diva!).

This lovely dignified lady does enjoy belly rubs, ear scritches and brushing. She very much likes pampering. She's not an in your face kind of a cairn. A nice soft bed, good food, nice rub downs are the top of her list. An occasional critter chase is not out of the question either.

Pablita has been well cared for and loved throughout her life. She is very happy to be able to continue to be well cared for and is looking for someone to share the love she has to give.

Thanks to all the supporters and members of Col.Potter, cairns like Pablita have a place to go when life throws roadblocks and changes in their path. Her mom is very grateful for Col. Potter as is Pablita. Without Col. Potter many cairns would face an early end to life when they have so much life left to give.

Pablita is named in honor of Pablita Velarde, perhaps the greatest woman artist in the Southwest. Pablita Velarde was a native American of the Santa Clara Pueblo. One of her most famous public works is the mural at the Bandelier National Monument. Col. Potter's Pablita exhibits the same dignity and gentle spirit of her name sake. Although Col. Potter's Pablita doesn't know how to handle a paint brush as of yet, she may consider that as her next career.

Please welcome Pablita!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Arden, derived from a Celtic word meaning "high", joined the CP family last Thursday. Poor Arden was a stray in Houston, TX, picked up by Animal Control. No one reclaimed this sweet little boy, and his time was limited to his stray hold. As in so many shelters, due to overcrowding, the stray hold ends, and so do any chances for dogs that are not highly adoptable. Arden is not what most families are looking for when they visit a shelter, he has skin issues including mild hairloss and scabs, his eyes were filled with gunk and he was covered with fleas, and in desperate need of a bath.

On his first night out of the shelter, he kept his crate clean all night, and didn't make a sound. He walked fairly well on lead, and barked a couple of times at a noise in a neighbor's yard. He rode quietly in the car.

Thanks to Sandy A., Arden is now safe at a local vet, has been bathed, and given his flea treatments. He will be brought up to date on his medical care, and be ready to follow his own path to HIGH COTTON!

Welcome Arden!

Wacky Wednesday!

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A big shout out to Bree and Starry Night for being the Wacky Wednesday models this week. Bree ... just a little bark of advice ... you should probably stop tasting your sister! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

How do you say good-bye to your life's love, your babies, over a three year period, one by one, each one hurting as much or more than the last one? How do you let your life's passion that you have been involved with for more than 50 years go? How do you face your final years knowing that you can know longer care for your babies and have to trust someone to take them, care for them and find them wonderful homes for the rest of their lives? Col. Potter has been the one that has been there for the past three years for the Windy City Kids and will be there for the final one. In the previous seven groups of Windy City Kids we have taken in 46 Cairns including 2 puppies that were born to Altgeld in CP.

With WCK VIII, we now add six more for a current total of 52. There are six more Cairns the breeder still has and is trying valiantly to care for, but her health is really a struggle right now and in all reality, her health will not get better. But she loves these Cairns desperately and truly, without having at least some of them around her for as long as possible, it would literally kill her. So, she is going to try to keep the last six as long as she can, but has agreed they will come to Col. Potter when she is no longer able to care for them. This has been a heartwrenching journey for all involved ...

Please Welcome the Windy City Kids VIII - named for Chicago Sports Teams:

Blackhawks: Female, black brindle, 8 years old

Cubbies: Female, wheaten, 6 years old

Fire: Female, red wheaten, 6 years old

Bulls: Male, red wheaten, 7 years old, brother of Bears

Sox: Female, wheaten, 6 years old

Bears: Male, wheaten, 7 years old, brother of Bulls

My thanks to Mary C. and her sister, Carol A., for picking up the WCK VIII, getting the pictures and delivering them to the vet for their boarding and vetting.

The Windy City Kids are not puppymill kids - far from it! They came from a breeder who was once world renowned for her Cairns and had International Champions in her kennel. She has loved every single Cairn that she has ever owned, she knows their names, ages and their lineage in her head and it really hurts her to have to give them away now and get out of Cairns, but time and aging stand still for no one. As you look at the pictures of the WCK VIII, please think of a very special lady who is doing what is best for her babies ... as her heart breaks.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Maaren, an Australian or German name meaning sea maiden. A sea maiden, so beautiful and beguiling, she captivates all who meet her with her looks and charm. All the while being a little playful and coquettish to those who happen upon her. This definitely describes little Maaren who is one of the Colonel's newest maidens. Maaren is just a little over 19 months old and a gorgeous dark brindle.

She's been well cared for and taught many commands. Being very intelligent, she also knows hand signals to go along with her verbal repertoire. Her list of commands include sit, down, wait, off, quiet, leave it, go to bed, shake, high 5 and bang-bang. Yes, Maaren will actually fall over playing dead when you use your hand like a toy gun (none of that real gun stuff!) and say bang-bang! Of course a belly rub is a must after the bang-bang routine.

Maaren comes to Col. Potter as an owner surrender. Maaren was an only dog until her family decided she needed a playmate, who was a special needs dog. As time went on the dynamics between the two dogs changed and Maaren was not happy around her house mate. Her family made the tough decision to place Maaren into rescue as they knew the special needs dog would not have a good chance at adoption. It was heart breaking for them but they had to do what was best for Maaren. She's a young, healthy, beautiful, smart little princess just waiting to have a kingdom of her own. Please welcome Maaren, the newest maiden, to Col. Potter!


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

We have all heard the dangers to dogs around the 4th of July. We've all heard the horror stories. We have seen it in our own resident dogs and many of our fosters. While we as humans love to watch the beautiful fireworks, the loud booms and whistles from them are something totally frightening to a dog. They start to panic and go crazy; running, pulling, jumping -- anything to get away from the noise. How many dogs are lost, injured or killed each year due to 4th of July festivities is unknown, but I would hazard to guess the number of casualties is sizable.

It is 10:00 PM on July 4, a young, frightened dog is hit by a car, but it is a hit and run, the car continues on. The dog, injured, manages to pick himself up and steps right out in front of another car. It could have been disaster for this boy, but this time, the driver sees him in time and stops. The dog stares up into the headlights of the car as if to say "Please Help Me". He has just met his Rescue Angel!

The dog is taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital where he is examined, stabilized and made comfortable. He has injured his right knee and will require surgery. Now comes the tough part, the waiting to see if his owner comes looking for him, but no one comes despite intensive efforts on the part of his Rescue Angel to find his owners. The Rescue Angel cannot afford the surgery for him, if he doesn't have the surgery he will be put to sleep as unadoptable.

The Rescue Angel contacts local rescues to see if anyone can help and the information makes its way to Col. Potter. A few days ago, Fireworks officially became a CP kid! He is estimated to be 2 years of age or less. He is a cute, friendly little guy who was obviously someone's baby from the looks of him and his personality. Fireworks has had surgery to repair his knee. He had torn ligaments in his knee that were repaired and a torn miniscus that had to have part of it removed and the remainder repaired. He is doing well with some swelling of the knee which is to be expected and he's carrying that leg right now, but that will change as he goes through therapy and the leg starts to feel better.

Fireworks would appreciate your support of him as a Guardian Angel and I know after looking at his picture, you will find it hard to resist this adorable little boy. My thanks to his Rescue Angel, Susan K. who has just been approved as a new foster home and who will be fostering Fireworks. Please click on the above link if you would like more information on becoming a guardian angel for Fireworks.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There's a popular song entitled "Do You Like Pina Coladas?" about a couple that have fallen into a dull routine and are looking for an ESCAPE. In the end, they find happiness and adventure with each other once again.

Imagine a little female alone, a stray wandering in search of food, water and shelter. She's filthy dirty, covered in matts and fleas and ticks. On top of everything else she has a HUGE hernia the size of a grapefruit which is painful and makes it difficult for her to walk. She definitely wants to ESCAPE! She is picked up by a local shelter, considering her condition she has little chance of being adopted and this being a KILL shelter has little time to find that happiness and adventure she craves. Just like the song, she waited with high hopes for her ESCAPE.

Today she got her ESCAPE when she became part of the CP family! Colada is estimated to be 5 years old and is a little on the larger size of Cairns. My thanks to Cheryl P. for meeting Colada at the shelter and helping her ESCAPE to our vet where she will be boarded and vetted.

So, Col. Potter, DO YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS? I know you'll like this Colada! Welcome to CP Colada!